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  1. Anyone know of any surgeons in TJ who have done amazing tummy tucks, breast lift and implant?
  2. losingit2013

    Converting Sleeve to GB RNY

    I'm scheduled for the same on 4/6/20. How is the recovery coming along?
  3. I am scheduled to have a sleeve to RNY revision on 4/6/20. Have you had the revision yet? I'm curious on what to expect post surgery.
  4. I'm adding more pics, but I have a LOT of clothes to clear out. Photos can be viewed on Instagram at getnsleeved2013. I'm happy to ship. More photos are coming.
  5. losingit2013

    Size 14/16 In Gilroy, Ca -Instram

    . They are gone. Sorry.
  6. losingit2013

    Size 14/16 In Gilroy, Ca -Instram

    Isorry, I haven't been on here in a couple of weeks. I don't have a private message though. Which items were you interested in?
  7. losingit2013

    Size 14/16 In Gilroy, Ca -Instram

    On mobile, it's called conversations.
  8. losingit2013

    Size 14/16 In Gilroy, Ca -Instram

    You can send me a private message on the forum with the items you want and we'll work out the details.
  9. losingit2013

    Size 14/16 In Gilroy, Ca -Instram

    No. If you tell me what you like, I'll forward you an estimate for shipping.
  10. losingit2013

    Bay Area CA support groups?

    Does anyone know of a group that meets over the lunch hour or before 7pm? I really need to get connected with others, but I work in Sunnyvale and live in Gilroy. The Kaiser meetings are on days my husband is on shift. M,W,F.
  11. I'm about 2 1/2 months post-sleeve. I don't really crave carbs anymore, but I do love to eat PB2 in my shakes and Peanut Butter w/ apples. I'm really trying to stay around 500 calories, but this peanut butter thing is pushing me over. But, I am exercising in spite of the sync issues w/ fitbit and MFP. Also, I've been dealing with major mood swings. It feels a bit like depression, but I'm not really sure if it's physiological or if I'm mentally just not adjusting to my new body as easily as I thought I would. I have no regrets, but I am afraid that I may be destined to be large. I'm afraid of giving up my clothes. It is such a head trip. Losing weight so fast. I can't attend my local support groups due to child care issues, so I welcome your input and/or words of wisdom. Anyone else feeling moody? More so than usual?
  12. losingit2013

    Non Scale Victory

    I bought three pairs of size 8 petites. The scale hates me, but it felt good buying a single digit size.
  13. losingit2013

    MyFitnessPal.com Members

  14. losingit2013

    Before & After - Sleeved 6/10/13

    My highest weight was 211. Current weight: 161 Height: On a good day, I'm 5' 3/4". My arthritis pain is 100% gone, as is my apnea. Best investment I've ever made!
  15. losingit2013


    I'm one month post-op. I've bought sports and soft lacyra bras and it all seems to irritate the incision. Is there anything others have used for support?
  16. losingit2013


    I went to Maidenform today and bought a wireless bra with extra coverage. It's very soft and supportive.
  17. losingit2013


    Thank you, great idea!
  18. losingit2013

    Nerve Pain

    I'm four weeks post-op and since the day I had surgery, I've had nerve pain in my hip and occasional pain in my elbow. Anyone else with a similar experience?
  19. losingit2013

    Smoking !

    Mary Jane. I wasn't a fan until I saw my dying sister gain an appetite from the oncologist's prescription of THC pills. It changed my conservative views forever. Cannibis is a great herbal alternative to narcotics. While I'm not a user...I do believe it should be prescribed instead of the narcotics that actually DO kill people in their sleep. One of the side effects of cannibis is that is makes you hungry. Why use it and risk stretching your new stomach? Give it up girlfriend. Six months from now, you can go back to smoking or using the glycerine drops in your beverages. Stay away from setiva strands.
  20. I had my sleeve done yesterday by Dr. Kelly at Hospital Nova. I have nothing but great things to say. I'm a little sore this morning. I wish my back didn't hurt so bad from gas, but it's all good. My doc in the state missed that I had a hernia which was apparently pretty bad. I'm grateful that's fixed also. I was walking to the loo last night. I'm hoping things continue to get better today. Negatives: the couch for the hubby sucks. They never brought him blanket or sheets, so he's constantly peeling himself off the vinyl. No bottle Water to brush teeth. I'll write more later.
  21. losingit2013

    Surgery Experience: Dr. Kelly 6/10/13

    I've been in and out of the hospital since 6/19. Every surgeon who has seen my incision has said Dr.Kelly did a great job. I came down with acute pancreatitis caused by a gall stone. Yesterday, they went in a removed my gall bladder. My recommendation to anyone considering this surgery is that you work with your PCP to do some pre-op before heading to MX. First, ask your doctor to order an endoscopy to identify a hernia. Second, get an ultrasound of your gall bladder to make sure it won't cause you issues as you drop the weight....and it does come off quickly.
  22. When is it comfortable to sleep on your side again? I'm 4 days post-op. I had hernia repair also.
  23. losingit2013


    I'm two weeks post-op w/ hernia repair also. I really miss cycling. How long did you wait to get back on the bike? Walking is cool and all, but cycling is much more fun.

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