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  1. Six sessions, even tried laying in different positions, nothing. I didn't even break a sweat and no inches or pounds lost after either. My weight loss actually stalled during that time.
  2. Total and complete crap! I figured, but at least others will know if they search now.
  3. This is EXACTLY how I am losing, too! No AF for two years (thanks, Mirena!) and since surgery it seems to control my weight. I thought I was broken...so although it's frustrating for me (and I'm sure you), I'm glad we aren't alone.
  4. Thank you all. I am reading and educating myself more on this particular topic. I appreciate that you did the same at some point and that you shared with me. The scale is now up a total of 9 pounds, but body fat is down 1.5%. I am going to (attempt to) stop worrying about the scale and focus on fitness and nutrition. The loss will come. I am, however, going to check my scale against another one. Today it weighed me over a 10-pound range within five minutes. My mom suggested that as a possible issue: maybe the scale is broken. If not, oh well. (I do hope it is, lol!) ~Jolie
  5. Thank you, and I have lost inches. I know that muscle takes up less space than fat, but to gain six pounds of muscle in a few days seems extreme.
  6. My scale had gone crazy. I went up six pounds overnight three days ago. My body fat % has dropped a full point, though. WTH is this? Three weeks ago, I started exercising 3 days a week, an hour each time, in a class with a trainer. It's similar to CrossFit but not as intense. The weight fell off. Now it's coming back up. I should mention that I'm 50 pounds down, out of the 110 I had to lose, so I'm not focusing on building muscle, which I may be doing, happily. I have upped my calories from 500 to about 700 because I was so exhausted. I know I should still be losing on 700 a day. My Protein isn't 80, but pretty consistently 60ish. I drink at least 80 ounces of Water each day, normally 100-120. I normally don't question the scale and just accept that it will come off. I know it will, and don't really need reassurance (though it's welcome, lol). I just want to know what is happening in my body. Anybody have insight?
  7. JolieBug

    VSG as a preventive measure?

    I also have 3 1/2 year old identical girls. They see my relationship with food, which is much better than what my son saw. They are in perfect health, a little tall, right at the perfect weight. One is two pounds lighter. I don't want them to feel pressured to eat tiny amounts like I do, and it really bothers me that I get nauseous when I eat, so they think it's normal to need to throw up when full. I think you and I just want to protect our children, but I can see some parents wanting their kid to be popular or pretty and going to extremes (think Toddlers in Tiaras as preteens.)
  8. JolieBug

    VSG as a preventive measure?

    Cheri, that makes so much sense to me. I have an 8-year-old son who is also obese. I wouldn't tell him that, but we do have discussions about positive choices. If he is in late teens, early twenties and still following his trend (he is above chart max for height, too, though), I may consider it for him. I don't want him to be as unhappy with himself as I was in college, settling for love that wasn't, marrying someone I didn't love because I thought he was the best I could do. I want him to be confident in his intelligence and self-worth. As a preventative measure, I won't do it to a child. But I can see it being a possibility for those with family history of obesity related health problems and an upward weight trend. Jolie
  9. JolieBug

    The Fat Whoosh Theory

    This is the rationale my doctor explains to his patients. It makes sense to me, especially when looking at my progress chart. Flat, spike, massive drop every time.
  10. JolieBug

    Seriously? Does everyone exercise?

    210 minutes is only 2% of your week!
  11. JolieBug

    VSG Journey

  12. JolieBug

    Before and During! Pic

    That's my girl! T, you look fantastic and I'm SO happy you found your joy again. I have tears of happiness for you right now.
  13. Anne, that is hilarious! Is it oceanfront? If so, I'm so interested... Evolving, that's what I used to purchase the package. I paid $100 for six sessions. I'm also a contributor to Angie's List, so for the business's sake, I hope it's not false advertising! I will post progress with photos once I'm done, and keep a journal of what happens at each session. I don't know how authentic it will be since I've had surgery, but it's better than what I found online anyway. Hopefully I didn't waste money, but my summer mentality is to be adventurous!
  14. I recently had the same question. My trainer said to go by feel. If I am exhausted and fatigued, I either need to cut back on exercise, or increase calories with a focus on protein. She suggested a shake before and/or after a workout to help repair the muscle that is being broken down during the workout.
  15. Has anyone else tried this? I have a series of six appointments in July for Thermojet Infrared therapy to aid weight loss and to tighten loose skin. I plan to document with photos, but would like some idea of how it's worked for others in the past. By the last session, I will have been sleeved four months (3 months today, -50 pounds, down from a 22/24 to a 14/16) and am hoping to lose another size by the end. I eat 500-700ish calories a day and exercise in a HIIT class 3-4 days per week. The exercise is a recent addition, so I'm not sure how much will be from that and how much will be from the Thermojet. Any insight is much appreciated!

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