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  1. I had Dr. Sudan -- great outcome. He uses the Da Vinci robotic system, so there's much less pain and faster healing than traditional laparoscopic surgery. He's quiet and thoughtful; I like that in a healthcare provider. Dr. Sudan published one of the first academic articles on DS, of which VSG is the first part and means that he has gobs of experience with the procedure.
  2. neneh_vsg

    Non Scale Victory

    Today: going to the gym after a week away!
  3. "The scenic route is beautiful" - thanks for that, coops!
  4. Starting at a high weight of 246, I was 234.6 day of surgery on June 18. Over the 9 weeks I average 1.34 lbs lost, which I am thrilled about because my eating and exercise behaviors are sustainable for me. My body and mind also have a chance to catch up to the changes, as well.
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    This happened to me between weeks 4 and 7 - permanent brow sweat and icky moistness everywhere else. One time, after walking to my office, a big drop of sweat rolled down the back of one leg... ewww. I live in a hot, humid area but c'mon. It's improved greatly at 9 weeks out.
  6. I'm almost 8 weeks out and have been in the gym 3-5 times per week since Week 2. I do 30 minutes on the treadmill (started at 2.0, now at 2.5; fast for me) and work up a good sweat -- not making it rain, but I use the towel often. I then follow up with 15-20 minutes of weights, upper and lower body alternating days. The weird thing is that I continue sweating a little during strength training, during my short walk home from the gym, and for a good little while after I get home. I also begin to sweat when I do everyday activities that require a little exertion, such as running up and down the stairs (NSV!) or playing with a small child. Anyone else notice this? Any possible explanations?
  7. I got that look a lot at my surgeon's practice, though no one really said anything. The doctor who did the test where you have to swallow barium (forget the name) asked me "pre-op or post op?" I was pre-op! 5'4", 240ish, high blood pressure, joint pain, and prediabetes - invisibe comorbidities - and an hourglassy figure means that lots of people don't see how big I really am/was. I hear "you carry your weight well" a lot.
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    I know its a compliment but still

    Heyher, RBF is now my favorite phrase ever.
  9. Love my Paraguard -- no children so it hurt to insert (would have been the same with the Mirena) and I do find that my flow is slightly heavier and longer than it was before the IUD, but I'm not keen on using hormones unless absolutely necessary. And yes, you don't have keep it in the entire time -- that was also a selling point for me that if I wanted to get pregnant, I could just get it removed and not worry about having to wait for the hormones to clear from my system. Planned Parenthood's website has good, clear information on the various birth control options.
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    June surgery dates

    HW 246 (Jan 2013) SW 234.6 (June 18 ) CW 225.2 I'm 5'3.75" Except for 1 week on full liquids, I lose 1-2 lbs per week. Been on soft foods since July 1st - nothing bothers my sleeve. Never thrown up. Work out at gym with treadmill and weights. This rate of loss will help me process the physical and mental changes well, hopefully!
  11. Congratulations on all of your successes!
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    After pic of the girls...

    Thanks for this - I'm almost 5 weeks out and I see ominous wrinkles when I look at my cleavage. Starting at 38DDD, ending...?
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    Chafing ..help

    Bodyglide is my thigh-saver!
  14. Thank you for the heartfelt honesty and your wonderful way with words.
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    June sleevers?

  16. neneh_vsg

    What did you eat today :) ?

    Recipe please!
  17. What a moving story and lovely writing. Looking forward to reading more.
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    BMI of 40....

    I'm 5'3.75" with a starting BMI of ~41 - HW 246 (Jan 2013), SW 234.6 (June 18), CW 227.2 - and wondered if your early weeks were as slow as mine. Still extremely happy with surgery.
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    June sleevers, what are you eating?

    I never had a puree stage - started soft foods (moist meats and anything mashable by fork, no veggies and fruit with skins) on Monday. I was sleeved June 18. The holiday was a joy of grilled food!