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  1. Ava324

    Holiday Challenge!

    Awww! Thanks, Kate! I've pretty much been beaming for the past few days. And I even applied for a job in the obesity prevention and policy field.. I've been saying I "couldn't be happier", but I might actually explode if I get it! The person over hiring is out on vacation for the rest of year. Waiting is killer, but at least I can be excitedly hopeful through the holidays! Check out this fanciness! The dress was $3.something from Goodwill. Why ever buy retail??
  2. 2 mile fun run this Saturday evening. I'm definitely going to push for speed in this one. I've yet to really push myself and don't know how fast I'm capable of going per mile.. The run is going to be in New Orleans' City Park, and afterwards Celebration in the Oaks (light display gardens & park) will open early and exclusively for runners. Then hubby and I will head to the lakefront to watch the Christmas boat parade. I'm contemplating a 9K January 4th. My longest ever race was 4 miles, so that'd be a biggy for me.
  3. Ava324

    One-Year Anniversary Today

    Congrats!! We share the same anniversary date and have lost almost the same total weight (147 for me). Logging and kicking exercise butt here as well. Yay - motivation and commitment!! And go us!!
  4. Ava324

    Holiday Challenge!

    Sorry, I fell behind on reporting... Easy to do when the scale goes the wrong direction, and after you were feeling confident and bumped your target! 11/28: 146 12/5: 145
  5. Ava324


    Thanks! Yes, it works now. Next time, I'll start my own topic. This time, starting my own topic was my technical issue. Lol. I could only hijack or message you.
  6. Oh, how I suffer with this! I have a desk job, and outside of designated exercise time, I'm rather sedentary. But I exercise a lot. Today is my only rest day for the week. Two mornings I went for a jog/walk, four days of bootcamp, a personal training session, and Sunday I have a 4 mile race. Bootcamp is the real killer, because we do a lot of core exercises on the floor. I have to roll up a mat for under my tail bone, and it's still very painful. And not just weight-bearing pain. If I poke it, it's sore. Bruised? Not sure when it'll have a chance to recover from the abuse..
  7. Ava324

    Soft foods stage, noodles OK?

    Can't speak about the safety of them, but I agree about the carbs. I haven't touched traditional noodles (or Pasta, rice, or bread) in about a year. Last weekend I made shrimp pad thai with theeese: http://www2.netrition.com/sea_tangle_kelp_noodles.html (6 calories per serving, and obviously, we don't have regular sized servings - so maybe 3 calories) http://www2.netrition.com/nooodle_angel_hair.html (0 calories! made out of pre-biotic Fiber, so they're good for you) So even if you stay away from noodles during recovery just to be safe, you can still look forward to healthy noodles that fit in your plan.
  8. Ava324

    Holiday Challenge!

    145. No change, which I'll take, because I was up to 152 during the week. Apparently fluids (IV during endoscopy) + TOM + salty foods = 7 pounds in 3 days. ><
  9. Ava324

    Halloween challenge

    Sorry for the delay! I was out of town for the weekend. 149 for me.
  10. Ava324


    I came down with a cold about two weeks after surgery too. Without considering the consequences, I took NyQuil one night. Don't! It burned, and I was staggering drunk when I got up to use the restroom during the night. Watch out for alcohol in the liquid cold meds.
  11. Whoa! I did a literal double-take. You look great! Congrats!
  12. Ava324

    Flappy arms

    I have batwings, but they're improving. It may just be that it's reaching the point where it's noticeable, but people close to me recently started commenting on their shrinkage. And I recently started dry brushing every morning. Could be related? Either way, it has tons of benefits and feels great. There are a bunch of tutorials on YouTube.
  13. I'm sorry to admit that my cravings for sweets are worse than ever. Raging sweet tooth. My herbal tea can't be sweet enough. I switched to natural zero-calorie sweeteners to be kinder to my gut bacteria, but I crave just as badly. I know there's all sorts of brain chemistry and hormonal stuff going on about it, but I'm just not ready to tackle that beast yet. Soon.
  14. Ava324

    Funny/nerdy/meme workout shirts

    @@PuraVida37 Love it!!

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