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  1. doreyrae

    Husband Spying on Me

    Maybe you should look and see what chat room this is first. It says powder Room, Ladies Gone Wild.
  2. Carbonation does not stretch your stomach. May cause pain. Carbonated beverages inflame your stomach lining and can cause inflammation which will cause restriction. It is OK after 6 months to have 1 carbonated beverage a week. Per my Dr.
  3. doreyrae

    Almost in twonder land!

    I have 4 to go! Weighed in at 203 this morning. Good luck and great job!!
  4. doreyrae

    Made it to San Antonio

    Good luck! Dr A is great and his staff is so helpful. You will love Jessica.
  5. I was sleeved on March 30. Great Dr with great staff. Your in good hands.
  6. doreyrae

    Where Is Everyone From?

    I am from Kenner but live in Gulfport now. I go home all the time.
  7. I probably won't be trying again. I will take a bite from my kids and husband's plate from now on. We don't go out often so its not a big deal. Its just a shame because there was 7 of us ordering. We just took our business elsewhere.
  8. doreyrae

    Did anyone smoke after surgery?

    I am fine. No complications. Down 42 lbs.
  9. I also have a card. I have not had a problem anywhere except TGI- FRIDAYS. They flat out refused to let me order from the kids menu, so my family and I left and will not be returning.
  10. doreyrae

    Any March Sleevers?

    I would like to be added to the FB page. Email is doreyrae@yahoo.com. I was sleeved on March 30 in Mexico. Thank you
  11. doreyrae

    Tired & no energy: blah

    I'm not sure how I can help because I am in the same situation. I was sleeved on 3/30 and am down 42lbs. I am so tired all the time. I have no energy to make it through the day. Any advise would be helpful.
  12. doreyrae

    "No go" foods

    Mainly all foods are OK for me. I have not tried bread, rice or Pasta. I dont plan on trying them either. My only problem is grits. Major stomach pain.
  13. doreyrae

    Did anyone smoke after surgery?

    Yes I smoke and I am 7 weeks out. Dr said not to smoke the first 21 days. Yes I am aware of the consequences. Its personal choice.
  14. My instructions is 5 lbs the first week and add 5 lbs each week there after.
  15. doreyrae


    I am a month out and I don't crush any of my pills. I have no problems swallowing them whole.
  16. doreyrae


    I feel the same way. I just can't get it together to drink my water, get my protein, take vitamins and eat. This is harder than I thought. I don't regret it due to weight loss but I have my moments where I wonder if I can do this. I am 5 weeks out and its not getting easier. Good luck.
  17. doreyrae

    Recent absess surgery

    I had my sleeve surgery on March 30 and had to have an emergency Hemorrhoidectomy on April 7. I am on Lortab liquid every 4 hours and its making me sick. At this point I choose to be sick over being in pain. Hope it gets better for you soon. The thing I hate is that I have not lost a single pound in the past week. Being immobile sucks!!!
  18. Before my sleeve I felt as if my body felt solid. Post op my body feels so squishy. Its nasty!! Once I begin to exercise will my skin tighten up?? I'm only 7 days post op. Thank you
  19. doreyrae

    Calcium chews ?

    I use Viactive and really like the Caramel flavor. 2 a day.
  20. doreyrae


    Thanks for the replies. I am actually looking forward to working out. Need to replace my addiction somewhere. Hope it helps my jello.
  21. I did not fly but I did have a 12 hour ride home. Dr told me to stop every 3 hours and walk for 15 min. 7 days post op today and no issues from the drive.
  22. I chose Dr Alvarez and leaving tomorrow for my sleeve on Saturday. Good luck with your decision.
  23. doreyrae

    Muscle Milk?

    Drinking one right now. I like the Cookies and Cream the best.

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