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  1. I haven't felt well the past few days. How big of a deal is it to be below my protein goals if I don't eat enough for a couple of days? I don't really feel like forcing in food while I don't feel well, but I'd like to know if it could hurt me in the long run. Thanks
  2. cookiebun

    Feeling yucky, lack protein

    I usually get about 80g of protein a day. About 500-600 calories. Just wondering if being low for a couple days will have long term side effects.
  3. cookiebun

    Feeling yucky, lack protein

    I've had about 20g of protein today. I've only eaten about half a meal.
  4. cookiebun

    Feeling yucky, lack protein

    I am 10 weeks post op
  5. I was going along fine post op (9 weeks) until about last week. I have been getting bloated super easily, even from water. I notice I get more bloated on the days I don't poop. I used to poop every day preop, but now it's every 2-3 days. By the third day I can barely eat or drink. I'm taking gas x chewable to help short term. Is this part of an adjustment period? Should I try a mild laxative to help? I really try not to call the Dr (post op I hate my surgeon ). Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  6. cookiebun

    Tofu & shiritaki noodles?

    Not a fan of the noodles, but I am addicted to Tofu right now. I have been eating the Nasoya Light firm tofu since about 5-6 weeks post op. 45 calories and 9 (I think) protein. I usually have it as a snack or as a side dish to add more protein to my main protein.
  7. cookiebun

    Ewww. Sorry poop question

    oops. Post op... autocorrect! Lol
  8. I just received my bill. Now I had complications, so it was huge! $76,000+. My insurance covered about $50,000. But I am only being billed $250.
  9. Went to the big charity concert first Boston Strong last night. A young cute guy sat next to me and was chatting me up and flirting with me. I have the best fiance Who Let me play along with the flirting to boost my ego. It felt awesome! Also, I never had time for dinner so I fought all the temptation to eat crappy food the stadium offers. I munched on a Quest bar to keep from getting shaky. So proud I won against the junk food.
  10. cookiebun

    Android App Testers Needed!

    I'm in! I'm more likely to use an app than have to sign into my laptop for it
  11. cookiebun


    I had thrust after surgery and was told it was common from the amount of antibiotics given in the hospital. I did have complications and was rushed in for a second surgery = more antibiotics, but I was told it was common. I had the white tongue and the horrible taste. The mouth rinse made me sick, so they gave me pills which took 2 weeks to wipe out the thrust, but now it is all good! Good luck
  12. I was sleeved on 4/2 and just reached 34 pounds today. I was stalled for 4 weeks... it was so frustrating, but it seems to have broken this week finally... gonna be a big LOSER!
  13. I am six weeks post op tomorrow. I have been in a stall since week 2. I know I lost ALOT in those 2 weeks, but how long can a stall last? I am eating about 800 calories and my protein is always at least 70g. I am walking most days (nothing aggressive since I am still in bits of pain). What can I do to break my stall. I am getting beyond frustrated. I was due for my period a month ago (sorry for tmi)... could that be holding up some weight loss too??? I need the scale to move soon or I am gonna lose it. NSV - I posed a picture on facebook of myself by accident (I was holding off on that) and I got tons of "you look fabulous" comments... I'm glad I am looking better, but I still want the scale to move. I am worried that it has been too long in a stall. Could my PCOS be part of it as well.... I don't know what else to do to break this stall. I am eating sooo much better than I ever was and so much less. why can't I lose? I eat primarily fish, chicken and tofu. When I go out to eat, I order fish or chicken and take most of it home... Help please!!!!
  14. cookiebun

    Any Massachusetts Sleevers?

    I'm from Marlboro, MA. sleeved 4/2/13
  15. Is there an update to your carb dilemna??? I am at the same point pretty much. 5 weeks out and don't know what to do about carbs!
  16. cookiebun


    Yes I am. I take B12, Multivitamin and a prescription for Nexium.
  17. cookiebun


    Ok, so I am 5.5 weeks post op. I am getting in great Protein numbers, my calories are under almost every day. That is all I had been focusing on, but it looks like my carb number is higher than people online say I should get. I get my carbs from dairy pretty much since I am not eating the typical carbs I have been used to. no bread, rice, Pasta, potato. I have been in the never ending stall... I can feel my body shifting still, so I guess that isn't horrible, but I want the scale number too move as well. if I am eating less than 800 calories and my carbs are from milk and cottage cheese, will I NOT be able to lose weight? This seems baffling to me. I was always told that milk is good for me. I crave milk like some people crave candy. I have a cup of milk every night. It is what I look forward to most of the day (I actually smile as I sip it). I usually have cottage cheese in the morning. I really don't want to cut out my milk, so is this really what could be holding me back??? Will suffering thru the sleeve really have no progress if I drink milk and eat cottage cheese??? I have made MASSIVE changes in my diet and entire routine. I have incorporated walking almost every day and like I said earlier... I eat about 800 or less calories a day almost entirely protein... my protein intake averages around 100g each day. Ugh.... frustration is getting to me I want my new life to show on the scale!!!! I lost 24 pounds within the first week of surgery... then got to 29 lb loss pretty soon after and the scale refuses to move since then. I know there are stalls, but shouldn't my body be used to my new eating habits? Could my menstral cycle affect the stall? I should have had my period about 2 week ago (sorry for the tmi), and I have had the PMS symptoms for the past 2 weeks... could I be retaining Water (for another PMS symptom) and that holding up my weight loss? Any suggestions??? help please
  18. I sent requests to all of you
  19. It is reduced fat milk and 1% cottage cheese. I suppose I WONT give up my dairy. I was told it is good for us to get the Protein and the Calcium, so for me the dairy seems like a win win... I LOVE it and I want it to love me too!
  20. I am about 5 weeks post op and I am still stalled. I am following my dr and NUT program of what to eat at this point. I am finding that my calories are going higher than I want (about 1000 or so). I eat fish and chicken most night. I have cottage cheese every day since it is the most settled food in my belly. I also have milk every night. I know my calories are high because of my dairy, but I can't give up my dairy. I actually crave dairy like some people crave sweets. Does anybody have any suggestions to help break my stall? Also I have been trying to walk every day. I had complications after surgery so I am not up to going to the gym yet, but I go to the mall and walk for at least a half hour almost every day. Getting frustrated...
  21. cookiebun

    Menu planning website

    I just followed your link... that website looks amazing... I LOVE the recipe section. but the meal planning section was great with ideas too. Thank you so much for sharing!
  22. I am new to this site and to my fitness pal... I don't know how to add people to MFP. if someone tells me how I will add you all... otherwise please add me... cookiebun Thanks
  23. cookiebun

    Suggestions on what to eat?

    I'm still on nausea meds 5 weeks out. I don't think I get my full amount of liquids in... but before surgery I didn't drink very much, so I drink more than I did back then. I am doing fairly well on the eating. Ground beef is a little tough, but chicken and fish go very well. Good luck... talk to your doctor for nausea meds so that you can get the Protein in!