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    1.5 month stall.. Going nuts!! But realizing I'm eating the same thing everyday! Only carb is weight control oatmeal in the morning. I need more info on how to mix it up average 850 cals a day.
  2. Hi everyone.. I'm a Posner girl. Been seeing Laurie. At a severe stall! Been almost 2 months of nothing.. Going crazy!! I workout at worlds gym, eating what I should.. Banging my head against a wall!!
  3. Scale still not moving. Barely can get a veggie in all weight control oatmeal is breakfast lunch a protein or Adkins meal about 3/4 of it dinner protein I between a protein shake. Nuts as a snack or yogurt here and there.. Go to the gym... Don't get it.
  4. My father died at age 51 of this cancer. LIVED on rolaids... No one ever heard if this cancer. I suffered from GERD before surgery and still do. The risk of the cancer wasn't as significant as the co morbitities of not having the surgery. Nexium helps!
  5. vickyl

    Any Buffalo Ny Sleevers?

    Ok Cheektowaga here. Had dr posner.. At a stall for 6 weeks!! I'm dying here!!
  6. vickyl

    In need of some positive reinforcement

    I've stopped losing!! 6 weeks and nothing! I'm 3 months out and lost 25 lbs. I'm beginning to become desperate.. 80 gms protein daily! Gym.. Work full time..
  7. 6 weeks here I'm ready to cry my eyes out!!!
  8. vickyl

    soda fix

    I'd like to know more about stevia water flavors!!
  9. vickyl

    At a stall at three months

    Yep at 2 months I stalled for a month.. Finally now I lost 3 lbs... Hopefully it's over.. But I changed nothing.. My body did the work I guess.
  10. vickyl

    Insomnia anyone ?

    My surgeon swears not related to surgery but about 2 weeks after it hit me too! It's terrible! I'm going to try melatonin tonight
  11. vickyl

    Lying about Weight Loss Surgery !

    Agreed I could care less what people think I tell them I went through hell to lose weight! Proud of my scars!
  12. vickyl

    I regret..!

    I'm a month out.. Went through that.. Just now getting a little energy back. It will get better. I promise!!
  13. vickyl

    Afraid to eat

    It's that tight feeli g in the chest and the burping.. 3 weeks out and soft/ puréed
  14. I quit 3 days before surgery.. Ashamed of it! However... I cannot stand the smell of it on anyone... Hubby goes outside... Then has to febreeze himself!
  15. vickyl

    Where Is Everyone From?

    Quote Buffalo, NY Hi Vick I'm in buffalo too, getting sleeved tomarrow!! http://february272013.wordpress.com/ How are u?? Which doctor??
  16. vickyl

    very emotional lately

    I'm so happy to see this.. Mine too was Feb 5 I am just so weepy.. It's awful!!
  17. vickyl

    Heart burn

    3 weeks out and total heartburn.. Nexium 2x a day and still suffer
  18. vickyl

    Day 16

    I'm in the same boat
  19. I'm with u all... Up at night.. So during the day I get sleepy and have no energy!! Ugh!!!
  20. vickyl

    Stomach pain!?

    I'm 2.5 weeks post op and just now no pain!! You will get there.. I promise. Hiatal hernia was worst part.