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  1. newme-in13

    Indiana Sleevers

    Hey mitz, I am just getting back on after the reorg of the site. That is great news on your progress!! I am down 66 lbs since August 2nd. Current Weight- 178.6 I am happing with my progress so far considering the amount of exercise I am putting in (not as much as I should) that is about to change! My plan is to really take advantage of the remainder of this WLS honeymoon period and get my tail in gear!! How is everyone else doing?!
  2. newme-in13

    4 months out

    Great job! What all have you been doing? Are you working out? How's your Protein? You look great!!!
  3. Congrats!! I couldnt imagine wearing my daughters clothes, that had to really feel great. My 16 year old, on the other hand is a size 3, so the chance of that happening for me is pretty slim. (pun intended) Hey- but you never know, anything is possible Enjoy your NSV!!
  4. For me, sleeved on 8/2- I am having issues getting my protein and water in. I am weak today and concerned with dehydration- I am going to plant myself at my desk and sip, sip, sip all day- hope I feel better by tomorrow!!
  5. newme-in13

    August Sleevers

    Sleeved 8/2 and down 19.6 (all post op). Hoping this continues
  6. newme-in13

    August 2013 Roll Call

    Hello All! I was sleeved 2 weeks ago on August 2nd. So far everything is going pretty well. I am back to work today and already finding it a little challenging keeping up with the protein, vitamins and water intake, but I will get there. I am still on Full liquids till August 28th. As of this morning 17.5 lbs down. (no preop) Hope you are all doing well!
  7. Today marks two weeks on the sleeved side! YAY

  8. newme-in13

    Sleeve in August

    Hello all, I was sleeved on Aug 2nd and checking in. I was able to come home the following evening. So far the recovery has not been terrible, but I do become weak pretty easily. Hopefully when I am able to get more protein in my energy will increase.
  9. newme-in13

    Early August Surgery Buddy?

    Tina, I was Aug 2nd. I am from Indiana- age 40 w/ 2 daughters
  10. Just over 12 hours and counting!!! I am getting sleeved in the morning!!
  11. newme-in13

    Indiana Sleevers

    One week from today! I am getting excited!!!
  12. newme-in13


    I am from the Indy area. My surgeon is Dr Christopher Evanson- Carmel, IN- I am scheduled for Aug 2
  13. newme-in13

    Sleeve in August

    Congrats!!! I am Aug 2
  14. newme-in13

    August 2013 Roll Call

    August 2nd for me! I can't wait
  15. newme-in13


    Way to go!', congrats! Also- thanks for posting, You just reminded me that i have a scale with my wii! My bathroom scale broke and I thought i was going to have to buy a new one
  16. newme-in13

    My new favorite food for pureed/soft foods is...

    I read some similar recipes to this but instead if putting in one container, the OP suggested to cook in mini muffin pan, basically makes bite size quiches that are 2 oz each (I believe) Love the ideas
  17. newme-in13

    I Want To See Before & After Pics!

    You look amazing! I look forward to the day I can pull off a white outfit like that. Way to go !!!
  18. newme-in13

    August 2nd

    In Carmel, IN- just North of Indianapolis
  19. newme-in13

    July 2013 sleevers

    Sleevodemus here