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    Hummus deviled eggs

    I madethis today, wanting some deviled eggs, and decided to switch up the mayo with hummus! I used spicy hummus and they were DELICIOUS! 4 eggs hardboiled 3-4 TBSP hummus (I used supremely spicy hummus by Sabra mixed up) I TSP mustard A teeny bit of mayo will help make it more creamy for those who like a more creamy filling Slice eggs in half and combine yolks with hummus, mustard, and maybe mayo for filling. Fill egg whites. Consume! I made it with 3 TBSP hummus and a tbsp miracle whip and 4 halves (or two eggs) was almost 14g of protein!!!!
  2. Patti K

    July sleevers please check in..

    I am almost 10 weeks out and have only lost 33 lbs since surgery 7/31. It is 3.3 lbs a week which should be considered good but not by my hospital! However, my new NUT (the old one moved) said due to my 42 lb pre-op loss that I was probably plateauing as my body adjusted. 29 she said anyday I should start seeing more rapid loss. I do need to exercise more but my work hours suck and I can only workout on days off whish is 2 days a week. I want to get a more fixed schedule (why I am looking for a new job) so I can exercise more regularly. I have had to buy new clothes though. Out of 30/32s and into solid 26/28!
  3. Patti K

    Confused. Feel the same?

    My surgery went much the same way. My only issue was tht I had a slow heart beat in recovery and spet the first night in cardiac ICU. After that it was a breeze. I had such and easy time drinking fluids I was chugging over 80 oz of water and my protein shakes and actually felt hunger (for me it is a steady ache right at my belly area - I thought it was excess acid and asked to up my dose of Omoprezole but they told me it was hunger. Nice that I got to keep THAT) i accelerated my programs plan and again: NO PROBLEMS. No pain no leaks no dizziness no vomiting no excessive pain no fatigue no nothing. I have lost slower due to moving food stages so quickly (I was told AFTER the fact that my program's lengthy liquid stage is for speedy weight loss in the beginning as much as extra caution) but I have been fine! I did expel a stitch from one of my incisions. Doc said normal...some people's bodies reject the stitches. It was only on and may not have been tacked right so it was easy to expel. It wasn't from my tummy but from the incision where they ganked my stomach out.
  4. Patti K

    Soap taste?

    I am almost two months out so I don't think mine is anestesia
  5. My sis says this is a tac that they used to close up the muscle part inside the incision where the tummy came out and they can work their way out. Still calling Dr Monday!!!
  6. I felt the same way. I can drink a 32 oz water bottle in no time. But I didn't start feeling "full" until the solid food point. Also, I think the surgeon cut my sleeve bigger because I can eat a good amount sometimes. Well, a good amount for a sleever not a good amount like I used to! Lol. I am still losing though. Slower paced for me but I am ok with that if it helps me avoid excess skin!
  7. It is all the protein. My teeth are groos and my bf is always calling me on my breath. I just brushed and my mouth feels clammy and i know my breath is bad. It is all the protein. So it probably is ketosis.
  8. Patti K

    Calorie confusion

    I have never een on meds for my thyroid since it was still in the normal range, just on low. But I am kind of excited to see my resting MR.
  9. Patti K

    Calorie confusion

    Bleh, I ate kore meat today and my fat content is higher than my protein. Gr! MFP can't calculate when you trim fat! My protein was only 29%
  10. Patti K

    Calorie confusion

    Well, yesterday I had carbs at 22% and protein and 43% and no losses. Actually gained a pound. And I walked a mile! Oh well, gotta be calm and let it happen on it's own.
  11. Patti K

    Calorie confusion

    I just noticed my percentage goals for carbs and protein are inverted from what we are finding works so I may jist work to invert those and see how that does!
  12. Patti K

    Calorie confusion

    I accidentally posted before I was done and am cooking also so here are the deets.... The reason I didn't follow the program. They wanted two weeks of liquids only. broth, Water, Protein shakes, milk. No Soups no particles of any kind so not even tomato!!!! I was STARVING at day 4 post op! I was already having no triuble getting fluids and protein so didn't understand the hunger (taking omoprezole) so I had to have something with substance. Then at soft foods they complained that I ate lunch meat. What?!? Their timelines don't seem to follow anyone else's on here. I am intaking less than 40g of carbs, 60+ grams (usually the +) protein, and 85-100+ oz of water. I work out 4-5 days a week doing a mile or two walk or a leslie sansone video so 20-45 minutes. I went to the rec yesterday. Swam and did elliptical. Granted before the NUT discussed carbs I was intaking 75+ grams. But every idea she gave for strained liquid stage (another two weeks that I couldn't wait through) was all carbs...milky oatmeal, thinned chili with Beans....etc. so there it is. I eat about 1/2c to a cup (depending on what it is) 3-4 times a day (dr wants 1 c 3 times a day ONLY) but I am weak and tired if I only eat 3 times a day. I feel better at 4-5 times a day
  13. Patti K

