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  1. Not from queens but saw your surgeon's names. I just had sleeve surgery with Angstadt on 8/21 at st Charles. Dr Garber removed my lap band at mercy in may. Good luck to you both!!! Hang in there on the liquid diet!
  2. My Surgery is with NY Bariatric as well, Dr Angstadt. Dr Garber removed my band on may 22nd :-)
  3. Yes, I have an appt with my surgeon on Monday. Finished all my consults, now I go see him on Monday and then have to wait the insurance. I'm scared to death they won't cover it. I think they are the most nerve wracking. Good Luck with your date!!!
  4. Purplrose323

    Family Concerns

    I had a lap band done back in 2004 and I can tell you after having it for 9 years I never once had any "uncontrolled pooping" episodes. Honestly I've never heard of that complication. I'm in the process of trying to get sleeved. My lap band was removed in may due to forced bulimia, reflux and they just could not adjust it to work for me anymore. I lost most of my weight with the band from throwing up and just not being able to eat, at least not what I was supposed to be eating. I also no others who have been band, friends of mine and co workers and they have stalled with weight loss or have gained it back. Sorry I can't give you a revision story yet. That being said I do no someone that had her stomach removed decades ago due to ulcers and she is doing fine. Not saying there are not complications with this surgery but I know of many more with the band. My surgeon informed me most band patients are either having revision to sleeve or are patients that regained weight after bypass and are having band over bypass performed. Anything has risk, but I can tell you one thing, I'd never ask for my lap band back, ever. Good luck on your journey. Do what you think is right for you and not what someone else thinks. :-)
  5. Purplrose323

    How Long R U On Liquids After Band Removal?

    When I had my band removed I wasn't required to be on liquids. My surgeon just told me to take it easy with eating and go slow.
  6. Purplrose323

    Explanation of benefits

    I went out of network with my lap band surgery. Most likely what you surgeon is doing is appealing to get the out of network fee that your insurance company pays and then they will write off what the insurance doesn't pay aside from your deductible. I would ask how they work it. I only had to pay my surgeon $330 which was my deductible and then they accepted the payment the insurance paid, which was not anywhere near what the cost of the surgery was.
  7. Purplrose323

    Beware St. Alexius New Start

    Not sure how it works there, but the Surgical office I worked in in NY also would not release third party records. They had to come directly from the source due to HIPPA. It stinks yes, but that's how it works here. Hope your experience gets easier!!!!
  8. Hi Amy, I'm sorry your mom isn't more supportive. Hang in there! A friend of mine had WLS and her father was the same way, very unsupportive, told her she was taking the easy way out, etc etc. Fast forward to 5 years later and he tells her how wonderful she looks and how great it was that she did this. I myself am in the process of having trying to get revised from lap band to sleeve. This time around I only told certain people. You will find some positive and some negative, but you are doing this for you and no one else! I have gotten so much support from this website it's amazing and a Godsend, fill the void from those that don't support my decision. Good luck with your journey!
  9. I've had mine 9 years coming up in September. Just went to my surgeons office today to discuss removal. I hate it! I have an endoscopy scheduled on 5/16 to see if their are complications from it, etc. Good Luck on getting your revision!!!

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