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  1. sweetpea51

    How much to eat?

    I had my surgery two years ago - if anyone has had surgery a year or two ago can you tell me how much you are eating? I am confused as to how much I should be eating this far out of surgery. I am interested to know in measurements how much food I should have at one meal. Thank you.
  2. Can anyone tell me if the 5 day pouch test works? I am not feeling as much restriction and was told by a few people about the 5 day pouch test. I f anyone has tried it I would like to hear if it worked. Thanks.
  3. I am a year post op and am gaining weight. Are there others who this has happened to and what can I do to get back on track? I only lost 52 pounds in a years time and feel as if I lost control over my eating. Exactly how much should I be eating per meal - how much protein? 3 ozs meat? 1 cup of veggies? Can someone help me out? I was told to "reset" my pouch by starting the 5 day diet - liquids on the first day, etc. Thanks!
  4. sweetpea51

    1 year post-op

    I gained 5 pounds back after a year - I stalled too and get seem to get back on track. Confused as to how much I should be eating right now - very frustrated!
  5. This happened to me - lost a lot of hair! I switched to a sulfate free shampoo, took Biotin pills (the kind that dissolve in your mouth), and upped my protein intake. This is normal and cold take months to get your hair back. Keep taking your vitamins!
  6. sweetpea51

    my Lunch and snack today

    Are these pics the amount you ate? Seems like a lot to be eating after only 3months out of surgery. I am a year post op and quite confused about how much I should be eating. Only lost 52 pounds and gained 5 back.
  7. Can someone tell me how much food I should be eating at meals after a year of having surgery? Should I be eating 3 ozs of meat? 1 cup of veggies? how much is too much? I don't feel full as quickly as I used to so I am afraid my stomach stretched - can anyone set me straight so I can get back on track? I'm feeling very confused about this and just need to know exactly how much you all are eating after a year post op. Thanks!
  8. sweetpea51

    Feeling kind of betrayed

    You need to have a serious sit down with your boyfriend - he needs to know that giving you chocolates or anything else you can't eat sabotages the hard work you're doing to stay on track with your weight loss. Get the candy he gave you out of the house - I would be pretty upset if my husband did this. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know not to give candy to a person who is trying to lose weight. Tell your boyfriend he needs to work with you and support you on your road to weight loss.
  9. I am concerned about excess skin after weight loss. I need to lose 90 lbs. - can someone tell me how you deal with it and what to do, if anything?

    1. Travelher


      with only 90 lbs to lose it may not be an issue for you.  when I was banded more than a decade ago I didn't have a skin issue.  This time around i will because I gained even more weight, am older, had a baby etc.   am down about 80 lbs.  still not an issue but I have 30-40 to go and i can see that i may have loose skin then above my c-section scar.  at this point I am not going to worry about it. I may look into a tummy tuck...may not, will not worry about it until I ge there. 

    2. Newme17


      I have 100 to lose, I could do 90 and be fine too, which is probably most like it.  I don't think I'll have an issue too much, BUT age, body composition, whether you smoke or not, drink or not, had C-sections or not, and (in my opinion) even skin tone/color makes a difference--your genetics so to speak.  With that said, I'm just gonna roll with it.  If I need a tuck and lift down the road, than I'll get it; but at least I'll be healthy. 

    3. funky_monkey800


      i am down 111lbs and honestly the whole skin thing isnt as bad as i thought. but exercise is key! i have a little belly but my for the most part i have been able to tone up! 

  10. sweetpea51

    March Surgeries

    Hi all - March 15 is my date. I will have my lap band removed and then the bypass. I'm excited but nervous, too. I'm wondering about excess skin after weight loss and what others did about it.
  11. Hi everyone - I was banded a year and a half ago and there are some foods that I just can't eat at all without getting sick and vomiting up. some of these foods are eggs, alot of red meats, ( which I don't really care about) and other stuff. I feel like i don't have enough of a varity to eat so i eat alot of sliders and junk cause I don't feel satisfied. I do have good restriction but i can't find different foods to eat. I just need help with my whole diet. I can't go to a nutritionist cause I have no insurance. Please help - I'm stuck at the 200lb mark after only losing 50 lbs and I'm getting frustrated cause I'm not losing any more.
  12. sweetpea51

    Group- 5 day Pouch Test

    what is the five day pouch diet? liquids?
  13. sweetpea51

    Call Roto Rooter I'm stuck!!

    Why is it that food gets stuck but junk food goes down really smooth? I am serious - if i eat junk it never gets stuck, but when I eat good food it gets stuck even when i chew to liquid form. Why, why, why!!!!!!!
  14. sweetpea51

    Anyone in RI?

