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  1. And I'm sooooo worried! Within the first month I've Lost all my Weight - and absolutely none to report as of today! WITHIN month 1 I lost 42lbs but I have been at a sad standstill. I still have been exercising and eating the same as I was in Month 1 so what am I to do? I went from a size 20 to a 13 From 305lbs to a now 263lbs. Why can't I loose anymore weight?
  2. I was in the hospital for 2 weeks. I wouldn't wake from surgery and have Von Williebran disease. But no pain since then loosing abt 3lbs a week so Doc says I'm in good shape!
  3. Today makes one month. I've still been having chest pains and little vommiting after meals.... Is this normal still around this time? Starting to see some change in my belly and the way my clothes fit.... That's good but these pains and vommiting are very nerve wracking!
  4. TiASleeves

    Myfitnesspal Friends

    LoveTiAa Add meeeee
  5. TiASleeves

    California? Anyone...ツ

    Beverly Hills Cedar Sinai love it there
  6. Ask for anti-nausea meds... . Also for dalaudid i was in the hospital for 7days and it did me justice
  7. TiASleeves

    Clear Vomit and droziness

    Okay I'll try tht ... Hopefully this works
  8. TiASleeves

    Clear Vomit and droziness

    Coreycan ..... Was it serious could something be wrong???
  9. TiASleeves

    Clear Vomit and droziness

    Okay thanks ill be sure and call the surgeon i just thought i would check here first....
  10. So Im 3 wks post and in the puree stage. But everytime i eat or drink ANYTHING i vomit right after its clear though and almost right away get sweaty an sleepy I fall right asleep within like 15mins anyone else having this??????
  11. TiASleeves


    thanks for all the advice maybe I'll do an extra sit up next time.
  12. TiASleeves


    Okayy maybe I'm impatient. Its good to know I'm not alone in feeling this way. Hopefully stomach shrinks faster. My legs - lets jus say I have to keep walking and jogging it all off.
  13. TiASleeves


    Got sleeved on 4/18 but I'm worried because I don't see any changes in my belly. I've noticed my jeans a little slimmer around the waist lost 2-4 inches but my belly seems it has no change? How long did it take for you to see a change in the size of your belly?
  14. TiASleeves

    My Bowels - I Have NONE

    Finally had a bowel movement its been a week+1 since surgery so I guess I'm in good shape.

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