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    MCM13 reacted to newmeIowa for a blog entry, Scale says one thing, clothes say another   
    I didn't believe the dr. and nurses when they said I might not see the scale numbers falling at some point, but my clothes will tell me I'm still losing. Well it's happening. I'm not losing the lbs like I was, but I'm down in size. I've lost 77 lbs so far and in a size 12, from a 24! I'm shopping in 'regular' sized stores for the first time in 15+ years. It's a sense of freedom that I am relishing.
    I'm running 3.9 miles 5 days a week, but I know I need to start weight training, squats, abs, etc. Running is an escape for me, mindless, I listen to my audio-book and enjoy the beautiful weather. But as they say - "winter is coming!" So I'll need to make a plan for my exercise routine soon.
    After my birthday week-end of splurging a bit and rediscovering my taste for SUGAR, I'm noticing that I'm 'craving' sugar again. So I think I'm going to go cold turkey off of anything sweet to lose my taste for it again. I know myself well enough to understand that a little turns into too much all too quickly.
    Feeling excited about see family at Thanksgiving who haven't seen me since before the surgery.
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    MCM13 reacted to DianaPrince for a blog entry, WTF was I thinking?   
    So heres the thing, I have been a "big boned girl" my whole life. Im 6'1 so people always said " you're not fat you're big boned" My answer was always "Thanks, but bones don't jiggle" So now I've decided its time to do something about it. Lord knows I've tried before and failed so I did my research and came upon the sleeve. I zipped trought the pre cert quickly Tolerated the fluid diet for 2 weeks (minus 1 weak moment when I would've sold my kidney for a cheeseburger) and had the surgery 4 days ago. Doing well Spent 1 day in hospital. Have my 5 little glued incisions on my belly Am a little bruised here and there but all and all doing well. Worse thing that happened so far is the gas. But a little chewable Simithecone and I've burped and farted my way to a happier me. Fingers crossed only good things to follow Have my first follow up with my doctor Tuesday. Curious for the weight in. Friends tell me I've lost weight, I haven't noticed. Fat girl brain!

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