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  1. amyoung

    Any March 25 Sleevies?

    I'm 3/25 and really getting anxious. I started my pre diet on this past Wed and scheduled for pre op on this coming Wed and EDG on Friday. My surgeon requires and EGD anytime he's doing a sleeve. I was told I will have blood drawn, EKG and Swallow test. Not really sure what the swallow test is all about. When is your pre op?
  2. amyoung

    at 268 before my sleeve :)

    You are very pretty. When is your surgery date?
  3. I'm not sure what pre op diet you are on but drink plenty of water and lots of walking. I have a Dr. friend that told me that little trick and to also let the last 3 days before your surgery be clear liquids only. Broth, water, unsweetened tea, jello and crystal light. If you notice all doctors have different pre op diet instructions. A lot of doctors only require 1-3 days pre op so I'm sure your ok. On my 3rd day of pre op (I have 9 more days until surgery), I had a grilled breast from KFC. That's when I called my friend and asked his advice. He laughed at me but assured me I was ok.
  4. amyoung

    What did you tell people?

    I am having a hiatal hernia repair and have decided only to tell my husband, kids (16 & 21) and my mom and step dad about the WLS. I have a lot of negative family members who won't understand and I will need to concentrate on me and taking care of myself and not worrying about what anyone has to say about me. Make your own decision as you are the only one that knows your situation and your reason for not telling everyone. After researching the hiatal hernia repair, there are restrictions for a few weeks so that could be your start. Good luck!
  5. It seems as though everyone is given different instructions according to which surgeon you may have. I was instructed for 14 days to have 2 protein shakes replacing 2 meals, 1 can of soup of my choice (no cream soups) and low sodium, and 1-2 snacks such as sugar free jello, pudding or popsicles, and all sugar free drinks for 12 days and then the last two days a straight liquid diet of broth, jello, popsicles and any sugar free drinks. I've been on it for 3 days and so far so good. But you should definitely call the nutritionist
  6. @heatwhip. I got approved w/surgery date 3/25. I also have Anthem BCBS. My BMI is 37.3, but I snore a lot, (according to my husband), so I had a sleep study and was DX with having obstructive sleep apnea. I sent over paper work from the Dr. giving a DX of severe sleep apnea w/o me even having the sleep study completed and they approved me with just that w/o the actual study being done. My insurance coordinator fax paperwork to insurance company and I was approved that day. I found out by calling my case manager my self. Good luck to you
  7. amyoung

    any march 25th sleevers

    @rdt210. My pre op is 3/20, EGD 3/22 and surgery date is 3/25. I have only told my Son (21), daughter (16), husband, mom and step dad. No one else will know. My family is pretty use to me loosing a lot of weight and eventually gaining it all back and then some. I decided long ago that I didn't want to hear all the comments, such as "you didn't have that much weight to loose", or "when is all the weight gonna stop coming off'', and finally the whispers about how much I'm eating. My biggest support group is the people I mentioned above and they are all that matters. I am known to exercise like crazy and even use a diet pill from time to time. I have already changed my eating habits and started to exercise so the rest should be easy. I too am having my hiatal hernia repaired, so that is my reason to everyone else as to why I am going into the hospital and having this surgery. Good look to you all and I will be praying for my March sleevers! I'm so happy we will soon be loosers!

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