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  1. Thanks so much for your insight!
  2. Hello Everyone! I am new to these forums and just have a couple of question. My surgery is scheduled for March 11th and I started my Pre-Op diet. I am drink 3 of the premier 30g protein shakes a day but i add 3 ice cubes and fresh strawberries. Is this a bad thing? I have a hard time drinking them with out the fruit. Also, is 3 shakes enough? Should i be eating a low fat (small) meal too or is it just strickly shakes? I am also very concerned about loose skin or hair loss so i want to make sure i am getting the right amount of nutrients and vitamins possible. Since Premier is milk based - should i switch to something that is 100 percent whey?? (dont taste as great) How about vitamins - how do you know how much of what should you be taking? I also found collagen pills -they are suppose to help with restoring and revitalizing your skin. Has anyone tried these or have any opinions on them?? I am not sure if any of this makes sense to you guys but any help/insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone.
  3. HI! I noticed you said flavoring??? Is it ok to add fresh/frozen strawberries and blend it? My surgery is March 11th and i can not take the taste of Protein shakes with out adding fruit. :/
  4. i just went on amazon. it says 33.99??
  5. i just got a case at sam's club today paid $18.88!