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  1. Honestly, my first stall was from not eating enough...go figure....threw my body into starvation mode.
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    Two years out, completely off track....

    Everyone is different, but for me, I give myself B-12 injections every other week. This keeps my motabilizm up and I just feel better all the way around.
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    Mushy food to soft food

    I was told anything you can cut with a fork easily and chew chew chew...
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    This is amazing. You look so beautiful!!!
  5. I am also June 18. So far I have lost 25 lbs but only 1 lb in the last 2 weeks. I am eating correctly and walking 30 min 5 times a week but I feel like I'm not getting anywhere. This week I am going to concentrat on protien and water...maybe that's my problem.
  6. Is there a BariatricPal chapter in Oklahoma??

  7. Thanks JamieLogical...just expecting too much I guess.
  8. I am 6 weeks out and eating between 300-500 per day. I have only lost 25lbs and this seems awfully slow to me. I am also walking 30 min per day. Any suggestions on dropping the weight faster. Not sure what else to do??
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    Second stall *sigh*

    This has been so helpful...I weigh on Mondays and this morning had only dropped 1 pound. I was really disgusted until I read some of the comments and realize this is normal, whatever normal is. I have been walking but not enough. I know I need to kick up my excersize routine.
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    tuna omelette (puree) 16.5 grams of protein!

    Did you guys lose alot of weight before your surgery?? I am 3 weeks out and have only lost 18 lbs?? Wondering if this is about average or not??
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  12. I have been told to loose 13 lbs before surgery and I am having a very difficult time getting "kick-started". I started trying to do a low carb diet (the last one I ever had any luck with)....no loss. Then I tried the pre-surgery liquid diet....so hungry for a week....lost 1 lousy pound...So frustrated that I can't get started in the right direction. I have been jumping thru all the hoops for almost a year now and finally everything will be submitted to Insurance next week...still not going to help if I can't get this 13 lbs off!!!! Any suggestions???
  13. If your insurance will pay Chantix really helped me. I have been smoke free for over 10 weeks now. My surgeons requires a pulmonary test and I did not pass it. Now it is a waiting game until I can take it again. I was a smoker for 30 years.