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  1. As of today I am no longer "obese" I'm ok being over weight lol!
  2. January 29th is my anniversary date Lost 149lbs so far 46 in the last six months Hips lost 21 inches and 12 in my waist I would like to loose 11 more pounds. This has been the greatest gift to myself ever!
  3. Not to goal yet but My one year is not untill Jan 29th so I have time lol!
  4. Jamie Marie

    How much protein is too much?

    My NUT says 80 grams too and I am 7 months out.
  5. Jamie Marie


    NMu NUT sudgests kashi go lean, or oatmeal, use milk t make the oatmeal and add powdered milk for a high protein breakfast! I love it!
  6. Am SO EXCITED I lost 100 lbs on the day of my wedding! Now I am down 104... I doubted I'de ever see this day!
  7. Jamie Marie

    Two Months Post Op :)

    I'm a nurse and I took two weeks jsut because I could but realisticly I could of been back at work five days later.
  8. Ok had my 6 month check in.. had to add ANOTER vitmin! who knew "A" could be low? oh well... they seemed happy with my progress. I am getting married in ten days and have not had my dress altered yet for fear of it not fitting! Lord I hope it fits!!
  9. Jamie Marie

    So frustrated

    Why do you have to Loose weight, (a certain number) before surgury? I had to loose some but not a certain number?
  10. Jamie Marie

    Protein panic attack

    My surgons office sells these powdered Protein mixes that are fruit flavored they have tons of varieties they even have what they call shake and take , they coe in little bottles that you add Water too and shake, like strawberry kiwi, lemonaide, and even berry blast. they hae a web store that you can order from. Oh and they sell nectures that have 24 grams of protien per 4-8 oz. Here is the web site. http://www.grandhealthpartners.com/default/patient-resources/store I hope this helps.
  11. I love it when the scale moves... now if I can only get it to quit with the 200's lol I'de bee good!!!
  12. I only had 10 days on special diet pre op, so I'm sure you will be fine! Good luck!
  13. Jamie Marie

    Wedding dress shopping after VSG

    I am in the same boat, I went to look for a dress with my family and was pressured into ordering one by the sales lady stating it woudl take twelve weeks to get in.. it took two, then i tried telling them It was too big and they told me to take it home and we could alter it. Four weeks later It was too big to be altered, I took it back and they exchanged it for a smaller size.. still waiting for it to be delivered... words of advice. Get at dress with less beads and frufru as it is easier to alter. They can only take it down two sizes, so the second time I ordered one I could fit that was tight on me. The first dress was a 20 the second a 16. I hoep it fits or it will be on to dress three for me.... let me know what you end up doing I'm curious.
  14. I had mine on 1/29 I have stalled a few times, my dietition has me increase my watter and stick to all protien for a day or two, like jsut meat, cheese, yogurt, eggs with no sides or add ins.... it's always worked for me.
  15. My personal Goal, as my doc does not do "goal weights" was to be down 80 lbs by my wedding on August 17, as of today I am down 75 lbs and still have two months to go!!! Do you know how HARD it is buying a wedding dress, and having the sales lady not believe you will loose weight? I've already had to take back one bought a 20 and four weeks later It was so big they could not alter it small encough... who would of thought I would ever have that problem? I LOVE my sleeve!!!
  16. Jamie Marie

    Jamie Marie

  17. AT three weeks out I stalled for three weeks. I was so frustrated, felt alone. All these others were loosing weight, why not me. I was doing EVERYTHING right but still stuck. BUT this too will pass, I am now four months out and have "stalled" three or four times, and eveyrtime I just tell my self there is no way I can be eating as little as I am and not loose weight. I think they dont officially call it a stall untill you maintain the same weight for at least a month, but it felt like years to me. Know that you are not alone. That almost everyone of us have been where you are and will be again. I had to put the scale away and only weigh once a week for a while or I went nuts. You will get past this jsut don;t get hung up on the numbers because they will go up and they will go down but your size WILL continue to shrink. I hated my sleeve for months two- three. IT GETS BETTER!!!! keep strong!
  18. Jamie Marie


    That seams like alot, but I didn't ahve to do liquid before surgury, only their food kind of like nutrasystem stuff. but I ate six times a day and got in between 60-80 grams of protien....same as I'm doing now three months post op.
  19. I stalled at the third week for one week but then the weight just fell off for a month or two. I was told by my surgeon that its just like a regular diet, the first little bit goes fast then stops (that’s when most people stop dieting). Our bodies store a chemical in our muscles for energy use, this chemical also retains water with it. Right after surgery we use this chemical and the water leaves out bodies at this time. After the chemical is used our body needs it back so we store it up again, along with the water... hence the stall. Once we have gon through this cycle we start to loose the fat as our body now know this is a permanent change not a emergency short term event.. I don’t know if this helps but I found it interesting.
  20. I LOVED Dr. Foote I had my Sleve on Jan 29th 2013. I was at St. Marys for three days, no complications, no pain meds when I went home! I can't say enough about them they are AWSOME!!
  21. that is awsomesauce... may we be so lucky!
  22. Hello I had surgury on jan 29th 2013, I am down 53 LBS as of today. I thought I was loosing to slow but I guess I'm doing ok. Really nervouse about my three month post op check on the 30th. I hope my labs are ok.

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