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  1. SuperKen

    Old habits creeping back

    I just had a revelation that I have fallen back to pre-surgery old/bad habits like: eating out in the car and throwing the evidence away so I don’t feel guilty. I have gained 40 lbs back from my lowest weight and tried to justify that by saying its all muscle weight since I weight train 4 days a week. Any advice or words of encouragement are welcome I’M STRUGGLING!
  2. SuperKen

    Old habits creeping back

    Dropwt4life: Everything you said I already know. I just needed to here it from others. Thank Man. And thanks for all the wonderful rapid responses I received from everyone. I had forgotten how essential the BariatricPal community is. [emoji1531][emoji1531][emoji1531]
  3. SuperKen

    2 year Anniversary

    Well, I just hit my 2 year surgery anniversary! WOW! I thought I would be 200 lbs, but I weigh in at (wait for it) 262 lbs. My highest weight was 462 lowest point was September of 2013 243. This past year I've added 20+ lbs of muscle which I'm really happy with. Now I just have refocus on the cardio which is shall we say challenging.
  4. SuperKen

    2 year Anniversary

    Up your water intake and walk walk walk.
  5. SuperKen

    2 year Anniversary

    I think I know why, but I'd like to know your thoughts After a while the excitement fades and then you're left to deal with the reality! Meaning the weight doesn't fall as easily or bad eating habits start to creep back in and your goal or manageable weight target gets further away. I wanted to be about 230 lbs now, but it didn't happen. I'm still proud of how I've changed my life for the better; however, I WANT IT ALL.
  6. SuperKen

    2 year Anniversary

    Thanks I have to admit I have mixed feelings about today marking the two years since surgery.
  7. SuperKen

    October 2013 Sleevers Roll call!

    I awoke this morning to a Facebook notification of a post from 6 years ago (evidently this is a new feature that Facebook has) of a pic I had posted. I literally do not remember myself looking that way. Here is the pic and a current one as well
  8. SuperKen


    I'm willing to give it a go.
  9. SuperKen

    The huge chasm between XXL and XL...

    I've experienced this issue as well.
  10. This past week has been really stressful and I Find myself nibbling more often. I still weight train 5 days a week, but I seem to have lost my enthusiasm for cardio, walking. Need some Bariatricpal Advice and support!
  11. SuperKen

    18 Months Post-op Pics

    April 2015 18 months Post OP
  12. SuperKen

    6 Month Post Op

    Here are some pics for my six month post-op
  13. SuperKen

    Belly Full

    You would think being 18 months post-op I would have learned not to take those last few bite. But no and I suffer for at least 30 min.
  14. SuperKen

    Guys, what do you consider your ideal pants size ?

    My highest was 66 waist now depending on the style and cut (meaning enough room for my thighs & glutes) I'm between 40 & 42. I want to be a 34-36 consistently.
  15. I had a stressful situation that happened Wednesday afternoon dealing with a professor at a college I'm attending. It started with me asking at simple question and the Professor not listening and misunderstanding the my question and he the professor reading me the riot act and telling me how bad a student I am. Needless to say I went off on him and then asked my question again like he was a mentally ill 1 year old. He then said "oh I didn't realize you were asking about that!" He continued, "you can see why I misunderstood your question, so the next time you need to ask your question in a different way!" I thought to myself WHAT A F'n Idiot! This bothered me so badly that I began eating unconsciously and didn't notice it until the evening of the next day. Emotional trigger! God I'm so disappointed in myself for allowing someone to get to me and make me start harming myself again!!!
  16. SuperKen

    Unconsciously eating

    Thanks everyone I just needed to get it off my mind.
  17. A good friend of mine sent anpicyure of me from a few years ago when about 10 of us decided to spend the day at Venice Beach, Ca. I remember the day so vividly. I could not walk because my back and knees were aching, do I told them to continue to walk and I'll catch up alter I rest: Dell, I never caught up and sneaked to my car which was 2 blocks away, but it felt like 20 blocks. I stopped by aF KFC AND ATE A 10 piece bucket of chicken in the car and cried!

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