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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. Aline728

    June 2013 Sleevers GROUP

    My year pic for the 18th! Forgot to post it.... [ATTACH]45782[/ATTACH]
  2. Had mines 6/18/13 I stay cold all the time to now...the lack of engery is better now turned out my iron level was low to...
  3. There are many chair excerise videos on amazon....google it first and do your research as to what you want to accomplish and find one to fit your level..I used them avlot in the beginning. Once I was able to move a little better as I lost weight I found something else to meet my level..
  4. Sleev3d 6/18/13. ...hw 349...sw 301 and today in the swimsuit pic 214 [ATTACH]40375[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]40375[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]40376[/ATTACH]
  5. Aline728

    Louisiana Sleevers?

    Lafayette here
  6. Aline728

    Pain On The Left Side

    Oops it stitch to muscle to prevent hernia thats why it hurts when u twist or turn but it will disolve and u wont feel it anymore...
  7. My before and after pic...Hw 349...sw 301...week ago 251 Surgery 6/18/13 [ATTACH]19573[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]19574[/ATTACH]
  8. Aline728

    June 2013 Sleevers GROUP

    Wow that's wonderful....I would also like to know about the Protein, supplements and Vitamin as well.
  9. Aline728


    Thx for the info...6 bottles at a Time?....:-) how much u take and how often u take it?...
  10. Aline728

    52 and wondering what to expect

    Very informative!!!!...very close to how i felt, if u had mention the bowel issues which is the only thing i didnt see u will gas me all the way...nothing in sure makes a problem with something being able to come out...:-(
  11. Aline728

    Autoimmune Issues and VSG?

    I Wasnt because the doctor said hé préféréd i didnt due to the irration to my new tummy. So I didnt get back on them so far. I had my first methotrexate injection yesterday and took my folic acid...
  12. Aline728

    Help a newbie with TRACKING!

    Me 2... I have to see and touch on paper
  13. Aline728


    Thx corky
  14. Aline728

    Bowel movements

    Liquid colace still softers in warm cup of lemon crystal lite in am and at bed helps me cause it was à painful issue just last week....14 days postop..
  15. Aline728

    XXX rated super serious question!

    Very informative..lol
  16. Aline728

    Quick question....

    2 weeks not cause didnt want to still pain on that right side
  17. Aline728

    Already sleeved JUNE-bees!

  18. Aline728


    Well thats good news to know...11 days postop now...
  19. Made minds today my next goal is a 50 pound lost...weekend getaway will me my reward once teaches... [ATTACH]15354[/ATTACH]
  20. Aline728

    Help a newbie with TRACKING!

    Love a copy, its Sounds like u have everything needed in it ...
  21. Aline728

    June surgery dates

    Sleeved 18th returning part time on 15th...

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