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  1. sueBhoney

    Any Maine Sleevers?

    Just thought I would drop in. Almost two years out..have gained a few pounds mostly from not eating the right things. Knees prevent me from walking too much but that is no excuse. Summer is great because I can get out and kayak. Mainexplorer you must have had your surgery by now and I hope it was a succes for you. I had mine done at EMMC in Bangor with Dr. St Jean
  2. sueBhoney

    Easter Challenge

    sorry for the late posting...I stayed the same..211
  3. sueBhoney

    Easter Challenge

    weighing in at 211...down down..
  4. sueBhoney

    Easter Challenge

    Had to wait and weigh in today. Starting weight 214..Working to get down to 200 for Easter..
  5. sueBhoney

    Anyone not tell family?

    well there ya go MIMama...if you have to guilt them into to visiting you don't "owe" them the info. The only reason I did tell my brother and sisters was because surgery is a major thing. If anything were to happen during it I wanted them to be informed.
  6. sueBhoney

    Easter Challenge

    how do I sign up? might just be the motivation I need to get back on track
  7. sueBhoney

    Getting food stuck?

    It has happened a few times. Always when I ate too fast or too much
  8. sueBhoney

    Anyone not tell family?

    tough decision..DH's family has shown they are judgmental. Most of my immediate family does know I had wls.I have not told my mother .. given her age and she tends to worry about me..If the people I haven't told do find out about my wls..I will just say it doesn't concern them if they make comments around them. It will get harder on you avoiding them..Just go and relax..no bodies business but yours..nice that your DH is concerned about your feelings
  9. sueBhoney


    why are you scared of it?..I do find I have to chew chew chew it...takes longer to eat..but I really like rice..brown rice is more difficult because of the hulls...
  10. my doc said no lifting more than 5 pounds for 4 weeks..not sure what type of surgery or the insicions you will have..I am surprised you doc hasn't given you a limit.
  11. sueBhoney

    rant, sorry

    I agree with Laura..upper body workouts..I have bad knees so using them in my workout is out of the question..Heart goes out to you darlin'. My gym has a recumbent eliptical bike.I use for a arm cardio workout. the Y has a "bike" that uses just your arms for cardio. other than that if your doc says ok..weight lifting with light weights lots of reps for cardio..your phys ed or gym coach could help you with some info..good luck...
  12. sueBhoney

    Making my workout more interesting/challenging

    wow I am impressed with your Motivation. You mentioned weight machines....do you do free weights?
  13. sueBhoney

    Need motivation

    the sleeve surgery is a slower weightloss. Just by its nature. I am 15months out. I have "only" lost 86 poiunds. I have been fighting 5 pounds I gained the last couple of months. I know it is eating wrong and not being more active. By the time we all got to this point we have tried so much and have been told or read everyting there was about losing weight. It all comes down to finding it within ourselves. I am a cookieaholic,,,love crunchy buttery cookies but I know I can have a few and that is it.Even with the surgey there is no magic bullet. We all know people who have had this surgey and the bi-pass and have gained the weight back. I wish you both lots of motivation and get out there and move. I know how hard it is I have terrible knees and am working out some exercises/routines that do not involve pressure on the knees.. As for making it interesting I say add the spices but find something other than food as first and foremost in our minds.
  14. I am not 3yrs out..will have my one year check up next week..do you have regrets? I do have moments where I wish I could eat more than one or two peices of kfc..but I know the volume and fat would not be so good..I cook things I think I want end up having one peice and then throwing the rest away. wish I could drink like I use to but I know that was what got me messed up in the first place....but I know how you feel..
  15. sueBhoney

    expected weight loss by group

    yup this is me as well but I will not be discouraged. I have still lost more than I ever had and have kept it off. approx 90 since my surgery a year ago. I know I need to watch more closely what I eat and move more.. I like a challenge. You are doing great and will have some plateaus but it is still up to you. We knew even with the surgery it would still be work. no magic bullet..
  16. sueBhoney

    No soda? Need suggestions...

    there is no substitute for soda because of the carbonation. I just quit,,it wasn't easy but I had to replace it with flavored water. Crystal light or a store brand. Sometimes you just have to buck up..
  17. sueBhoney

    10 months and 115 down w/ pic

    great job...a true inspiration
  18. hey..I have stalled out at 210...86 pounds down..admit I am not following my diet and exercise like I should. although I find I can be happy with with smaller servings..and am soul searching about my issues with food..I had my surgery on Nov 6th 2012..
  19. sueBhoney

    Explain something to me?

    It is probably where you are carrying the weight. Especially when you are working out. Funny how are bodies are so different after the years.
  20. sueBhoney

    Is Lemon Juice Bad?

    could be craving salt..sometimes I use lemon juice as a sub for a salty taste
  21. little over 6months out..has been what I expected..the hospital where I had my surgery has bi-monthly support groupd sessions for everyone to attend. post and pre-op people, one of the surgeons and a dietician. Lots of questions asked and answered. My cravings are still there but not as bad. more a mind thing because when I have what I crave I really don't want it after all..throw more food out than I use to ..still a learning thing.I must admit I haven't followed my diet/lifestyle change as closely as I should have. So my weightloss is slower than some. But it is one hell of a portion control thing. Still learning what gives my indigestion and what is ok.
  22. sueBhoney

    Vacations and alcohol

    major factor of weightloss surgery...trading one addiction for another..one of the main reason most places have psych evaluation. That is if one is honest with the doctor. Most of my social life before surgery involved drinking. It has been hard to not hangout with the people I use to,,Family gatherings are tough but you have to make a choice. Your life or a drink. What helps me most a family gatherings is to stay busy moving around..always have your water with or without flavoring...believe it or not you probably are not the only one not drinking..but you are the only one who can make the choice. you have gone thru alot to lose and are doing great
  23. sueBhoney

    Will it go away?

    can't say it will go away but getting the weight off will help...exercising to rebuild muscle to help stabilize the joints is a must. I have really bad knees...while they are still hurting, the weightloss has helped alot..at least I don't come home from work in tears anymore..lol.
  24. sueBhoney

    Exercise 50's + 100 #

    I also have knee issues but I also get bored on the bike.weight lifting..the people at your gym should be able to help you. mine has lots of charts and magazines around. don't be afraid to ask some of the other members who are using the hand weights for some help..I know some women are nervous or intimadated. But I have always figured we are all there for the same reason..to get healthy. There are also isometric exercises you can do for your mid section..worth checking out. if you an afford it your gym might have some of the instructors who do personal training. Might help to buy a few sessions.
  25. sueBhoney

    only weightlifting

    This topic may have been addressed here already but I couldn't find it. Due to my knees and now a foot condition, the treadmill and bike are too painful. Do youthink it is possible to get an all over workout with just lifting weights? Will circuit training do the job? I think I may also be motivated to workout if I stick to lifting. I was getting bored with the bike so avoiding the gym. Now my foot is acting up. My work involves being on my feet on cement floors for 8 hours which may have some impact on my motivation to jump on the bike or treadmill.

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