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    New food intolerances after revision?

    I find that I can't have the protein bars or shakes that I relied on before and after VSG. Now, they are too sweet and (sorry, TMI) I almost immediately get the shakes (dumping) and will probably have to run to the bathroom. And really, that's what's changed the most after my revision to RNY - I haven't had more than maybe 5 normal BMs in 19 months.
  2. Shells_Almost_There


    I woke up/came to as they were wheeling me from recovery to my room and every bump/jostle hurt so bad I thought I'd cry. Next, I wanted water - they gave me ice chips - which made my new stomach do this weird very painful hiccup. Again, I thought I'd cry. Once I sipped water instead of having the chips, all was well with that. Otherwise I had a massive gas pain in my left shoulder that took about 4 days to resolve. I seem to have relatively low tolerance for pain immediately after an injury or after waking up from surgery, but then I'm generally ready to go and walk/run within a day or so. Day 3, I was raring to go (my surgeon has a 2-night stay for bypass patients). Probably the only other thing that hurt like mad for me was Day 2 when I went to do the swallow test and they tilted the thingie back and I wasn't prepared. Gravity made it hurt going backward, and again when they stood me back up. I got a bit dizzy from that pain, but was fine once they got me back in the wheelchair.
  3. So true. I used my chapstick, the phone charger, my toothbrush/paste, oh - and I brought my surgery bunny to hold against my belly when standing the first day. That's it. LOL
  4. Shells_Almost_There

    Hello Again, Long Time No See...

    So happy to see your name in my mentions! Glad to see an update from you -- I don't check in much here any longer, although I recently converted from sleeve to bypass. It was a good decision, but wow is the weight loss completely different than the first time around (at least for me it is)! I haven't been working out either, so I'm going to take up the gauntlet with you and get back to business.
  5. TIny progress today -- finally! :1311_thumbsup_tone2:

  6. Stall slightly broken (finally!!!) and down 2 pounds. Gotta keep on keeping on!

    1. Hello2018


      stay positive. I’m scheduled for Apr 11!!

    2. Shells_Almost_There


      Excellent!!! My stall has broken but it's baby steps all the way. :)

    3. Hello2018


      What’s yur total since surgery? Hiw are you feeling overall?

  7. The dreaded stall continues -- for a third week of horribleness.  Making it worse, I have my 6-week post-op appointment on Monday.  Grrr. This sux.

    1. Newme17


      I can understand the frustration...yet, do your best to give your body time. It's healing and the loss will happen. Have hope!

  8. The week 3 stall is no fun! Come on!!! :blink:

  9. Shells_Almost_There

    bypass revision ?

    My surgeon required 2 nights for all bypass patients (revision or not), and 1 night for sleeve.
  10. Shells_Almost_There

    Revision from Sleeve to Bypass

    Yes, I've done this (very recently). I actually have different insurance this time and was required to do a 6-month medically supervised weight loss diet, and do a psych eval. If I had been with my old insurance, I would have had to lose a percentage of weight, plus do the psych and sleep processes again (those were the 3 requirements I had last time). I think this type of thing is standard -- but what a pain the 6-month diet was! Right now I'm 2.5 weeks out after my conversion, and was just saying on another thread that so far, my bypass weight loss is mirroring my initial liquid-diet phase loss with the sleeve -- 20+ pounds so far -- and that my surgeon has been adamant that people who convert from sleeve to bypass have the potential to lose a lot of weight if they will stick to the post-op diet plan. So, I'm looking forward to that -- I lost about 80 pounds after sleeve surgery (110 total from my highest weight), and have a large chunk of weight still to lose. I'm looking forward to this next journey. Good luck to you with your new journey!
  11. Shells_Almost_There

    Converting to bypass from sleeve

    Weight loss so far is good -- I'm on a 4-week liquid diet this time, and I seem to be mirroring the weight loss with my sleeve during the liquids-only phase (20+ pounds so far). I have heard that people don't lose as much weight after a conversion surgery, so I've kept my expectations realistic, just in case things are different this time around. So far, though, it's very similar. My surgeon is adamant that weight loss with a conversion can be just as successful as an initial surgery if people stick to the strict diet, so that's my plan!
  12. Shells_Almost_There

    Converting to bypass from sleeve

    I am 2 weeks out from converting from sleeve to bypass, and there are a couple of others who have recently done the same or are considering it---- the conversations are there if you read backwards in the topics list. It's very strange to be post-op again, and things are different compared to the sleeve as far as recovery. I've got 2 more weeks of this hellish liquids-only phase, so I'm still too new to offer much about the whole thing, but I'm excited to be on this new path to get myself to goal! Good luck to you too!
  13. Following up to say that I had surgery on Tuesday 1/23. Post-op was horrible, much worse than with the sleeve. It was painful, both in the stomach and I had the gas pain in my left shoulder that felt like knives. It kept reacting to the cold ice chips, so I stopped eating those once I figured out what the spasms were about. I had a 2-night hospital stay and am now at the house I'm renting for a week to recover (my surgery took place a few hours from my residence, so the surgeon required a local week-long stay). Things are going well, at this point - the gas in my shoulder is completely gone and I'm able to do my protein and water, with minimal prescription pain meds - I'm mostly just on the liquid Tylenol and maintaining. I'm sitting up all the time, and walking laps in the house. So, all in all, I think things are off to a decent start with this new tummy of mine!
  14. Shells_Almost_There

