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  1. Umm..err...what was your first solid bowel movement like? Yes, I just asked that. I'm taking iron and I know that has an effect on the color and consistency. I don't have insurance and would like to hear others experiences before making a rash plan and heading to the ER to tell me it's the iron causing the issue. I'm also tired, but I just had a traumatic surgery to my body on the 19th and I barely eat,lol. I know I'm going to receive a "better to be safe than sorry" response, but I wanted to ask for others experiences and if this was somewhat normal. I plan to stop takin the iron for a few days and see how that affects things. I know that will increase the lethargy a bit. I also forgot to mention that I went to Mexico for my surgery and don't really feel like I have any support from the company that I went through. I'm on the thickened liquids portion of my diet, so protein shakes plus jello, soups..simple foods.
  2. Any recommendations on easy maintenance vitamins. Brands or flavors? I saw Bariatric Fusion and I liked that it was chewable. Are they the best? Also, does anyone have any recommendations for supplements to take? I'm a bit lost when it comes to this.
  3. The complication rate with the sleeve is 1/100. That's the fact. So, literally a 1% chance.Not to say that you couldn't hit the unlucky # and have internal bleeding, dehydration, Upper GI bleed, or any other lovely complication that occurs. You're asking unqualified individuals for a medically-sound opinion.I would seek medical advice and get a second opinion based on fact of your history and possible contraindications and interactions per your previous history. I only say this to cover the educated front. I had a surgery back in March and I was just fine. Four of us went in on the same day and four of us had completely different experiences. One had sepsis and nearly died, one is still having problems keeping down food, I'm down 33 lbs and another lady is down 40, but stalled for about a month. It's really a personal experience. I wish you well and I hope you get the educated advice you need. cheers!
  4. pixigrl

    cannot stomach vitamins!

    Sorry, don't grind gummies. Everything that's NOT a gummy, lol
  5. pixigrl

    cannot stomach vitamins!

    I'm all about gummies. AND, get a coffee grinder and grind up your supplements. Mix them in with the protein shake. Totally worked for me.
  6. pixigrl

    The sleeve and hair loss.

    Go with the highest dose of biotin that you can find. Biotin will only assimilate so much into your body at once and then dump the rest. You'll retain more in your system if you take a higher dosage. Make sense? I take 10,000 mg a day and I'm still losing hair, but it's to be expected and accepted. Fish oils, flax oil, primrose oil, coconut oils, avocado. Those will also help
  7. Are you a member of Costco? The gummy multivitamins are fantastic. Also, when you're done with the diarrhea stage of the ordeal. Sorry, it happens to 98% of us and move on to the constipation portion then take 3 S/F fiber gummy chewables from Costco in the morning and 3 at night. I haven't had a problem since. Recommendation from a longtime sleeve pt.
  8. pixigrl

    I wish I hadn't seen this forum....

    Oh Lord, I was the same way! I had doubts galore. I followed the instructions and was fine. I thought I had one complication and realized that I had done it to myself. Remember, if you start taking iron supplements they may give you black tarry stool. Those happen to resemble Upper GI bleeds. I had doubt for about 20-minutes and then moved on. I was FINE.
  9. pixigrl

    Items that Swell in your Stomach?

    Here's the dealio gang. Your body will tell you what it DOES and does NOT like. Some people have "slip" foods like popcorn and certain candies. They can eat a ton . Some have issues with particular textures. Fried foods and extremely sweet foods can only be non-nauseating in small quantities for me. Rice,noodles and breads naturally swell. Make sure to chew a lot and eat in small quantities. If you're having pho at a restaurant be careful with the noodles. They are served undercooked and continue to cook while in the bowl of broth. Eat what you can and take home. Soak the noodles overnight in the broth and they will be cooked and much more tolerable in the morning. chocolate is very acidic and should be avoided before bed as it may give you heartburn. This doesn't mean I don't have my frozen chocolate bars in the freezer. I just eat a bit at a time. I also eat high-fat and decadent natural foods. WTH is velveeta? Give me brie anyday. sugar-free is awful and the body doesn't know how to assimlate it. We don't eat enough to warrant sugar-free or low-fat. We average 500-800 calories a day as is. Why not put nutrients into the body that the body can break down and not chemicals? Aspartame also triggers a plethora of health conditions. It's frightnig actually. Remember drinking diet coke/pepsi everyday and thinking you were doing yourself a favor? That soda was impeding your weightloss. Bottom line. Everyone's body is different. Each journey is different. It's all about experimentation at this point. Your doctor will make recommendations, but ultimately your body will tell you if you've blundered or not. Trust your instincts. Trust your body.
  10. Spry mints are awesome. Made with Xylitol. Look into some. It helped me out immensely. I don't chew mints with aspertame in it. Kind of a lifesaver. The mint ones also help with that nausea feeling.
  11. I found that hoodia worked well with me. It didn't provide that jittery jump out of your skin feeling. I'm sorry you're constantly hungry. That must be very frustrating for you.
  12. Ok, I'm going to be blunt. There are a gazillion reasons to gain weight. Too much Fiber, too much sodium, not enough Water, milk intolerance, hormones, you haven't taken a ..err..dump. You're going to drive yourself into the ground if you constantly weigh yourself and go by numbers. It's not about the numbers. Be realistic. You didn't gain this overnight and you won't lose overnight. There are so many varying factors. Don't beat yourself up. Seriously, you'll go batty. I'm constantly surfing the same 2-3 lbs and then I lose 4, or I gain 2. It's all about the long-term.
  13. Oo..oo...me..over here..in the back...stuffing my face!! :ph34r: <--I have ninja food. One second it's on my plate and the next it's gone!
  14. pixigrl

    I need help...

