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    Workout classes

    Started Zumba six weeks before surgery, resumed 7 weeks after surgery. Look on Groupon or Amazon local for deals, you can try all kinds of new things. I found the studio I've been at for 2 years that way.
  2. @@Andrew0929 I could have written your post. I had my surgery same timeframe you did and am experiencing something similar. I am changing up my exercise starting this week. Nothing more wants to come off and I've even gained a little. Scares the heck out of me. I had a bodpod assessment done in July (helpful tool by the way) and it confirmed what I thought - my resting metabolic rate is lower than it should be and I have very little muscle mass. Kettleball classes are starting tonight!
  3. I used Ariel Ortiz at Obesity Control Center in December 2013. Great experience, great care. Absolutely no complaints or regrets. Talented group of surgeons and good pre/post op follow-up. I lost 113 lbs total - maintaining 18 months later. Attached are my year photos - haven't taken any recently. I do Zumba 3-4 days a week and just did my first 5K this past Saturday. December to December.pdf
  4. slvrsax

    Travel Home from Mexico

    I couldn't keep fluids down for five days post-surgery (come to find out I needed a liquid ppi for acid, the powder from the pills wasn't staying down). I flew to Seattle and spent the entire time playing candycrush, trying to distract myself from the constant nausea. I sat next to two strangers and apologized ahead of time in case I became ill - I was worried about that. I got home and took Ryopan that the doctor gave me hours before getting on the plane - problem solved (I didn't take it before I left because I didn't know if it would fix my problem or make it worse but now I wish I had). I could drink and keep it down for the first time in five days. Other than the nausea, the trip was fine and not too exhausting.
  5. slvrsax

    Low heart rate?

    My heart rate was low for the first nine months or so - upper 40s to mid 50s with frequent dizzy spells, almost like my blood pressure was dropping. It eventually worked itself out and now it's fine 1.5 years out.
  6. slvrsax

    Did my first Salsa and Bachata dance lesson!

    @@CowgirlJane I've heard great things about Salsa N' Seattle on Stewart downtown. Sometime in September they have some 2 hour Saturday workshops, been thinking of going to one myself!
  7. slvrsax

    Zumba - first time

    @@tianna615 I started Zumba with a groupon 2 months before surgery to see if I even liked it. I felt I absolutely had to find some form of exercise I enjoyed, but I'm an introvert by nature so dancing didn't seem like a good fit but by golly it was! After surgery I returned at about seven weeks and started with half an hour at a time and worked my way up to more. By four months out I was going to class about 4 times a week and keeping up pretty well. At times the low calorie diet of that first year post op gave me dizzy spells and I just had to listen to my body and stop. I'm 19 months post op, down 113 lbs and 10 lbs or so from goal. I still go and really love it! @@AngelaWilliamsMD at almost 280 lbs, I did feel pretty awkward initially, in fact I flat walked out of class a few times. Before WLS I'd had a gym membership and was totally bored with the treadmill, I had to find something I liked but that required getting out of my comfort zone to try new things. I'm so glad I did. I started in the back of the class room mortified to even be there at my size praying that no one noticed my mistakes, now I'm in the front and don't mind it a bit. It took me five months to work up the courage to even look in the mirror! I'm glad I stuck it out because now I totally look forward to going. Besides, I've made some wonderful friends in the process.
  8. slvrsax

    Zumba - first time

    I adore Zumba, been dancing since 2 months before surgery! It has been my primary exercise for loss/maintaining. My instructor is a former NFL cheerleader so the choreo is off the hook where I go As your weight comes down your ability to do some of the moves that involve jumping improves greatly. When I got below 200 I noticed that my ability to do what everyone else was doing was spot on. One thing that has not improved for me is my ability to do turns - I get vertigo in the worst way. I've compared notes with some other formerly heavy people (one bariatric person, two not) in my class and they have the same problem - wonder if it has anything to do with losing a lot of weight? My physical therapist told me that for every 10 lbs you lose, center of gravity shifts which lends to that clumsy feeling. But it clears up.
  9. Bread - no desire really but the few times I've consumed it hasn't felt great in the tummy. Brocolli makes me sick. Whip cream - makes my stomach hurt. I couldn't eat apples for a long time (made me sick) but now I can. I'm a year out. I should probably eliminate coffee because I know the acid in it causes me problems.
  10. slvrsax