    Sleeve to gastric bypass revision help

    I just had a sleeve to bypass revision on 1/23. I will be posting results as they come. Best of luck!
  15. I converted from sleeve to bypass this past Tuesday. I also considered a resleeve, but the surgeon felt that I wouldn't get to my goal weight without switching to bypass. I am now recovering and it has gone quite well. I think having been through the entire recovery process once helps the second time (even though there were a lot of differences during post-op with this surgeon). When I woke up from surgery, it was really rough - so much tummy pain and major gas pains in my left shoulder. My new pouch kept having what I would describe as spasms and it really didn't like ice chips. I had a 2-night hospital stay this time, and I feel like that made a lot of difference in how I'm feeling today. Best of luck to you! I'm hoping to share some excellent weight loss experiences in the coming months!
  16. I'm glad to hear you're recovering well now, and thanks so much for sharing all this! Similar to you, I had only minor pain when waking up from the sleeve surgery and there were zero gas issues. So, I've been trying to mentally prepare for a much tougher recovery this time - and your words above tell me that it's probably a good thing that I've been planning for some bumps post-op this time. I have a 2-night hospital stay and will have a catheter (eek!), so I already know things will be more intense, but I felt like I'd barely had surgery last time. I will also have to do a swallow test before I'm discharged, which I didn't do last time either. I'm actually interested in that result, but I guess the stuff you have to drink tastes terrible. I am negatively affected by anesthesia, which causes constipation anytime I have surgery. I have already purchased a few products to help me out around day 5 or 6 like last time. Not fun! Regarding my one week delay - I'm sad to share that my family experienced a very sudden loss of a young family member last Friday night, and I needed to take a bit of time to wrap my head around that, plus find out about funeral/celebration of life, etc. I was told that there wouldn't be a funeral with invitees, just a private internment, so I rescheduled for Tuesday 1/23. Then yesterday afternoon I learned that there was a change of plans and there will be a graveside service for immediate family only next Friday -- but now I can't attend. I spent some time being angry yesterday, but since there's nothing I can do at this point, I let go of it. I'll be able to attend the big celebration of life about 6 weeks from now, so that's good. In the meantime, I'm on the all liquids / liver shrink pre-op diet and I have a continual headache and am dying for a piece of cake!!! Isn't that just how it goes? I can't even remember the last time I had a piece of cake, but now it's all I want. The pre-op diet (which I wasn't required to do for the sleeve) has been good practice for the 1-month liquid diet post-op. With my sleeve it was only 2 weeks and I thought I was going to lose my mind. I don't know if I'm more excited or scared for surgery right now, but it's going to happen no matter what! Take care, I hope things continue on the positive for you!
  17. My surgery was delayed a week, so I'm up next Tuesday. Getting nervous! How is your recovery going? Much different from your sleeve recovery?
  18. Shells_Almost_There

    Bypass scheduled 1/16

    @Slubbinhussy I'm doing the same thing on the 16th!
  19. Shells_Almost_There

    Vitamin Patches

    I recently bought the 1-month multipack (multivitamin [looks like it's not "bariatric" though], D3, Iron, & B12) from Bariatric Pal, and I'm hoping to have a positive outcome on my next labs.
  20. Shells_Almost_There

    Bypass scheduled 1/16

    Chiming in, I have my sleeve to bypass revision surgery that day!
  21. Yup. I'm definitely moving forward with the bypass in about 10 days! @MonkeyNurse you still on?
  22. I'm scheduled to convert (sleeve to bypass) in just over 2 weeks and I'm currently questioning EVERYTHING -- I have 80 pounds still to lose, and if converting to a bypass will only be a minimal help (with potentially higher complication risk), I am just not sure it's worth it. Thanks for posting that video, @JohnnyCakes it was really interesting and informative. Shell
  23. Shells_Almost_There

    Sleeve to Bypass

    Good luck to you -- and I am also wondering what you ended up doing. I am preparing for a sleeve to bypass conversion. I had decent success with the sleeve, but had a high starting weight so I got what I could (I believe) and still needed more weight loss. I was a gym rat for about 2 years post op, which actually was pretty fun. Then life intervened and I started to struggle with small gains that I couldn't recover from. So, I'm going back a 2nd time, to get a bypass and then get to goal --- and be smarter about how to manage my stress and the fact that getting older is never going to "help" with a diet plan! I have heard a number of times that the weight loss is smaller and slower after a conversion, and I'm ok with that. TBH, if I could just redo my sleeve, I would. It was a decent surgery that didn't have a ton of bad effects for me. I expect a lot of trouble with the bypass, because my recovery from the sleeve surgery was just so free and easy, other than almost losing my mind from the boredom of a 2-week liquid diet post-op. This time it will be a 4-week liquid diet, and I expect to be full on Cuckoo's Nest by week 4, LOL.
  24. I'm catching up on reading (because I'll be converting from sleeve to bypass next month) and I just downloaded that cookbook. Thanks!

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