    july 2013 sleevers

    As I am the person who "complained about my NUT getting upset" I am going to weigh in: my NUT got upset because I deviated from the food progression, NOT MY DIET. Some foods are necessary in the beginning for the food progression that are carbs (such as thinned oatmeal - a carb, pureed chili or beans - also carbs) and to get my protein and feeling of fullness I skipped purees and went to soft foods to be able to ingest eggs, chicken, etc. and to eat with my family as I am not rich and can't afford separate meals in groceries. In doing so, I also incorporated more carbs in the last two weeks (let's admit it, carbs, like potatoes, are cheaper than proteins) and we had to discuss and revise my eating plan. My post was about how adamant they were that I skipped purees...not my weight loss or if I was "wasting my sleeve" as has been implied. I felt ok progressing more quickly due to reading posts of other people on here with less strict food progressions than my program so didn't understand their anger. I am sorry you aren't losing to your liking. I am not losing to THEIR liking but I am still happy to be LOSING! However, my post has nothing to do with your issue and I didn't come here to be judged. Thank you for your "support" but in reality you could have ranted about your lack of weight loss without bringing me into it. On that note: your body is in starvation mode and sometimes will slow to try and maintain calories. Add a little good fat (like olive oil for cooking) or increase calories by a small amount (50-100) and add in a few more minutes of exercise to conpensate and this may help. All advice from my physician assistant, because my surgeon is so busy with surgeries I haven't seen him since he said I could leave the hospital. Glad to know yours answers email.
  14. I consistently eat more that 700 and I am only 3 weeks out. As someone with little funds I am stuck eating the same things over and over fr soft foods like cheeses and refried beans which are higher in calories. I am still losing though! It beats the 2500-5000 I used to consume in a day.
  15. For the last couple f days I have been eating a bit more two...but guess what! I lost 5 pounds in those two days! Since I had only lost 14 since PAT I felt my body finally felt satisfied and was able to release fat! Lol
  16. Patti K

    July 2013 Sleevers

    Same here. I am 37 and my ivnisions are healing nicely and i never had an issue swallowing big gulps. I never did the sipping.
  17. Patti K

    July 2013 sleevers

    I am on prilosec for 2 weeks. THREE MONTHS? Why is all these programs so different???
  18. Patti K

    July 2013 sleevers

    I like Atkins chocolate. I am now 4 days post-op and doing well at home. Not missing food although it does still smell good to me (I have read that some people get sick from the smell). The only thing that hurts me going down is the acid-reducer. I am in pain for about 5-10 minutes from that. Water, cold and hot liquids, and shakes all go down fine. I am excited to see what I am losing (surgeon asked me to wait until post-op 2 week appt) and cannot wait for the incisions to be less painful (only the one hurts...had to be an inch longer in the inside due to my mega large liver and extra accessory spleen! I have like 1.5 spleens...weird). Lol
  19. Patti K

    July 31 sleevers

    Mine is 10:30. I did two days of clear liquids to be able to see Lion King tonight (took the magnesium citrate yesterday) so I am STARVING! So ready for tomorrow! I can't believe it is finally here!!!!!!
  20. Hello, all. New here, obviously. I am in the process of getting scheduled and seeking some support. This is kind of an assignment because i live 70 minutes from my hospital and my psych eval said I dont feel like I have a strong support system and my counselor said I need a support group but I live in a rural area. I am 432 right now and hoping for the best because I have forgotten what it feels like to walk pain free and walk iin oublic without feeling like all eyes are on me. I am a food addict. I worry about post-op complications and how much extra skin I will have to deal with. I would like to get some info from people who have been sleeved. What is the best thing? What's the worst? And anyone who wants to answer...why did you do it?
  21. Patti K

    July 31 sleevers

    My bf expects me to cook for him and run and get him food in the drive theu during my liquid diet...AFTER he said he would do it with me cuz he couldnt bear to eat in front of me. Actions are louder than words! He sees nothing wrong with making me smell and handle food. He refuses to eat what his nephew makes. Grrrrrrrr
  22. Patti K

    Pre-admission testing

    Actually I just found out today I get to see LK!!! I can do bowel prep the day prior and just remain onclear liquids the day of LK! Yes!!!

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