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  1. ShaylaVSG13

    September 12 2013

    Just left my surgeons office!! Scheduled my VSG surgery! 9/12/13. I am very excited, also nervous. Anyone else having surgery on the 12th?
  2. ShaylaVSG13

    BCBC PA Question!

    Hello everyone!! Yesterday I had all of my paper work submitted to my insurance company. Highmark BCBS (PA) anyone else have this insurance!? How did the approval process go for you? I know every case is different but just looking for some others with same insurance for their experience. I am nervous about the approval process. Thanks.
  3. ShaylaVSG13

    BCBC PA Question!

    Just wanted to update! This Monday I called to Check on the progress.. And I was informed that my file has been in the wrong department they don't know where the mix up was.. But told me I need to call surg office and have them resend. So.. This Monday had it submitted (to the correct department) and Tuesday I received a phone call that I was approved!!!!! Yay ????????
  4. ShaylaVSG13

    BCBC PA Question!

  5. So after a loong road my papers have finally been submitted to insurance today!! (Highmark) Hopefully the wait is not long! Yay! I can't wait.
  6. I have completed my 6 month pre op requirements!! I am meeting with my surgeons today to find out what the next step is... Hopefully I don't require a ton of test ???? Please keep me in your thoughts today! I hope things go well! I'm nervous!!
  7. ShaylaVSG13

    Meeting surgeon today!

    Thanks girls! *update* My paperwork is being submitted to insurance today!!!! Yay! Just waiting on approval now.
  8. Hello! I am still pre op. I have my 5th and FINAL nut appointment/group session on July 10th ????????. After that appointment I have one final one on one to do and hopefully things will move smoothly and quick!! Fingers crossed. I have done all the hoop jumping and testing. Got clearances from my pcp and has a psych appointment. I am in the final leg of this pre op journey and I am SO SO excited. Can't wait. Good luck in your journeys!
  9. ShaylaVSG13


    Yay!! Congrats on the approval. Hopefully things go that smooth when it's my turn
  10. ShaylaVSG13

    68 pounds down in 7 weeks

    Amazing!! You are doing a great job!
  11. ShaylaVSG13

    PB & J Smoothie

    http://www.bellplantation.com/ Haven't found in stores.
  12. ShaylaVSG13

    psych eval

    I just had mine today. I was provided a list of Drs that my surgeons office finds acceptable to do the Psych Eval. However they do not schedule for you.. I was a little nervous but appointment went good. I am officially cleared to have surgery. Just have to finish the rest of my requirements! Good luck to you
  13. ShaylaVSG13

    Pre-op Requirements

    Yay!! Praying the approval process is easy and quick!! I am on month three of the requirements. Good luck with everything.
  14. ShaylaVSG13

    South Western PA!

    Looking for support from some locals!! I am located in south western PA not far from Pittsburgh. I am hoping to connect with some VSG friends (pre or post) I am pre op - a late July or early August hopeful pending insurance approval. I am currently on month 3 out of 6 pre surgery insurance requirements. Curious to see who is out there in my area!
  15. ShaylaVSG13

    Any Pennsylvania Sleevers?

    I am near Pittsburgh! Nice to see some locals on this site. I am doing my insurance required 6 month supervised diet with Dr. Bello.
  16. ShaylaVSG13


  17. ShaylaVSG13

    My Fitness Pal

    Looking for friends for my fitness pal! I don't know anyone that uses this app and I am interested in adding a few friends to motivate me
  18. I am also required to do a 6 month Pre Op program. During the program I will meet with my NUT 7 times, have 5 group sessions and 1 one on one with my surgeon. I have my psych eval scheduled for April 30th. I am in month 2. Hoping to have my surgery scheduled late July!! I am 5'10 and currently weighing in around 317. I started my journey at 319.8 so losing slowly right now but steady. Excited && hoping this Pre Op time goes quick
  19. ShaylaVSG13

    My Fitness Pal

    Thank you everyone!
  20. ShaylaVSG13

    My Fitness Pal

  21. I had my FIRST pre-surgery doctor appointment yesterday. I met with the nutrition specialist and talked with her for about two hours about the things that I will have to start including in my diet and some advice on what I need to cut out of my diet now. I am very excited to start this journey. Altho, I am a little nervous I think it is normal. I set a goal to work on over the next month. I will not "graze" during the day and while putting away dinner leftovers. The only Snacks that I will have during the day are PRE PLANNED snacks, they have already been accounted for in my total calories and Protein totals for the day If i have a craving for something that is NOT planned, I will drink a glass of Water and have a piece of minty gum to distract my taste buds. Also, I have started my food Jounal! I think this tool will be extremely helpful to me !

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