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    Two Months Post Op :)

    I'm a nurse and I took two weeks jsut because I could but realisticly I could of been back at work five days later.
  2. AT three weeks out I stalled for three weeks. I was so frustrated, felt alone. All these others were loosing weight, why not me. I was doing EVERYTHING right but still stuck. BUT this too will pass, I am now four months out and have "stalled" three or four times, and eveyrtime I just tell my self there is no way I can be eating as little as I am and not loose weight. I think they dont officially call it a stall untill you maintain the same weight for at least a month, but it felt like years to me. Know that you are not alone. That almost everyone of us have been where you are and will be again. I had to put the scale away and only weigh once a week for a while or I went nuts. You will get past this jsut don;t get hung up on the numbers because they will go up and they will go down but your size WILL continue to shrink. I hated my sleeve for months two- three. IT GETS BETTER!!!! keep strong!
  3. I LOVED Dr. Foote I had my Sleve on Jan 29th 2013. I was at St. Marys for three days, no complications, no pain meds when I went home! I can't say enough about them they are AWSOME!!

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