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  1. Surgery 9/21/13 lost 70lbs I drink beer and have Starbucks mocha coffee everyday and feel fine. I don't drink soda at all. Beer 3 bottles and feel fine. I drink beer maybe once a week. Used to drink a 6 pack but 3 is the max now .
  2. Did you sisters use the same Dr? Sorry for your loss.
  3. nyorker

    11 weeks down 54 pounds

    What do you normally eat? I live on protein bars.
  4. nyorker


    Way too much money.. I paid 400 bux and learned everything from here . I dont need no Nut or counceling
  5. I eat 1 meal a day lots if green tea and 1 protein drink. I am not hungry at all. My meal consists of slice chicken and swiss deli food. Sleeved 8/21 down 40lbs and feel fine. Seems like everyone here is eating more than me.
  6. nyorker

    tortilla 5weekspost op.

    What kind of tortilla? Soft hard? Low fat? Im 4 weeks and havent had any bread stuff.
  7. nyorker

    August Sleevers?

    I am 4 weeks Tomorrow i drink a lot of hot tea. I never feel hungry. I just had chicken in garlic sauce and some broccoli and my chest hurt. Never had that feeling and wont be eating Chinese with the family. I think the garlic sauce is all sugar.. My cholesterol came back 92 today my Dr said stop taking crestor lol. I didnt know..
  8. Im 3 weeks out and Never ever get hungry so i drink some water or tea after eating doesnt do nothing for me.
  9. nyorker

    Bi-Polar Sleevers

    What insurance do u have for meds? Abilify 20mg is like $1000 a month at cvs. I was thinking of buying from canada. Any ideas?
  10. Sleeved 8/21 i feel great. I play with my kids now. Take multivitamin chewables, b12 subliminal, carafate liquid ( prescription ) and 20mg omeprazole twice a day. And chocolate calcium chewables from target. Dont like coffee anymore i drink green tea. Went to costco bought frozen fish in boxes. Filet and salmon. Kids love filet with keychup go figure. I only lost 27lbs but feel so different.
  11. nyorker

    August sleevers progress

    Sleeved aug 21. 297kbs Today 270lbs eating all soft. Some of you are just starting puree? Not much loss..
  12. Not really just felt full.. Walked around bed bath and beyond and the mall and felt fine. Ordered the wife an iphone 5c and bought my green tea. I dont even know if i should eat shrimp its only 3 1/2 weeks. But im fine.

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