    Marathon training

    Update - I did some C25K running (didn't turn on my app but the concept) today on the treadmill and I did ok! I hadn't done anything resembling running since July. I could go faster and I could have done longer stretches of running but didn't want to push it (still fearful). I've lost 25 lbs since I ran last which doesn't seem like a lot but boy did it make a difference! My thighs used to rub together a lot when I ran but not anymore. It felt good to try again, thanks for providing the motivation. I just started wearing a Fitbit HR and its helped me figure out I've become too comfy in my cardio training and its time to change it up.
  11. I'm 13 months out tomorrow, I suppose that gives me veteran status It's comforting to read other replies and realize that I'm doing pretty much what others are doing. Yesterday is pretty typical for me, here goes: 5:30 wakeup - take my omeprazole (2 20 mg script. capsules) before I walk out the door at 6:20. I take a 20 oz Water bottle on the bus with me, I don't have coffee until I finish this bottle on my way to work. I don't eat for probably an hour to let the antacid do its thing. Breakfast of either a Protein shake or 2 eggs (on occasion I finish both eggs but usually not quite) around 7:30 - 8:00. If I'm living dangerously I'll add some feta to my 2 eggs. That's living on the edge people! Yesterday I had one egg and a couple bites of a sausage patty. An hour later I have some coffee with a bit of milk. Once a week or if I'm having a difficult day I'll have a non-fat latte with sugar free vanilla syrup. I really try not to do the sugar free sweetners because I don't think the artificial is good for me but sometimes I give in. We have starbucks brewed and a full free coffee bar here at my workplace. Snack around 10:30 - yesterday it was a piece (1 oz) of swiss cheese. Might be string cheese, almonds, or a light in fit dannon greek yogurt, or cottage cheese. I wanted a banana but forgot it at home. lunch at noon or 1:00. Yesterday I had probably 3 oz of turkey meatloaf left over from the day before and 4 or 5 cherry tomatoes. Sometimes it is a salad from our salad bar with greens, tomatoes, beets (love beets), almonds, chicken or tofu and my own dressing because I swear the dressing in our salad bar is full of sugar. I use Annie's organic low fat dressing I keep here at work. Snack about 3:30 - yesterday it was about eight brown rice triscuits. I ran out of my little 100 calorie guac cups. Ate a Quest bar (the new s'mores flavor which I do not recommend) at 5:30 on the bus because I was planning on taking a class and knew I'd have just enough time to get my kiddo to work before I had to go to class. My plan was actually to do 2 classes but needing to get my kid to work canceled that, so just one class for me, an hour long dance class. Probably just as well, I was sore from the class the day before. Just getting back to strength classes after gall bladder surgery in November. Note on the Quest bars: I limit myself to 3 a week. I'm really aiming for whole, real food. A Quest bar is just a means to an end, like if I don't have time for a meal before class or I'm out shopping and I get hungry and figure a Quest bar is better than the food court. I also carry 100 calorie almond packs in my purse and 1 fun size bag of skittles. For several months my blood sugar was dropping unexpectedly at times and I'd get the shakes, sweaty, etc. The skittles are for those times to get my sugar up in a hurry. I haven't had to resort to that in a few months. dinner 8:30 - eating late I don't really like but with my schedule, it is all I can manage sometimes! I was pretty hungry. I had several roasted brussel sprouts (I make a bunch and eat on them over a few days no one else in my house touches them), 3 oz of deli style turkey breast and a small piece of low carb cheesecake I made last weekend. I had a cup of sleepytime tea with bit of half and half before bed, and a small handful of pecans. Sometimes I'll have a yoplait frozen yogurt bar for an evening snack, or a few baby bel lights, or some beef jerky but last night it was tea and pecans. Reading this I realize I'm probably eating too much too late Exercise for me is 1.5 hours of Zumba on Monday, 1 hour strength class Tuesday, 1 hour Zumba Thursday, 1 hour Zumba Saturday. I need more strength training, thinking of adding a boot camp type of class on Friday lunch hour. I have access to a small free gym here in my building, a 24 hour fitness membership and unlimited classes at a dance studio, I have NO reason not to exercise except maybe a full workday with 3 hours of commuting a day. I'm not good about my Vitamins, and water I need to improve upon. I sip water throughout the day but honestly forget sometimes. I need to be better about both! My weight loss is currently at a stand still, I guess I just keep on keepin' on!
  12. slvrsax

