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    From the album: 6wks post surgery!

  2. Longie339

    6wks post surgery!

  3. Strawberry sounds yummy! I put mine in the freezer while I fix breakfast for my little one then enjoy it while he eats. In the beginning days it took me until almost noon to finish it. I believe it's helped in my success this far. I noticed today I had either head hunger or actual hunger, I didn't finish the vanilla one this morning:/ I will be back on my chocolate one tonight
  4. Longie339

    June surgery dates

    I was sleeved on the 10th and down 14 pounds. No complications on my end either. I thought something was wrong because I feel normal. I guess lots of us June Sleevers scored;)
  5. I also bought a few cases of Priemer and started with the chocolate...they are indeed pretty good. I did the Whey protein self made shakes during my pre op diet and got burnt out on those really quick. Today on the other hand I had the vanilla and it was horrible...I'm stuck with the case unless I can take it back to Costco and have them switch the flavor for me;) I heard the Chike protein drink are fabulous...they come in coffee flavor. Best of luck to all
  6. Longie339

    Let me Introduce myself...

    Hello all June sleevers!!! I'm so excited about our New journey and even more excited about finding this site & such supportive awesome people!!! About myself..... I'm a born and raised here in Sunny San Diego. Yes...more then half my life I lived in a bathing suit! **I was a Lifeguard** Im 35 years young, A wife and mother of 4 fabulous kids. My youngest is a VERY energetic 3yr old boy.. Did I mention that he was 11 pounds 23 inch!! I'm proud to say I'm a Longshoreman. Union Strong! My job away from home is very taxing.. Very physical.. Very exhausting... Lots of fumes, outdoor dirt and elements damaging to the skin...But I love my job:) The reason I decided to make this change in life for myself and my family is back in 2/2009 I was hit by a co worker operating a forklift. I suffered several injuries. Seven months into my recovery I found out I was pregnant with my son. Between the injury and pregnancy I gained 60 ponds. After giving birth I underwent shoulder surgery due to the accident, and I was placed on a very stationary lifestyle. I finally recovered and returned to work with only about 15 pounds gone and quickly realized I needed to get back to my weight prior to the injury... After trying EVERYTHING under the sun besides simply not eating...I decided to look into lap band.. Well something about putting a foreign body into me didn't feel right so I looked into the sleeve! Now one week post op I'm super excited and glad that I made this decision! I'm feeling great and have a great support system here at home and now online. I look forward to getting back into the pool and teaching my little ones how to swim:) Positive thoughts, Hugs, and Best wishes to ALL on our new journey<3
  7. My coworker had her surgery about 4 months ago and went from about a size 18 to what looks like a size 8. She also lost all her curves but pulls it together great. She has had reconstructive surgery before her sleeve from previous weight loss (lap band) but as far as her lady lovely lumps...well there gone with the rest of her weight, and when you as her how she feels about it....she says "they aren't something she can't buy back"
  8. Keep up the great work!!! Summer body here we come;)
  9. Longie339

    June surgery dates

    Good luck;) I felt the same way. My day came and now it's just a matter of getting past the liquid diet again. I like your idea and will be trying it!
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    lets be honest, 1 week post op

    I'm really concerned after reading some post. I haven't had any appetite but while making dinner tonight, regular routine of mine is to take a small bite to check taste and temperature for my 3 year old son. With out realizing what I did, I took a small bite of his spaghetti before giving it to him. I realized what I did only after the strange feeling I got while it passed through my espouse. I've only had liquids since Tuesday, surgery was Monday the tenth. So far I haven't felt any different then I've been feeling since I came home from the hospital. Hopefully I haven't screwed anything up unintentionally. ;/
  12. Longie339

    June surgery dates

    Thank you;) much needed reinforcement. How are you doing
  13. Longie339

    June surgery dates

    Really nervous....fighting the hunger pains was hard. I actually broke down and took a bite of my fabulous homemade Mac & Cheese, chewed and sucked the flavor out, then spit it in a napkin:/ I have to say, that was the best flavor ever and it did satisfy the craving but I feel guilty now...I hope my cheating love affair with food doesn't complicate my surgery tomorrow... Now I'm really freaking out!!!! I've seen that some people didn't do the pre op diet. I did but had a few bites here and there...nothing more then a bite or two. I actually lost nine pounds like many others during this hard two weeks..
  14. Longie339

    June surgery dates

    June 10th for me as well! Excited but scared also:/
  15. Longie339

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    Wow you look great!

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