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  1. Dabble

    Question on pain

    I don't want to alarm anyone but I also had alot of pain on my left side that kept getting worse and I ended up having a hematoma from my drain site. So listen to your body and trust your gut (so to speak) and call your doctor if you feel something's just not right. Was hospitalized 3 days for this and it was very painful.
  2. Dabble

    June surgery dates

    Ok guys, I DID IT!!! I have to be honest though yesterday was not fun. Everyone is different and I was hoping to be one the lucky ones and whiz right through but not the case. It took 6 different tries to get my IV in, and coupled with my anxiety, wasn't good. The incision pain I can deal with, but this gas pain is all over my abdomen, shoulders and back. It really does help to walk although it is very painful gritting in and out of bed. I vomited many times yesterday and that hurt so bad. So if you can do anything, try not to, I just couldn't do it. BUT..... Today is much better, I already had to drink the leak dye and I keep telling the nurse I was going to throw it up, but I didn't, I actually kept it down. My heating pad I brought has helped me immensely with my shoulder and back pain so if you have one pack it.! so I'll try and post later and tell you how today goes.
  3. Dabble

    June surgery dates

    OMG! Leaving for the airport to fly to Mexico in less than an hour. Not even hungry anymore, to anxious for that. I will keep you all posted on how we do as my best friend is getting it done with me! My daugter is going to take care of us both. Anyone else going to be in Tijauna today through Tuesday, look us up.
  4. I'm scheduled there on Friday! Has anyone else checked into this or heard anything. I will contact Ronda today but since it's Sunday, probably will not here anything until tomorrow. So if anyone has heard anything else about this please post and let us know.
  5. Dabble

    June surgery dates

    . I am taking this with me to Mexico and keeping it with me to for my motivation when I am going through my scariest times before and after surgery. Thanks Prettynpink!
  6. Dabble

    June surgery dates

    My first post ever, been reading for weeks, but finally ready to post! My date and friends date is June 7 in Mexico. Today is first day of preop diet. 3 protein shakes a day with light dinner. 3 days out only liquid. So So nervous, can relate to all of you, but so so excited to start the rest of my life healthier. I think that's what keeps me from bolting for sure. Anyone else being sleeved in Mexico in June?

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