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  1. belladona

    Long Term With The Plication ?

    I dont know how i bumped in here but i did. I have a sleeve originally i wanted a plication and went to see surgeon for plication, but he said with the weight i wanted to loose he recomended a sleeve.Good luck to you btw what were you so unsure of?
  2. Yeah not loving this, hard to follow people, I have seen a few people but not all. Its alot harder now to navigate. Whatever, we are stuck with it might as well make the best of it.
  3. belladona

    4 Months Post Op!

    I think your doing great! keep going you must be very proud of your accomplishment.
  4. Hi I think your doing great yes we all wish for big numbers but im just over 4 months and it has s l o w e d down considerably. I was told no carbs as well but if i eat them I use sprouted grain ezikiel bread its low glycemic doesnt spike the insulin im not avertising them but ive done my homework so it comes in pasta and bread if i want carbs i have healthy ones. Its not a perfect science but you have to see what works for you. Dont be afraid to experiment try new things its a blank canvas try a different work out walk 5 minutes run 5 minutes try you will be surprised at what you find. Good luck!
  5. belladona


    Agreed looking great love the sexy hair!!!
  6. belladona

    6 months post op

    How much did you loose and how much do you have to loose ? the thinner you get the slower the weightloss
  7. belladona

    Losing 3kg a week .

    Hi keep it real if that was the case the world would be sleeved. Lol You will loose alot in the beginning then something funny happens you start to heal which means you can eat more thats where the fun starts you are going to have t start making smart choices and picking your own battles its not a cure all or a quick fix its a tool and your gonna have to learn how to work it.
  8. belladona

    Surgery in the Summer

    Hi I was sleeved june 18 the only problem I had was waiting till July to go in my pool. I agree with cindymg the legs are not nice but I have my own pool. I wont be a swimsuit model any time soon. You will be ok, good luck to you.
  9. belladona

    Thanksgiving Holiday

    Hi a word of advice you wont be eating much . Being so close to your surgery date your stomach is swollen nothings going down , I was fortunate I was allowed pureed fds right out from hospital most people I see are on fluids its up to your doc. You can participate in spirit and being present but not in the gorging part lol lucky you. Im 4 months out and went to Toronto for their thanksgiving it was a mind game being Italian we know how to pack on at holiday meals I skipped the pasta had some turkey gravy and stuffing. Although I wanted veggies salad and mashed potato I really did I couldnt. We ate out alot as well I came home expecting a 10lb gain lost 2 im ok with that. Listen to your body Have an awesome Thanksgiving good luck to you.
  10. lol very cute story , I had a 1/4 cup of grey goose black cherry noir over ice I sipped on it all night was happy all night not crazy not drunk but a nice even buzz . So I felt i did well in the calorie range and was able to enjoy. Pre surgery couldnt feel anything till 2nd gg martini so im glad you had fun. I hope you feel better.
  11. belladona

    feeling frustrated

    No being a woman you should know how this goes , I can be one weight at night and can be down 2 lbs the following morning its just the way it is. relax you will be fine.
  12. belladona

    Gentlemen... Please advise me! Re: Cheating

    Hi, let me start by saying you look amazing! You are an inspiration. I have to say I think you answered your own question in your original post. You said you loved him but are not in love with him. Bam there it is. why go through life like that? I have a bad situation at home, Im trying to make it work I have a seven year old but your kids are grown, a little easier. Hes clingy because YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! He screwed up big time. If home life is not what makes you happy then you know what to do. You dont need him anymore you can find someone better.
  13. belladona

    Hair Loss Help?

    Ughh darling Im going thru the same crap! I also have extremely thick hair as well. But winters coming and straight hair season has arrived . i try to wash it as little as possible. Thats when I find I loose the most. They have dry shampoo as well I use that alot. Best of luck to you I hope both our hair stays on our head where it belongs.
  14. Hi yes I feel the same! a yourt doesnt do it for me any more and its getting hard and I only lost one pound this week fml! I dont feel that FULL feelin anymore. Im more like joatsaint I limit my portions but I go hungry. Gone are the days a few bites are sufficcient, spelled wrong I know. It sucks to be me.
  15. You are all in my prayers, stay strong.
  16. belladona


    I just ate 5 cheese doodles ughh im right there with ya.
  17. belladona

    5 weeks out scale hasnt moved

    Be patient it will come.
  18. 68 here but you may not have that much to loose, we all loose differently 44lbs is no joke.
  19. belladona


    Wow that sucks, stick to your guns dont let them get to you, you can do this just keep doing what your doing you will be ok.
  20. belladona


    Nice talk about real wait till they give you your date!! Good luck!
  21. belladona

    Calories vs Carbs vs Protein

    I dont know im all over the place. it seems the more i eat the more the scale moves. I was not supposed to have carbs till 6 months out but i have had Ezikeal products pasta and bread and its all sprouted grains very good for you 0 on glycemic index and i lost 6 lbs this week i also added quest bars to the mix high protein 17 fibers and 4 useable carbs i find days i just stick to pure proteins i just stay the same and if i dont eat enouh the scale doesnt move im up to about 800 calories a day i could eat more but i dont i guess no i did what works best for me.
  22. I am sorry these things have happened to you. have you had a cat scan to diagnose your diverticulitis? Thats usually the only way of knowing for sure, its brought on by eating nuts and seeds as well as low fiber have you been eating that if so calm it down. do you know it can be taken care of usually with one round of Cipro which is an antibiotic. Millions of people have it sleeved or not. also maybe try quest bars loaded with protein 4 usable carbs and 17 grams of fiber. As for hairloss yes mine is flying out too, but you had to know this goin in, they do say it does grow back If mine gets out of control, I plan to see a dermatologist for inections to stop it. I researched and knew exactly what i was in for before surery, there are no surprises here except weightloss and yes im still heavy but im a different person now. im tall ive always hid my weight well and still do. Im a better mother better lover better person with just 68 lbs gone. I cant wait to see what the future holds.
  23. Hi congratulations on your son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boys are precious clingy unlike girls which are cute but independant at two lol enjoy him. As for your weightloss I have read on these boards about a pouch test Im not sure its a cure all but look into it , it may help. In the meantime chin up be happy you have that beautiful son, get yourself on track. you got this.
  24. Lol very cute story I loved it. I too find myself posin for cameras lately when 3 months ago I couldnt bare to look in a mirror, funny how things change.
  25. belladona

    Dropped 3 pants size in 2 months

    WOW Those are nice numbers . Thats prety awesome!