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  1. aldfnp

    African American Sleevers

    I'm glad it's working for you. I think if I drank that much sugar at one time I'd have stomach issues if you know what I mean. Keep up the good work!
  2. aldfnp

    African American Sleevers

    Any over the counter gas pill should do. They all have the same active ingredient "simethicone" the main difference is how much. So regular or extra strength. I'd chose x-strength and generic /store brand which will cost less.
  3. aldfnp

    African American Sleevers

    My Doc would have a fit. If the sugar is high I wonder how many carbs are in it ? Be very careful with sugar and carbs
  4. aldfnp

    July 2013 sleevers

    Not 2 worry iron can cause constipation and dark to black stools
  5. aldfnp

    African American Sleevers

    You look stunning! Keep up the good work
  6. aldfnp

    African American Sleevers

    I was taking metformin twice a day. I was sleeved on the 8th and took my last pill on the 7th. My fasting BS is now 80-88 routinely. Got 2 love that sleeve!
  7. aldfnp

    Breakfast suggestions

    Cheri, you've got this down to a science. I need to do the same.
  8. aldfnp

    5 days out and im starving!

    Hi, today is day #8 for me. I feel ya. Keep trying to get your protein and water in. If you're drinking soon after drinking your protein don't do it. Just reminding you Hang in there. It gets better, but you have to also commit to staying on your liquid protein. Find one you like add a little fruit make a smoothie. Not sweet enough add a packet of truvia or honey It's the only way I've been able to deal with it as well. We have to work harder, are you with me?
  9. Well fellow sleevers I did it! Sleeved on the 8th. Observed til the 9th and discharged home on the which was a cautionary measure. Dr Clark is awesome. I left preop about 9:30 am and awakened in recovery 11am. Received dilaudid in recovery Of course I had gas pain,but no where near when I had the band put in. I hadn't been n my room 30 minutes before radiology took me down for barium swallow. Results were good. Back to the room where I began the dry heaves and up chucking gas bubbles. I had terrible nausea even though I was given Zofran, Pepcid and nystatin preop. Needless to say until he nausea wore off , it was difficult. I continued to take iv pepcid and zofran post op. I was discharged the next morning still nauseated but home. I slept a lot on the 9th to allow my body to heal. Today I finally felt I could drink water and I have had almost two cups so far today. Oh yeah and passing gas thru the other end, which is good thing. I'm on my way now, looking forward to a healthier me.
  10. aldfnp

    Lapband 2 Sleeve

    Same to you...how are you doing?

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