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  1. Literally asking for a friend. What are your thoughts on MGB for a lower BMI patient, like someone with max 40-50 lbs to lose?
  2. That’s insane ! I’ve maintained my weight loss for years. I eat anything and everything I want . I eat in moderation, I practice IF and I work out and I refuse to ever give up any foods I love . Your dietician is crazy !
  3. Band07

    Return to work after MGB

    I had surgery late Thursday evening, flew home on Saturday and went back to work Tuesday. No issues, a little tired but it was very manageable.
  4. Seems like some of those sleeved in the US have more regain than those in Mexico ? What are your thoughts? Also, anyone sleeved by Dr. Rodriguez in Juarez who has had long term success ?
  5. I'm 5 years post op. I flux between 155-160 and I'm pretty happy there. I would prefer 150-155 flux but I eat whatever I want. I also practice IF and run 4-5 days a week to keep the weight off.
  6. Yep, this is my life too. I'm five years out. Thankfully it's a little more routine than in the beginning. I'm a member of a pretty big MGB FB group and this is just a common side effect for many of us. I hate it. There are times I have to leave work and race home (7 miles) to keep from using the restroom at work and I never leave home without poopouri but I remind myself this is part of the journey and it means my surgery is still working as it should.
  7. I’m 13 years out and I weigh 3x daily . I have a danger zone number, if I hit it I take action fast .
  8. They are very different surgeries. The short answer is yes, I've had success. The side effects of the MGB are horrible at times but I've learned to live with it. I'm 5 years post op ( I think) . I've lost 32 lbs with the MGB but I keep it off by doing IF 6 days a week and running 3 miles 4-5 x per week. No regrets.
  9. Band07

    Bile Reflux post MGB

    My doc did something extra to prevent bile reflux, it’s standard now with some surgeons .
  10. I went to Dr. Rodriguez, in Juarez. He operates out of a real hospital, very clean, very professional . I had no issues, but no, I didn’t have any follow up with them after I returned home .
  11. There is a risk of bile reflux which can actually be worse. There is a MBG group on fb that has a lot of posts about this . There is a step that they can take during surgery to decrease the chances of it happening but you would need to make sure your surgeon is familiar with how to do that.
  12. I had MGB almost 3 years ago, I was A successful lapband patient and an unsuccessful sleeve patient . Mgb has been very different than either of the prior surgeries. Went to Dr. Rodriguez in juarez, great doc, clean hospital, no issues . I was low BMI but lost what I wanted and have kept it off. Only issue is the absolute horrid bowel movements but thankfully they are more routine now.
  13. Yes the progression is the same, I think I did 2 weeks liquids, 2 weeks mushy and 2 weeks soft. I can eat anything/everything and I’ve never had much restriction, most of my weight loss/maintenance comes from the malabsorption now. Also too much sugar/dairy makes me sick . Check out the fb group MGB, lots of great info there !
  14. I was sleeved on 9/20. Iv lost 15 lbs and that was all the first month. I was very successful with my band for 6 years and only revised after being sick of that stuck feeling and all of the inconsistency with the band. Now don't get me wrong I can't eat as much as someone who has never had surgery but I honestly feel very little fullness or restrictions with the sleeve. I can eat a 6" sub from subway and a bag of baked ruffles just to give you an idea. I don't know yet if I regret it or not but I do know I'm making the decision to make it all about me. As far as I'm concerned I'm living life and taking care of myself as if Iv never been on the operating table. I will trust in myself for maybe the first time ever. I'm training for a half marathon this year and making good food choices because I want to. I'm still about 12-15 lbs from my goal, but when I get there I will know that it's because I worked hard for it and I'm okay with that. I wanted that feeling that Iv read so much about, I wanted to be full after 6 or 8 bites but I didn't get anything close to that. I just want others to know there are no guarantees with revision and prepare for the "what ifs " . It's funny to me now I was actually worried about losing too much weight being a low BMI patient to begin with. Now I just worry about getting to goal. I can tell you if I left it to the sleeve I never would but then again maybe that's how it should be...
  15. I'm 5'4 and was 189 day of revision.
  16. I'm still doing great ! I haven't made it to my goal (150) but I'm a size 8 pants and medium shirts at 158-159 lbs and I run 3-5x per week and I feel prob healthier than I've ever been . I did get low on iron last summer so I've had to add in iron pills but other than that things are good !
  17. Dr. Rodriguez is wonderful and operates in a full service hospital which you stay at the whole time.
  18. Some places won't release you that fast, especially when you are flying home so it will be more an issue with the docs requirements, also, I've had band, sleeve and now MGB, I will say it was the worst of the 3.
  19. I had revision from sleeve also, surgery was Thursday night, I flew home Saturday and went back to work Tuesday. My energy was very low but I managed. I ended up with double pneumonia (prob from the flight home) but had it not been for that which kept me feeling crappie for about 4-5 weeks I would have been fine.
  20. I heard too Dr. Rutledge will be opening a new clinic in California.. he has a video on his fb page discussing it.
  21. So this isn't normal for you ? That's been my whole life for almost 2 years, everything I eat just goes right through me.
  22. Band07

    Eat whatever you want?

    I eat whatever I want. I also run A LOT.. I just did a 15k and I'm doing a half marathon in March, it's a trade off for me, but I refuse to deprive myself or "diet" . I do try to make good choices but if I want something sweet I have it, if I go out on the weekend I order whatever I want. It works for me and has for almost 9 years.
  23. Band07

    Newbie with questions :)

    That's who did mine ! Dr. Rod was great ! I had a wonderful experience at the hospital, no it's not like the US but it was extremely clean and they took good care of me. They don't fuss over you constantly but all my needs were met. They don't give strong pain meds but i didn't want or need them. I'm a revision so former band and sleeve patient so doc went longer on mine which is recommended for revisions.
  24. Band07

    Newbie with questions :)

    There definitely are. Milk is pretty much out of the question except for the occasional sip, ice cream is the same and anything else high in fat and sugar. Not to say I don't treat myself, I do but I know I'll pay the price. There really isn't anything that I've cut out completely, I just practice moderation. If I had to pick the biggest down side to all of it, that's easy...it's the bathroom trips. Without being too graphic, it's a constant and it's terrible! Everything I eat goes right through me.. In the first few months I was scared to even leave the house ! Now I'm a little more routine and I can usually make it through my workday without issues but if I do have to go, I will drive all the way home or to my parents house and will NOT ever go at work. It's absolutely horrid ! I carry poo pouri for emergencies or when I'm too far away from home. Not everyone experiences this, but my bypass is almost 9' so that makes it worse... I'm okay with it though, it's what keeps the weight off, it's what I paid for, the malabsorption. Who is doing your surgery?
  25. Band07

    Newbie with questions :)

    The MGB is a great choice ! It has better long term weight loss and less risk/complication than any other surgery! I'm happy to answer any questions you have. I'm a former band and former sleeve patient so I've been around the block a time or two ! Lol