    Marathon training

    @@jess9395 I think my PT recommended no running because of the risk of injury. He said that if I hurt my hamstring running (apparently a common malady with runners? I'm not sure) that such an injury could sideline me for months. I'm lacking in glute strength, so maybe he was referencing that particular weakness as well. He suggested biking as a joint friendly alternative. Biking just doesn't "speak" to me. When I hurt my hip last summer I was doing 4 dance classes a week on top of C25K 3X per week. I was just overextending myself given my caloric intake, I don't think the running itself hurt me. But I can't be sure. I've never had problems with my knees but I do have hip pain I deal with pretty regularly (injured left, had a cortisone shot, now my right hurts). I still want to try again.
  13. slvrsax

    Marathon training

    So sorry for intruding on your thread, but I have to say you guys inspire me! Surgery for me was 12/2013, 113 lbs down and try as I might I can't seem to lose anymore (CW 167). I tried running last summer, after five C25K runs, I hurt my hip at Zumba (the Zumba I go to is no ordinary class it is very cardio intense). My PT recommended that I NOT start running at age 44, that it's hard on the joints blah blah blah, which is such a bummer. I can't stop thinking about it - even with that advice I haven't completely let go of the idea. I've always thought I had a runner in me even at a heavy weight. To see folks who were formerly heavy like me roughly the same age (I'm 44) makes me think that maybe I CAN run without injury. I might just have the courage to try again.
  14. @@bluesclues I've heard good things about Dr. Corvala. He must be the best kept secret because I don't read much about him on these boards. I heard of him through someone here in Seattle after I'd already had my surgery and she just raved about him and the post-op care. She is a nurse so someone's opinion with a medical background has more clout for me. I also heard Dr. A. Ortiz's name from a nutritionist here in Seattle, I had researched him initially but ruled him out early on because of price. My intuition kicked in and I had a sense I should save the extra money for OCC ($1800 more than who I was considering - big deal) and go there. I'm glad I listened to my intuition because I had some difficulty and Dr. O. helped me sail right through it.
  15. Please do not use price to make your decision. Find a surgeon who you feel comfortable with and if they are on the higher end, save up. Ariel Ortiz (as opposed to Elias) is fantastic - slightly more than some of the bargain surgeons but worth every penny. I can't say what I paid but call Obesity Control Center, you will have no problem getting a quote with no pressure. Just please don't use price as a deciding factor.
  16. Mine is 32, but really that is only part of it. If a surgeon uses a 32 but sews a "loose" sleeve it may be like he used a 38 anyway. It depends on how close the stitch line is. Just a thought.
  17. I used Dr. Ariel Ortiz a year ago. I cannot say enough good about OCC. Dr. O. is fantastic, as are his associates Dr. So and Dr. Martinez! I had a wonderful experience and would do it again 10 times over. Not one single regret. Started in a size 24, a year later now in a size 10. Go for it, you will not regret your decision. Good luck!
  18. slvrsax

    Discouraged Already

    You are you. You are not everyone else. YOUR journey is unique and unlike any other! Enjoy it! There will be ups and downs but at the end of the day the weight will come off. If you are like the rest of us, it is hard to have faith, but trust the process. I know - easier said than done but follow the eating rules, exercise as soon as you are able as much as you are able and trust the process. This too shall pass.
  19. I'm a year post-op and was concerned re: schedule but it has worked out as long as I think ahead. My commute and workday combined is 12 hours long and I have 2 teenage daughters. Ready to drink (as opposed to powder) shakes seemed to be the most realistic for packing & ease, I take 3 or 4 (still at a year out) and put them in my work fridge on Monday. There are some good go to's when your out and find yourself hungry - items you can find in a convenience store in a pinch when you are a little further out. Lunchmeat, small cans of tuna, cheese sticks, hard boiled eggs, almonds, beef Jerky and even Protein shakes to name a few. I also rely on convenience pre measured items like 100 calorie packs of almonds, Quest bars and babybel light cheese. I keep quest bars and freeze dried edamame in my desk. I always carry a questbar in my purse. I've been out shopping or on my way to an exercise class, realize I'm hungry and rather than going to the foodcourt I eat my questbar until I can get some "real" food. Your options feel limited initially but six months on and beyond it gets easier. For exercise I keep gym clothes at work when I can't get to my evening dance classes because we have a gym in my office building. Hope this helps.
  20. slvrsax

