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  1. shelly22

    Fever 2 weeks post op

    Did he take Tylenol to help bring the fever down #Livingmylifelikeitsgolden#
  2. shelly22

    Whats next

    Did anyone have too much of their stomach removed and if so how are you doing now?
  3. shelly22

    HELP! Can't Lose Weight!

    Don't get discouraged I was sleeved on the 18th and find it hard to stick to a routine. My schedule is so busy lately I can't fit in my 3 day a week gym time. Wt loss has been slow but I have lost some inches. The day of surgery I weighed 286 and today I am 266. I know people who have lost more than I have but 20 pounds in a month and a half is awesome so I won't complain and I feel better also. The wt loss will come just take it one day at a time. Don't focus on the numbers try measuring yourself and see how many inches you've lost.
  4. shelly22

    JUNE 2013 Sleevers?

    Sleeved June 18th...pre op..292..day of surgery 286.. today..266.. #Livingmylifelikeitsgolden#
  5. I'm a month post op and I thought the burping would never end. Now I only burp when I start to feel full. That's my sign to stop eating. #Livingmylifelikeitsgolden#
  6. Thank you for having the courage to share your story with us. May you continue to be blessed throughout your journey. You are truly being a blessing to many by sharing your story including me. #Livingmylifelikeitsgolden#
  7. shelly22

    I see a change

    Thank you #Livingmylifelikeitsgolden#
  8. I was comparing before and after pics and I noticed my face is more defined. [ATTACH]15677[/ATTACH]
  9. shelly22

    I see a change

    I was sleeved June 18 th
  10. shelly22

    Nine days post-op

    I am 3 wks post op and yes fatigue is an understatement. I also returned to work this week. Ive managed to push my way through it. Muscle aches I haven't really experienced. Are you getting enough water/ Protein? Since returning to work I am struggling to get my fluids in :'( . Also I have hit a stall with my wt loss but I definitely have lost inches.
  11. You look great! Keep up the good work
  12. shelly22


    My doc said it was ok..that's one of my favorite fruit. I'm 2.5 wks out..I've had it everyday for snack for the last 3 days...no problems
  13. Awesome..you look fabulous...such an inspiration to us all.
  14. shelly22

    Swallowing Issues?

    I had that same feeling you are describing. It feels like your food/liquids take a pause before entering your new stomach. That feeling lasted about a week. Now it only happens if I drink too fast it takes my breath away definitely a remind to slow down.
  15. Nelly we are praying for you. I hope you are feeling better and pray you went to the ER for treatment.
  16. I'm 10 days post op..started purée foods 2 day ago. I can only eat about 5-6 teaspoons at the most and I'm full. Definitely getting my liquids in. I feel awesome and I love how I can see the difference in my clothes already. Best decision I could have made.
  17. I was sleeved on the 6/18 and I feel about 60% my normal. I find that my energy level is down which is probably normal due to the decrease in calories. I was suppose to return to work next week but I have decided to take off one more week.
  18. shelly22

    Non Scale Victory!

    The small things that are important...I can't wait to have 1 chin and a neck again..congrats
  19. shelly22

    New picture :)

    You look awesome
  20. Praises go up for he is a healer!!
  21. Awesome I plan on buying me a bike also..great excercise.
  22. shelly22

    1 week check up!

    Dimples we were sleeved the same day..I wad on liquids until today..now I am on pureed/soft...maybe you should go back to full liquids for A few days and the to puree..I will say when I start to get full I start to burp..and loud..embarrassing..but thats my key to stop eating or drinking and it's only a few bites I can eat 3 oz of yogurt ..I can drink about 3-4 oz of liquid..today I ate chicken salad 1.5 tsp and I was full..
  23. shelly22

    June surgery dates

    Lol..girl I will be 40 this yr...so guess what 40 is my new 20 ... I will weigh less by my birthday this yr than I did when I was 20...So I'm feeling really good about these 40s..lol