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    hospital stay

    I was overnight. It depends on your doc, send them a e-mail or call to find out what your doctor likes.
  2. Iniysa


    I had the most pain when I moved around. I only had a tiny bit of gas pain, After I got home and off the IV pain meds, I was in a bit more pain but after three or four days, the pain was considerably lower and almost gone. Everyone is different. I know people who never took their pain meds, I took mine religiously until I stopped feeling the pain just before it was time to take more. Then I waited until I started to feel it again before taking anymore. You will do fine, the first week is hell, but so very worth it! No pain, no gain! LOL
  3. Chances are very slim that you will get a leak if you are fallowing the rules. That in mind, live your life; figure out your new normal; but if something doesn't feel right, call your doctor. He/She will tell you if you should be worried or not.
  4. Iniysa


    Use My Fitness Pal. First things first, track your food intake for a week or two, you might be surprised how my calories you're actually getting. I thought I was putting in way to many calories just trying to get protein in, but when I tracked it, I found I was getting 400-800 calories a day. The website will tell you how many calories you need to take in for optimal weight loss. It's almost impossible to get that many calories in, but I no longer freak out to much, and I am loosing weight like I'm supposed to.
  5. So I had my Gallbladder out today. Everything went great but I got to say, being sent home right after is really hard. They gave me a big dose of pain meds before I made the trip home, but it was still painful. While I was in pre-op I was by myself for a few hours before my friend was able to arrive. The girl across from me was waiting to have the sleeve and when she noticed I was alone she sent her mom to me. Seriously, sometimes people are awesome. She thought I was having the sleeve today because I had the same surgeon. I told her mom my story and warned her about the first week, but that it was so very worth it. Anyways, she is sleeved now and I am without a gallbladder. That has been my day in a nutshell. :0)
  6. Iniysa

    Swallowing pills whole

    Please, I take my pills whole, and some of my pills are HUGE! You should be just fine.
  7. Iniysa

    I got that call

    Congratulations! That's awesome!
  8. Okay, so what does it mean if my poop is white? I mean, white, not a variation of. It started two days ago, I've had a tiny bit of lower back pain, and have had off and on nausea. I've been really tired lately but I've been putting that to horrible work hours. But even on my days off, I am sleeping a lot this week. I have a doc appointment in the morning with my PCP, until then, ideas??? P.S. If this is some weird gallbladder symptom or anything that's going to make me have to miss work I am going to freak. I have no more sick days!!!
  9. Iniysa

    White Poop

    I will be having my gallbladder out on the 14th. Thank you everyone for all your concern!
  10. Iniysa


    I am using other. Could not stand the flavors of the bariatric vitamins after the surgery.
  11. Iniysa


    No, you have to go the main site. Edit your profile, and the option should be there.
  12. Iniysa

    200 lbs down

    Amazing!!! Congrats!
  13. Iniysa

    3 Questions

    1. I am losing my hair right now. I'm not going bald, my hair is just thinner. It comes out in the mass however, so it's a serious pain more then anything else. 2. I am still losing. But I heard it's possible, but really, really hard to do. 3. I had a stricture in my esophagus. A real pain, both figuratively and literally! I waited it out, now it's almost gone. However, I may have to have my gallbladder removed soon. But I knew that was a distinct possibility going in.
  14. Iniysa

    White Poop

    So it's been a long day. I went to the doctor this morning and at first she said: 'Lets run some blood tests and get a stool and urine sample. If I don't find anything with those I will send you to have an ultrasound.' I said sure and waited while she left to print off my paperwork to take downstairs to the lab. A few minutes later she walked back in with a frown and told me she had done some research and wanted me to have the ultrasound right now. So they called down to radiology and had someone brought in just to give me the total abdominal ultrasound. (Which btw is no longer painful now that they no longer have to dig the stick into me to get a decent picture! NSV!!!!) While I was having the ultrasound done, the tech turned the screen to me and pointed at it. She showed me my gallbladder, which showed up very clearly, then pointed at a massive amount of white spots. 'These, are gallstones.' she told me. 'But I am not a doctor so I can't say that for sure.' Grrrreeeaaat! There was a LOT of stones in there. Sigh. I don't have any vacation or sick days left if they decide to take it out. Will have to pray I can get leave or something. On the bright side, I met my out of pocket awhile ago. P.S. Digging through my poop was disgusting!!!
  15. Iniysa

    White Poop

    Right after the surgery? I had both.
  16. I was on soft foods by day 9 too! Every doc is different, but I doubt you're doing any harm.
  17. Don't worry about TMI, I just asked a poop question! LOL
  18. Iniysa

    Muscle milk light

    I can't stand the tastes of artificial sweeteners. Which is probably good because they are really bad for you. I try to steer clear of artificial crap and turn to the more natural sweeteners that are not sugar. If it's between artificial and sugar, I will take sugar, and try to have less of it, if possible. I'm still loosing around 4 pounds a week, 13 weeks out, so it seems to be working.
  19. Iniysa


    Congrats! Wait until you get that date, this it REALLY becomes real! See you on the losers bench!
  20. Iniysa

    PostOp Lifting?

    I was restricted for a month after surgery. Every surgeon is different, so call yours just in case.