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  1. Live in Spring, TX and will hopefully be having RNY in January. I see Dr. Howard in The Woodlands and will be having surgery at Houston Northwest. Anyone else from this area?
  2. About three months after surgery, I started experiencing episodes of low blood sugar, usually after eating something bad for me. I was never diabetic and I've learned to deal with this and have learned what triggers the episodes. I'm 17 months out from surgery, down 110 lbs (20lbs more than goal weight), and have had no other complications. Anyone else with this same issue? Just looking for someone to commiserate with!
  3. I thought I'd move us over to this side where we can share stories, weight loss, concerns and just be generally supportive! So, I'm 4 days post-op and feeling really good. I was really sick post-op days 1&2 due to intestinal swelling and barium sitting in my pouch (relatively uncommon complication) but once I finally got rid the barium, things changed dramatically. Very little pain. I can lay flat on my side with a flat pillow supporting my stomach. Went for a 20 minute slow walk with my 6-year old today. No problem with protein shakes or broth. No nausea at all. I know many of our pre-oppers are nervous about life post-op so I wanted to encourage you! How's everyone else feeling?
  4. Is anyone still vomiting regularly? There are a lot of things, particularly protein like chicken, that still get stuck and the I vomit. Also had my first episode of dumping syndrome on Monday. I drank a fancy coffee with too much sugar (I realized later) and about two hours later (at the airport!) my blood sugar dropped to 48, I had heart palpitations, sweating, dizziness, and difficulty catching my breath. It took about 4 hours to feel better. I thought I was dying. Luckily my fiend who is a type I diabetic was with me and thought to check my sugar or I would've been really scared. I've certainly learned my lesson though!
  5. I don't blame you for staying home longer. Honestly, I'm pretty sore and exhausted at the end of the day. I am eating purées now so today, for instance, I brought puréed egg salad. It's kind of hard though because I really do forget to eat and by the time I realize, I already have a nasty headache. I take Tylenol for the soreness, pills because I can't stomach the liquid! I take other things to eat at work, yogurt, pudding, Atkins shake, mashed potatoes. It's getting easier.
  6. Hello again! Since going back to work Monday, I have been too busy the too tired to post! Since the start of my liquid diet on the 1st, I've lost 18.2 lbs. 11 since surgery on the 8th. I feel like this is very slow. I have moved on to puréed foods like mashed potatoes, yogurt, sherbet, and most things I can get into the Cuisinart. I have had no food intolerances but have over-eaten (by 2 bites) twice. I ate too fast and by the time I realized, it was too late. It is soooooo uncomfortable. I'm much more careful now. I eat about 3-4 tablespoons before I'm full. Struggling to get in the protein and fluids even though I sip water all day. My belly is still pretty sore. I feel like I got hit with a baseball bat, particularly under my largest incision. Going back to the surgeon next week for a follow up. How's everyone's weight loss going?
  7. Well, I attempted to purée an egg. It tasted pretty good but still made me pretty nauseous. I think I will take your advice and call my doctor and get some of ran. They sent me with phenergan but it knocks me out and I have to go back to work Monday.
  8. Eroper6

    Hello... New to site!

    Thank you! The liquid diet is really hard the first 2 days. I thought it got much easier after that. Good luck!
  9. Good luck to everyone having surgery this week! For those on the other side, this liquid diet is killing me. I can only have true liquids, no pudding, jello, etc. I can have Popsicles. NOTHING sounds good. I want to puke just thinking about protein shakes and broth. Does anyone else have a constant, underlying nausea and rumble tummy? I have yet to hit 400 calories in a day and I barely make 30g of protein. I'm sure I'm not getting enough fluids. I try adding protein powder but that also makes me want to throw up! Any suggestions? I want an egg! Oh, and yesterday we took the kids to Sonic and they shared an order of mozzarella sticks. I think I would have given my left leg for one bite!
  10. Here's what I took and actually used: Toiletries (toothbrush, paste, deodorant, powder, BRUSH, shampoo/conditioner). My husband had to buy me a brush in the gift shop because I forgot mine! My own t-shirt and pajama pants My own pillow with colorful pillowcase (so I knew it was mine) Cell phone/charger (used only to call my kids each night) Slippers Things I took and didn't use: Heating pad Gas-X strips (doctor wouldn't allow) iPad Kindle- I don't know if it was just because I was pretty sick right after surgery and spent most of my time dozing but I didn't need anything to pass the time.
  11. Eroper6

    Hello... New to site!

