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  1. My doctor told me to get senokot from the drug store ... Worked after 2 days, I took it before I went to bed.
  2. I know all doctors are different but I couldn't have puréed meat for 4 weeks! All liquids... That's seems like too much that soon after surgery. I sipped all day, between protein shakes, powerade zero and skim milk for 4 weeks..
  3. BethTN


    I know we are not supposed to drink carbonated drinks, I've heard it hurts like crazy... I'm wondering if I could get a caffiene free diet soda and open it and let it sit til it's flat and then drink it? Pretty sad, huh? Lol.... I'm 6 wks post op and doing great, just so bored with my powerade zero, skim milk, and every flavoring for water that's made! Lol
  4. BethTN

    Need encouragement.

    I decided to be VERY OPEN with my surgery and tell EVERYONE I know. I was apprenhensive at first but it turned out to be great!! Everyone is very supportive and very curious about what I'm going thru, how's my diet, etc... I think it really helps me to talk about it, it's like therapy every day. I think if you hide it, you have no one to talk to about it which could lead to problems.... Good luck, it's worth it!!
  5. BethTN

    I got approved!

    Congrats!! Everyone has diff experiences. Apparently, I had pain after surgery, but thanks to good drugs, I don't remember that! It'll all be worth it in the end... I'm 5 wks post op and lost 23lbs.
  6. BethTN


    Less chance of leaks and post-op problems the longer we are on liquids... 4 wks total for me post-op, 2 wks down. It sucks!! But, I'm toughing it out! Good luck!
  7. I could have more specific... He says its not only for heartburn but also to prevent hernia's.
  8. My dr. puts all his sleeve pts. on Prilosec for life.
  9. I've tried the bbq and ranch chips... My drs office sells them. They were on my 2 wk pre-op diet list. I love them!!
  10. I signed up but didn't get the credits... I emailed them and they told me I needed an email addy from the person who referred me.. Could I have one of your emails that's signed up on there?? Maybe you'll get credits!
  11. BethTN

    Coupon for protein and vitamins!

    I tried but it asked for someone's email as a referrals....could you give me your email? I'll use you as a referral and maybe you'll get some xtra credit for that.
  12. BethTN

    4 Days post-op

    My doctor said 2oz every 15mins too... And trust me, my stomach wouldn't let me do more than that.. You'll know.. I used to drink crazy fast but there's no way now! I'm almost 2 weeks from surgery, I can drink just a little more than I did in the hospital but not very much... Still takes me about an hr... Sipping on an 8 oz protein shake.
  13. BethTN

    Pillw or bear?

    I used a regular pillow even just laying in bed at the hospital and sitting around at home for about a week... Just felt good to have a little pressure there.
  14. I'm 11 days post sleeve and haven't been hungry once! I'm hoping this never goes away!! Now, I can't say the pizza and fast food commercials don't still grab me a little bit... But, nothing like before!
  15. Has anyone who's been sleeved gotten a medic alert bracelet? I was just curious if all drs want their pts to get one. Mine does. They want it to say that I've had a sleeve gasterectomy and that I can have no N-G tubes put in, it could puncture my pouch.
  16. I'm not scheduled until next week but I have a friend who had this done and then found out the hard way, like you, that's she's lactose intolerant... You may look into that.
  17. BethTN

    Medic Alert bracelet

    Actually, my doctor said damage could be done to the sleeve also. Since NG tubes are usually put in blindly, Er doctors or nurses need to know we have the sleeve on order to do it under X-ray. He said they could puncture thru the staple line if they were not careful.
  18. BethTN

    Medic Alert bracelet

    Hey! Is there a website that you have seen some pretty ones??
  19. I believe now a days they are all done laparoscopic...trust me, thats the only way you want it done. It just means they use a scope or camera to see inside which keeps them from making a big incision. You will heal much quicker and hurt less. Doctors do lots of surgeries this way today, gallbladders, appendix, hernias, colons, and thank goodness our VSGs!!
  20. BethTN

    Life after Advil

    My doctor helped be choose the sleeve, because of all the NSAIDS I take now. (Advil, Aleve, ibuprofen) He said because the sleeve does not re-route our intestinal system, we can continue taking those meds post-op. I realize a lot of the doctors are different, I would just sit down with yours and see his reasoning.
  21. I am scheduled for my sleeve July 2.... I am trying to think ahead and prepare. I need a blender/food processor combo to make smoothies, protein shakes, and purée food. Any recommendations on a good one that's reasonably priced??

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