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  1. calnala2010

    Anyone ate posole?

    I made it and eat it . is OK just the amount we tolerate. I live in ABQ .
  2. calnala2010

    May sleevers! How much have you lost so far?

    I'm so happy! After 2 months without loosing 1 pound , I start again to lose. I'm 170 now . 20 from my goal. Since surgery 85 lost . Sleeve on May 06. :-)
  3. calnala2010

    What I wish I had known

    i second this wish every day: I wish that I had realized how hard it would be mentally to accept that the person in the mirror, 80 lbs skinnier, is still me. I don't recognize her..
  4. try New whey liquid Protein. each vial has 42 g of protein in 3.8 oz , watermelon or grape flavor. www.newwhey.com or you can find it on walmart for 14.00 the box of 6. Is sugar, fat, gluten ,lactose and caffeine free. hope you get better
  5. sure i send you a pm
  6. Said hi to Lydia and the nurse and of course hello to our Dr. Clapp from Albuquerque . Let me know how it go. :-)
  7. im with you guys, im stuck for a month , i lost already 80 after 5 months of VS . im going to do more workout and ad creatine to my diet. i hope this help. but over all whe have to keep going ... every day we are more and more close to our goals... keep going , congratulations this is our journey and we are going to finish on top !!
  8. Lately I'm stuck on 175 for weeks, it look like is going to be super slowly for now on. I need to lose another 25 to reach my goal. And how are you doing so far?
  9. calnala2010


    I already lost like 50 to 65℅ of my hair. But I used to have hair for 3 more people Jajajaja. I'm 5 months out, the Dr. Told me to drink Biotin and fish oil. I cut it short short to deal with it, now I just comb it with my hands. Btw I think is going to be fun if I buy a wig.
  10. OK then it wasn't you. :-)
  11. calnala2010

    May sleevers! How much have you lost so far?

    Wao you look great, congratulations...
  12. I try my best to do therapy my way; that means online, here, private groups of eating desorders and so so. Here I went twice and paid 80 for each consultation ( never went back cause $$) , after that I try to stay positive, cause is a long life journey.
  13. calnala2010

    May sleevers! How much have you lost so far?

    SD 255 Today 175 Goal 150 5 months today after my VGS
  14. I think I saw you on Dr. Clapp's office one day , you used a cane?
  15. Congratulations, I'm trying to lose 30 more , after 5 months it gets a little more difficult to lose , its going slowly. Are u taking pictures of your self? I'm doing it but I don't recognize the person that I am now :-) . Trying to deal with the hunger on my brain jaja.
  16. Nop. Cause I live in Albuquerque. Do you?
  17. I have my sleeve with him too. On May 6' date=' 2013 . His excellent , nice and very professional. The staff is very friendly and they know what there doing. At this point I already lose 80 pounds , I'm super happy with the results , BTW the Dr. is super cute!!!!! [ATTACH]19112[/ATTACH]

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