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  1. rubyrosa

    Weak stomach

    The part of my stomach removed 6-10-13 during VSG was positive for a bacteria called H.Pilori. My surgeon started me on Very Powerful antibiotics for 2 weeks & I'm nauseated most of the time. Just awful!! Anyone else undergone or undergoing this treatment? Weight-wise I am down 52lbs (200 from 252).
  2. rubyrosa

    Weak stomach

    H.Pilori & Treatment
  3. rubyrosa

    Protein Icecream

  4. rubyrosa

    June sleevers?

    Sleeved 6/10/13 down 41lbs. Feeling wonderful. Drinking more water & doing water aerobics twice/wk.
  5. rubyrosa


    6 Wks post op & I never stopped drinking coffee. Not a problem-just 6oz in a.m. with 2% milk. My dr & nut both ok too.
  6. rubyrosa

    Sleeved on Jun 20/2013...lost & sad.

    My way of thinking is that I am light years ahead of where I was. Every day that I follow my VSG eating plan I know the payoff will be wonderful. I am not in charge of when. I am in charge of eating lots of Protein drinking lots of Water and being kind to myself. I am not someone who weighs herself daily or even weekly. I was obsessed with food before I don't want to become obsessed with weighing myself now. It's just too stressful. I want to declutter my life, My mind and my body. I do this by keeping things simple. Some very wise individual posted on this site that this is not a sprint it's a marathon. A lifelong journey. You just got in the race! Just remember that you already took the biggest step you had the surgery. By doing so you made a commitment to your health and well-being. Naturally we all want our rewards immediately. Give it time. Continue to do what you doing. Minus the obsessing. Laugh out loud. Replace that obsession with The scale with finding cool protein rich recipes. Don't compare yourself to anyone else. Compare your eating today with the way you ate before VSG. Come now You must submit you are light years ahead of where you were. And it's only going to get better. Rosie
  7. Yes. I opened the capsule and put into tsp Peanut Butter for 1st month. Now I swallow as capsule. 6 Wks post VSG down 41 lbs.
  8. rubyrosa


    Thanks Gypsy Queen. Having my 6 wk post op visit today & I will discuss w/Nut. Just doesn't seem (or feel) right to go a week w/o a BM. This may be new normal?
  9. rubyrosa


    I had my VSG 6-10-13 and just came back to work today 7-15-13 for a total of 5 weeks off. I'm so glad I gave myself the time (which my NP recommended by the way) because a pattern I am rectifying is self neglect, overdoing and not listening to my body. It wasn't until about 3 days ago that I began actually eating real food and adequately drinking fluids which makes all the difference energy and stamina wise. Be gentle with yourself. Your body has undergone a traumatic surgery. Practice loving kindness. All the best, Rosie
  10. rubyrosa

    What did you eat today :) ?

    I am one month post VSG B: 6oz coffee w/2% milk 1 teaspoon Peanut Butter L: unjury vanilla Protein (21gr) w/8oz 2% milk Blended w/ice Coffee & cinnamon S: sugar free Jello Sugar free ice pop D: 1/2 cup tuna salad S: sugar free pops (2) 32oz of G2 low calorie drink that I freeze, take me & sip from throughout the day HW: 252 SW: 247 CW; 215 GW: 145
  11. rubyrosa

    Before and After Pics

    I'm on shock! Went to my 1st post op visit; HW: 253 SW: 247 Today: 220 OMG! My sleeve is now my BFF!
  12. rubyrosa

    June 2013 Sleevers! "The List"

    Thanks for the List. Now I can celebrate w/my sleeve day buddies. I'm at my 2 wk post op dr visit and including the 7lbs I lost on pre-op liquid diet, I am down 32lbs!!! ????????????????. Doesn't seem possible. Start weight: 253 Yeah baby. Me and my sleeve are BFFL!
  13. Gorgeous! I'm so inspired. Just 10 Days post op for me. Keep up the good work.
  14. rubyrosa

    "Dumping" Syndrom?

    I so empathize with you. What a horrid feeling. I've been paying close attention too. One way I've found to get 15mg protein first thing in the morning is to heat up my Atkins caramel mocha and sip like coffee. Hope this helps. I'm just 10 days post op myself so I'm learning right along with you.
  15. Is everyone weighing themselves daily? Seems a bit obsessive I'm 5 days post op and feel no need to weigh myself Will let the nurse weigh me at my first post-op visit 6-26. My responsibility as I see it is to follow my Dr andNut instructions the weight loss will follow. Some of you sound tormented by the scale. Just an observation
  16. rubyrosa

    June 11th!

    I was sleeved early Monday 6-10-13. My only challenge was nausea. I am up and about sipping and walking, feeling well. Not even interested in my weight right now. Just following directions to insure continued success. It did feel a bit strenuous this morning walking my dog. Who knew a 6 lb chiquaqua pulling at a leash would be engaging stomach muscles. Lol
  17. rubyrosa

    Going in today

    All the best. I'm also doing VSG this morning Sooo psyched. I feel thinner already, even though I'm just in the hospital registration area. LOL. Scheduled for 7:30am. Blessings

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