    Hi - I go to Dr. Roye, across from RI Hospital. He's really good, a no nonsense kind of guy. Good luck!
  15. sweetpea51

    Call Roto Rooter I'm stuck!!

    Coachcher - Thank you for the tips - I have been getting stuck and worried that I'm not eating enough. I did have some of my fill removed but I can't eat alot of heavy things, meat included. So what's happening is that I started to eat fattening things that go down easier and I know that is wrong to do. Tonight I actually ate 1oz. of chicken, a small salad and 1/4 cup of mashed potatoes and finished it. Also, I get heartburn alot of the time, and I never got heartburn before so I'm trying to figure out what gives me the heartburn. Can I take an antacid if I get heartburn or will it do some damage? I have been banded for a year but I only got .5cc's the first fill, another .5cc's the second fill, and 1cc last week but then he took out 1/10 of that cause I was too tight. I know you're not a DR. but I would love to hear from someone who is more experienced- what do you think of how I'm doing and what can I do better? Thanks!
  16. Hi everybody - I just had my third fill, the first was .5 , the second .5, and now this one was 1cc. I am having a hard time with heartburn ( I think ). I feel like the food I am eating gets stuck right away, but it also kind of burns when I eat and then I still feel that heartburn feeling way after I eat. Do you think it's a type of food I ate at a certain time or should I call the Dr. ( maybe I'm too tight?) I would appreciate a quick response cause I am kind of scared to eat what I should be eating for fear of discomfort later. I was banded a year ago but my DR. believes in slow going so that's why he hasn't given me much fill until now. Thanks for the help!
  17. sweetpea51

    Help! Need answer quick!

    Hi everyone - I went back to my Dr. and he took 1/10 of the fill out. I feel so much better, no more heartburn but enough restriction to know the pain if I eat too much. Wow, what an experience! I lost 5 pounds in a week which i thoink is good but my Dr. said was a bit too much, but I feel alot better now!
  18. sweetpea51

    Help! Need answer quick!

    Hi everybody - I had the fill last Friday and I did do the few days of liquids and also a few days of mushies but I still feel this way. I guess I should call the Dr. and let him know. Thanks so much for all of your help and your fast response - I don't feel as scared now. I actually ate a small salad and a small piece of vegetable quiche tonight for dinner and so far I feel ok. Thanks again!
  19. sweetpea51

    Share ideas, What did you eat today ?

    Wasabubblebutt - congrats on your weight loss - but it seems to me that you aren't getting any nutrition the way that you're eating. My Dr. would flip if all I had for a meal was a protein shake! Aren't you afraid of becoming anemic or something?
  20. sweetpea51

    Anyone in RI?

    hi - well I'm still around. I was banded in Aug. of 2007 and have lost 40 lbs. so far. That doesn't sound like much but my Dr. is pretty strict about giving me fills - he likes to make his patients really try to loose weight by changing their eating habits, not just by filling the band so fast. Anyway, I haven't found my "sweet spot yet " so i'm still plugging along. Good luck with your band and if there's any questions you have just ask!
  21. Hi everyone - i haven't written in a while because I'm not sure this is working for me. Here is my problem; I was banded in Aug. of 2007, almost a year ago. I waited 4 months to get my first fill cause the Doc thought i was doin ok on my own - very slow but that's the way he wants it to go. So far i have had a fill of 1cc and a second fill of .5 ccs - that's it! I have only lost 30lbs in almost a year! I am feeling worse than i did before the surgery because i feel like a failure. i don't know if I'm eating wrong or what - when i get the fill i feel restriction but after a few days I don't feel as restricted anymore. I am eating less than i did but I'm having a hard time eating certain things like meat, eggs, etc. Why have I only lost 30lbs?!!!?? I don't understand and when I ask my Dr. he asks me things like, well how much are you eating or what are you eating. Help - I really need some feedback on this and maybe some similar experiences? Thanks!
  22. sweetpea51

    Is this working for me??

    I forgot to ask - what exactly is your " sweet spot"?
  23. sweetpea51

    Is this working for me??

    signgirl and shelli - thanks so much for the replies. i really thought that i was the only one losing slowly. and yes signgirl, i have an enormous sweet tooth that does sometimes get the best of me but not at all like it used to be. thank you both again - i feel alot better !
  24. i get 1 or even 1/2 of a cc when i go - sounds like alot to me.
  25. sweetpea51

    Anyone in RI?

    Hello Fenway - I live in Johnston, too. I went to Dr. Roye and the faster you get all your appointments done the faster you'll have the surgery. It took me about six months because I couldn't keep taking time out from my job. This will be the best thing you will ever do for yourself, believe me. Dr. Roye doesn't tighten my band much because he wants to make you go slow to actually change your eating habits but I'm getting there slow but sure! Remember, it"ll be tough at times but hang in. Good Luck!