    The saggy skin really depends on the individual and your age. After 35 with collagen we're pretty much done for, unfortunately. Umm, picture a balloon that's been inflated and then deflated. That's the skin. It's been stretched out for so long it never goes back to the same original shape. That's not to say that cardio and weights won't help to shapen. Absolutely! I know, with my personal experience that I've been overweight the majority of my life. My skin is so stretched that it'll be surgery for me. You can have rock hard abs, but if the skin is loose over it then you'll end up with a rock hard core..with loose skin over it But, before you think I'm a complete jerk and negative-Nellie..remember that I said everyone is different. Btw, I hold my weight in my thighs, hips and pelvis as well. Women are meant to have curves, right?
  15. pixigrl

    The GREAT WALL of Sleeve

    I felt so much better after they took the damn drain out. Sorry for the "D" word, lol. I didn't end up using all of my pain meds and I was so grateful for that. The only issue that I've had is I had a piece of chocolate (highly acidic food, btw) right before bed and awoke a few hours later with the most awful heartburn with bile in my throat. Thank the Lord for the generic Prilosec that many of us are prescribed. And yes, before you wave your finger in my face about the chocolate...it was EASTER!!!! lol Feel better!!
  16. My biggest regret is the lack of energy. I have orthostatic hypotension (dizzy when I stand up fast) due to low blood pressure. I find that I'm having it way more often. And yes, I drink all my water and get my food in. As far as eating is concerned it's a bit wasteful to eat out at times. I would LOVE to have leftovers the next day, but some things just don't keep. I find that a "side" of something holds me over. I also kind of miss the length of the meal. Does that make sense? Umm..I'm done eating in 7 minutes and have to wait for everyone else to finish. It's weird, I know, but it kind of changes the experience.
  17. I believe the statistic is 1 in 100 ends up with a leak. There are complications to ANY procedure.Kanye Wests mom died from the anaesthesia on the table. It's all in how you handle the recovery, how diligent you are with your prescribed medications/care/nutrition and how your body reacts with the trauma and if any comorbidities are already in place. I work with internal medicine and any internal surgery is considered major trauma to the body. My best advice I could give would be to make sure if you're going to Mexico (as I did) that you have aftercare set up and trusted people are around you the first three 3-4weeks as this is the opportune time for complications. Us "out of towners" have a bit more at risk since some Doctors and hospitals CAN refuse treatment as it is considered a liability. Surgery is risky business. Be diligent in your researching. Ask the difficult questions. Get personal referrals from previous patients. There are NO stupid questions. This is your temple, worship and respect it.
  18. I've learned tons in this thread: 1) Trolls bad, 2) Protein good,3) Admins pay attention, 4) I'm trying to stay on topic 5) carbs bad 6) people bully in forums (interesting and odd at the same time.) What I can share is I made the beloved "ricotta bake" for the first time the other day and thought it was scrumptious. I also added ground turkey into it for added protein. Back to reading more posts in this rather looooooooooooong thread. Happy journeys all!
  19. Totally normal. You'll go from this "phase" to being constipated in a few weeks.
  20. pixigrl

    Diet .... 6 weeks out

    I bought some hydrolized protein that goes in water and turns into more of a juice. Three scoops has 60 grams of protein. You're getting your water and protein all in one
  21. Were any of you crazy hungry and craving like mad during your TOM? This is my first one and I've had pie this week and popcorn at the movies (shrinks to nothing in the stomach) and a bit of candy and I'm not feeling "full" like I usuually do. I know that my hormones and internal voice are being jerks,lol. Does this usually happen? I know it's a case by case, but sheesh. I'm starting to think my surgeon forgot to remove my stomach, lol. Also, I started taking fiber supplements becuse my pipes are a bit backed up (if you get my drift) and I would like to go on a regular basis. Is this ok, or no? Mexico Bariatric really didn't have anything mentioned about fiber. Just protein ,protein , water and more protein.
  22. Ok, another weird side-effect is after I eat I can literally hear and feel my carotid (side of the neck) artery pulse. Only since after the surgery has this happened.
  23. A gf of mine had the surgery done around a year ago and she said if she ate too much she got physically sick. I almost wish that would happen. My main reason for getting the sleeve was to feel that "full" feeling that I had always dreamed of. That intense jealousy of others being able to stop eating when they were "full." Full, what does this "full" mean? I went to Chillis the other night and had two mozzerella sticks (normally I would have had 5-8) and 4 bites of chicken with black beans and rice. I'm slowly snacking on half of the remainder of that meal right now. Aiming to finish it tonight for dinner perhaps. Thank God for sf popsicles!
  24. pixigrl

    Items that Swell in your Stomach?

    I hear rice swells in the stomach.
  25. pixigrl

    Walden Farms

    I concur with SE above. The Blue cheese was the only product that was somewhat..decent. Please don't waste your money. They don't taste anything like the real product and the texture is even different. We're eating such few calories to begin with , it's way better to just buy the real deal. Your body knows how to process those, but I'm not sure about the chemically based Frankenfoods of WF.

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