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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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    Shells_Almost_There got a reaction from BigDaddyJoe in Ugh!   
    You have done an amazing job and you do look great. I'm glad to hear that your weight is leveling off, since you don't want to go too far. As far as your wife's journey with WL as compared to yours, it really sounds like she's on a different path or has different motivations than you. Your success isn't apparently the same as her success, so she isn't reacting the way you're expecting. I agree with above comments about the heart to heart and the idea of couple's counseling to be sure you are both still on the same track - it's good to check in.
    Also, if your weight is leveling off finally - it might truly be time to get to that more upscale department store where a menswear expert can "fit" you for your new body shape - from t-shirts to jeans and dressier clothes, fit can really make that difference and you sure deserve it after such amazing work and success! Good luck!
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    Shells_Almost_There got a reaction from Jerzygurl in One week post Op   
    Congrats! I'm home now and do have a friend helping me - mainly the pain of using my stomach muscles for standing and/or sitting. Other than that, I feel pretty good too, which is awesome.
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    Shells_Almost_There got a reaction from CarryOn7 in Post-Op Days 3-4   
    I have a New Year's goal as well! Can't wait to see changes by that time
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    Shells_Almost_There got a reaction from CarryOn7 in Day 2 Post-Op   
    Congrats on a very successful surgery. This is exciting. My surgery is Monday (Bea, I'm the 16th also!), and I'm just really hoping for an "easy" time. My surgery isn't until 10:00, so I'll probably be a basket case by that time, but I'm hoping for some nice relaxation drugs while I wait. Keep up the great work!
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    Shells_Almost_There got a reaction from adargie in First official entry.....pre-op appt today and the awesome pre-op diet begins, thought I would write a few things down...   
    I too worry about my own "Fat mentality" after I lose weight with the sleeve although it has really been a long time now since I was at a decent weight where I could imagine I looked slightly ok and attractive to the opposite sex. I too am keeping my procedure pretty much a secret (maybe 5 people know - during my psych evaluation, the therapist absolutely advised against telling anyone for a long while!). Good luck to you in the next step of this amazing journey. I am hoping for a September surgery date, and it's a scary but excited feeling!

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