    Your Favorite things- fitness/ exercise related

    Pre-surgery and right after surgery work out wear: Kohl's has a great selection on line in plus sizes and runs true to size as does Lane Bryant. Once I got into about a size 18 I could fit into XXL Fabletics - Kate Hudson's line available on line. Love the yoga pants they have fantastic compression for the price. The sports bras are not very supportive even for a B cup like me. Kiava (again on line) makes a double criss cross back sports bra that provides great support even for running for under $40, my favorite by far and they look cute with a tank top. I am a 38 B and wear an XL (I am wide through my ribs). I could wear the XXL at a 40-42C. You want to start exercising but don't know where to start and aren't thrilled about signing a gym contract? Check out Amazon local and groupon in your area and you will find all kinds of options from cross fit, martial arts, zumba, you name it and the deals are very inexpensive. I found the dance studio I go to that way. I was hooked from about the 5th class and is my main form of exercise and has been for over a year. I thought the gym was pretty boring by comparison.
  21. slvrsax

    Horrible eating over Christmas

    I'm on day 3 of de-carbing and happy to report that yes, the cravings are quieting a little bit. I suspect I'll feel I'm back in the driver's seat by the weekend.
  22. I'm an Ariel Ortiz fan. Had a great experience and was well cared for from the time I got there until I left, never had a problem getting my records, getting questions answered after I returned home either. Don't use price to make your decision, I almost made that mistake. Remember - you have to live with your surgically altered stomach the rest of your life, given that what is another few hundred dollars for peace of mind and a better surgeon?
  23. slvrsax

    Cute workout clothes?

    Kohl's on line is fantastic for plus size workout clothes. Not in the store so much, but on line. The FILA label is cut generously. Lane Bryant is good for plus size. Fabletics (on line only) is great once you hit about a size 18 - their XXL started fitting me at size 18 - I do not however like fabletics sports bras because they are not terribly supportive. I wear Fabletics pants almost exclusively. Kiava has great sports bras with a cute latice strap design (and the tank tops are cute but cut small), 2XL started fitting me at a size 18 (and I have a large rib cage, I'm 165 lbs and still 38 inches around). LOVE me some Lorna Jane but terribly expensive. I splurged and bought one of their tops for my 1 year pictures. I have not posted my 1 year pics yet because I am not terribly tech savvy!
  24. slvrsax

    What took you to Mexico?

    @@Jill Pill I used Ariel Ortiz, you will love him and the standard of care at OCC. I had a wonderful experience. 1 year post op 113 lb downs tells the story, you will enjoy great success. Best of luck to you! Best advice I have is - as soon as you can exercise, do (was seven weeks out for me). I lost the bulk of my weight in the first six months so be as aggressive as you can with your plan. I lost 88 lbs in the first six, 25 in the following six and I didn't really change anything - loss just slowed.
  25. slvrsax

    Horrible eating over Christmas

    I also overindulged. So far, no regain (I realize it could take a bit to catch up on the scale) so no harm no foul right? Nope. As a result, I have that "out of control" feeling I used to have pre-surgery. For the last year (I am one year post op) I've had control over my eating for the first time EVER, but now that feeling of being out of control is back. I've awoken the carb monster. For the last several days I say "I'll start tomorrow" with the no sugar eating, then - I don't. I threw out anything in the house that was tempting me - Cookies, toffee, remnants of bags of chocolate chips and nuts (these weren't calling me from the cabinet but I got rid of them just in case), stocked up on some Premier drinks (costco in my area is carrying strawberry again, yay!) and started the 5 day pouch test yesterday. I need a re-set. I've maintained my exercise regime but I know I cannot out-exercise bad eating.

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