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  1. I am curious as to what other sleevers daily intake consist of? How far along are you 6 month, 1 year, or so? Are you in a maintenance phase or are you still losing? How much water do you consume and vitamins? Okay, GO! Thanks
  2. I am looking for some good snack options. I am 6m out and I have noticed my snack cravings are getting intense please help! Thanks guys!
  3. need2bthin!

    Valentine's Challenge

    CW: 177.2 GW: 165.0
  4. need2bthin!

    Size 22 to 9-10

    I'm right at 5'9 maybe just a little less.
  5. need2bthin!

    Valentine's Challenge

    Alright...here's my check-in I was .3lbs shy of making my New Year's Goal of 176 so my V-day goal is....166!! Ugh...I think I can, I think I can CW: 177.2 GW: 166 Thanks Bea!!!
  6. need2bthin!

    Size 22 to 9-10

    Well I actually just bought a 7/8!!! I feel so great!!!
  7. Know you have heard most everyone complain at one time or another of hair loss, but I never dreamed it would be this severe!! Really?!?! Am I going to be bald?! :*-(
  8. need2bthin!

    Size 22 to 9-10

    Not yet, I'm at 176 now I'd like to get to a 7/8 around 150.
  9. need2bthin!

    Christmas - New Year Challenge

    Checking in @ 183.7! Yay!!!
  10. need2bthin!

    What Should I Do?

    Eh...that's a hard one. Speak with the professor and your admission office in certain circumstances where hospitalization is required they tend to be more lenient.
  11. need2bthin!

    Please Let The Hair Loss Stop!

    Thanks Lipstick lady! I am glad to hear from some veterans that they did not in fact go bald!
  12. What is up with the site now?? Every page I open will say ERROR! I understand new sites have bugs, but really? I think I may just have to bow out of this website. Thanks guys for all your last help.
  13. need2bthin!

    Any cookbook suggestions?

    I'm looking for a cookbook that will help me cook meals that are sleeve friendly. Any suggestions? Thanks
  14. need2bthin!

    Halloween Weight loss Challenge

    Well I know this challenge had ended but have you ever heard the old saying "a day late and a dollar short" well today I met my goal!!! 194.4!
  15. need2bthin!

    Halloween Weight loss Challenge

    Ugh I'm 2lbs away fro my goal & I've stalled! I want to make this goal sooo bad!
  16. I usually order steamed shrimp, or the peel and eat version. Other than that I stick to protein, protein, protein! I did visit red robin where I ordered an amazing hamburger, the royal red robin. Instead of a bun I have it served on lettuce wedges. Also at the Mexican restaurant ask your taco to be replace with lettuce!
  17. need2bthin!

    Halloween Weight loss Challenge

    Also how do we join the thanksgiving group?! I LOVE THIS GROUP!
  18. need2bthin!

    Halloween Weight loss Challenge

    Sorry I was late reporting my stats but you can add another 4.1lbs to that YAY!!!
  19. need2bthin!

    I'm not proud of this....but....

    Beef broth and Shepard's pie!! I ate this the night before my sleeve, no pre-op diet, but that morning after my antibiotics I vomited beef broth for what felt like days! Now I can't stand ANY ground beef!
  20. need2bthin!

    Halloween Weight loss Challenge

    I'm in!! CW: 210.1 Halloween goal: 195.0 Ultimate goal: 185
  21. Can we take ibuprofen after surgery? My dr said I could take capsule and crushed pills.
  22. need2bthin!

    Sides for flounder?

    Ok, I NEVER cook fish so I need some recommendations for sides other than fish and chips.
  23. need2bthin!

    What's for dinner?

    Great recipe! I think I may tweak on it tomorrow and post my finished product

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