    Went well! Very little pain. Having a hard time getting in enough calories (never thought I'd ever say THAT pre-op!). I've lost 14 lbs since I started my liquid diet (1 week pre-op). You'll do great!
  12. Eroper6

    Hello... New to site!

    Good luck! I just had RNY on the 8th. You are in the right place. Good luck!
  13. Eroper6

    January Surgeries

    Hello all! I want to encourage you all. The liquid diet is HARD but you can do it. I am 6days post-op and let's talk about the realities of post-op life. For me, I have no pain, just some discomfort. I sleep on my side with a very soft, thin pillow under my belly. I have had no trouble with nausea except after the pain meds. I'm able to get the correct amount of protein in but have yet to eat more than 350 calories in a day. When I found out my mother in law was taking my kids to Fuddrucker's (amazing burger restaurant), I cried. A burger sounded fantastic even though I know I could not eat it now. If it were in front of me, I would probably not even want it. I am head hungry. I do not feel any real physical hunger. What I really crave is water. I tell you these things because I think half the battle ahead of time is not knowing what to expect after. You can do it! I won't say it's easy but it is so worth it!
  14. I was also unable to keep anything down., even saliva. I was told that my intestines were very swollen and would not let the barium through so it sat in my stomach and made me very sick. Once I vomited up the last of the barium I was fine and feel fine now. I would not let them let you go until you are not vomiting anymore!
  15. I just wanted to let y'all know I started a Post-Op January 2014 Loser's Club forum on the post-op side. Read it now for ideas about post-op or questions and join us after your surgery!
  16. Eroper6

    January Surgeries

    I just wanted to let y'all know I started a Post-Op January 2014 Loser's Club forum on the post-op side. Read it now for ideas about post-op or questions and join us after your surgery!
  17. Thank you for the prayers! I am feeling soooo much better today. I am still in the hospital and keeping down water. Yesterday my surgeon told me he hates barium swallows for this surgery for exactly this reason. The barium couldn't get through because of the swelling and sat there and irritated my stomach. Finally, a little went down and between that and the vomiting, it seems to be all gone now! Phenergan helped a lot too! The good news is that I was never in that much pain, even with all the coughing and throwing up. My doctor told me only about 1/100 have the swelling I did so don't let this post scare you. The nurses are taking good care of me. Originally I was supposed to be in the hospital for 2 nights but last night was my 3rd. I hope to go home tonight. Good luck on your journey, you'll do awesome!
  18. Eroper6

    Gain Weight in Order to Get Approval?

    I did gain weight to meet the minimum BMI. I only had about 10 pounds to gain and that meant eating what I wanted for a week! I was approved in 3 days with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas. Good luck!
  19. Eroper6

    Pre-op fears

    I've had one in my belly three days in a row. I promise I'm a total wuss and you really can barely feel them.
  20. Hello all! Had my RNY 2 days ago. Feeling pretty good. Not much pain except for the gas. I did have one small complication. Apparently my intestines are super swollen where they were sewn back together. Nothing is able to go all the way down so I continue to vomit. I'm still officially NPO. I was told this happens to 1/100 people and it just happens. Now we wait until the swelling relents so I can start on liquids. If it weren't for the vomiting I would be feeling really good. Good luck on all y'all's journeys!
  21. Eroper6

    January Surgeries

    Congrats Betsy! I'll be joining you tomorrow! Hooray for all of us LOSERS!
  22. Good luck to all of us having surgery tomorrow, Thursday, and soon! Soon to be on the Loser's bench!
  23. Eroper6

    Anyone with Humana?

    I don't have Humana but did have a BMI of 39. I was also concerned that I would have to fight with my insurance company over co-morbidities. I hate to say this and should probably not suggest it but I ate what I wanted for two weeks, gained a little weight, and the day I went to see my surgeon my BMI was exactly 40. I was approved for surgery in 3 days. Good luck!
  24. Eroper6

    Pre-op fears

    Hello! I am having my RNY Wednesday. I was told by my surgeon that the RNY could totally get rid of your diabetes (Type 2). You will also lose more weight with it. I figure there's always going to be a risk with any surgery but your risk with diabetes, heart disease and high cholesterol is soooo much higher than your risk with surgery! Good luck with your choice. You've got to do what's right for you. Hang out here for a while, you'll get tons of support! Whatever you choose, you'll be amazing!
  25. Eroper6

    January Surgeries

    Good luck tomorrow, Betsy! I'm on Wednesday. For those of you just starting or about to start the liquid diet, it DOES get easier after the first 2 days! It as hard to smell my husband cooking bacon and eggs this morning and we went to a birthday party yesterday but I was able to stick to my diet. Woo hoo! Getting excited for Wednesday!

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