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  1. ribearty

    Labor day Challenge

    I'm in. I finally can exercise again. Now to get the remainder off. My goal is 12 pounds between now and September 1. That will put me 10 pounds from my goal. I plan to ride 350 miles on my bicycle too. I am just excited to be able to exercise again. For a while, it seemed that was no longer going to be possible.
  2. ribearty


    Yes, I did. I was 24 days post surgery. I had no problems and the ball I used is 12 pounds.
  3. Game Girl, I have to say you look marvelous and are a skinny-mini. Congratulations and keep up the good work.
  4. ribearty

    Difficulty tolerating protein

    Congratulations on your surgery and welcome to Bariatric Pal. If you are having problems with powdered Proteins, try some ready to drink I used Premier a lot. I thought they tasted good, were not chalky and did not have an aftertaste. You might try them at room temperature or refrigerated to see if one works better for you than the other. Good luck to you.
  5. ribearty

    lap band or sleeve?

    Hi Bonbini, Welcome to Bariatric Pal. You and your doctor will decide the best option for you. Sometimes you are not a good candidate for a particular surgery. I, like Laughing Cat, am a revision patient. I had a lap-band and now have the sleeve. With any weight loss it is a tool and you still have to work with it in order to have long-term success. I have had no problems with keeping things down with the sleeve at all since my surgery. I was able to start swallowing pills a week after sleeve surgery. When I had my band, my surgeon did not allow me to start swallowing pills until 6 weeks post-op. One thing you will find on this site, is that different doctors have different pre-op and post-op diets and lengths of time before you are allowed to do things. One of the best pieces of advice I can give you is to follow the instructions your doctor and nutritionist give you especially while you are still healing and recovering from surgery.
  6. ribearty

    April Fitness Challange!

    Hello, I am not going to make my goal to ride my bike 150 miles this month. I have gotten in 87 miles this month outside. I had planned to only count actual miles on my road bike. I still am keeping my long-term goal to hit 1,000 miles on it by the end of October, but I think for the individual month challenges I am going to start counting spin class and indoor bike riding also. I am going to keep count of outside and inside to try to keep true to my 1,000 miles outside. Weather and work have not been conducive to outside riding. We are supposed to get rain every day through Thursday.
  7. ribearty

    Memorial Day Challenge

    I am down 2 pounds from my starting weight. Now 3 more to go. I can do this.
  8. ribearty

    Memorial Day Challenge

    Count me in. My goal is to drop into the next lowest decade. My starting weight is 174.
  9. ribearty

    April Fitness Challange!

    I have walked 34.7 miles and rode 45 on my bicycle.
  10. ribearty

    April Fitness Challange!

    Hi and thanks for setting up April. My goal this month is to ride my bicycle 150 miles.
  11. The purpose of this thread is to get moving more than you did the month before. Try some new activity or work on something you are trying to improve in the fitness area. My goal for this month is to start on my 1,000 mile bike ride. I made a New Year's resolution to ride 1,000 miles between mid-March and the end of the October. Goal for this month is 75 miles.
  12. ribearty

    March 2014 Fitness Challenge

    I have gotten in 40 miles of riding. We had a break in the weather. I don't think I will get in the full 75 this month due to the weather. I am not giving up. Have to see what next weekend holds. I might get it in this month.
  13. ribearty

    Easter Challenge

    Starting weight 173 goal weight for this challenge is 168
  14. ribearty

    Easter Challenge

    Count me in. I hope to hop into a new bracket of weight. This will be the perfect lead in for my 6 month post-op visit.
  15. ribearty

    St. Patrick's Day Challenge

    Stayed the same 173.
  16. ribearty

    March 2014 Fitness Challenge

    I bought a different car and have to get a new bike rack for it. The rack i want to get is out of stock. It won't be available until the end of March. That's okay. I will have to ride locally until I get it. Loving the change to daylight savings time. We have also had some decent weather this week. Come on Spring.
  17. ribearty

    St. Patrick's Day Challenge

    Hit 173. Late in posting this week.
  18. ribearty

    Is this too much?

    They look great on you. I have so many items that are pink. People tease me about having a pink car.
  19. I would be interested. There are several bariatric surgery groups in the St. Louis area that regularly hold support meetings.
  20. I believe the results will be skewed based on the choice of answers for question 10. Hopefully there is a larger percentage of margin of error for this question.
  21. ribearty

    St. Patrick's Day Challenge

    Congrats on your new BMI status. Woo hoo!!! I stayed the same, but lost a lot the first week. Bring it on along with daylight savings time and warmer weather.
  22. ribearty

    February 2014 Fitness Challeng

    Hi everyone here is the link to the March fitness challenge. http://www.bariatricpal.com/topic/299671-march-2014-fitness-challenge/#entry3386319
  23. Ok...here we go. A new month....Time to get off our collective butts and push ourselves a little bit. This isn't about weight loss so much as it's about living/breathing/moving more...feeling better....improving the quality of our life through fitness. Not to mention pushing ourselves to do a little more than we thought we could. As always....set a goal for yourself. Something that you know will be challenging. State what your goal is....then come back every chance you get to update your progress. Make your goal something specific and measurable. XXX miles walking/running/cycling/ellipticing/swimming/crossfitting/weightlifting. Or XXX hours working out this month.....XXX times going to the gym this month....whatever you want. I plan to walk 50 miles and ride my bike 75 miles. Everybody join in. Exercise and fitness will make you feel better, help you sleep, speed up your metabolism, increase our strength and stamina, lengthen your life....and make you look better naked. Face it, we could all use that. Butter normally starts this thread, but said someone needed to set it up for February.
  24. ribearty

    My transformation in video!

    Quite impressive. You look wonderful.
  25. Hi, I had the paperwork submitted just in case something happened. I wound up not needing to take more time off, but this guaranteed I would be covered if something did occur. HR at my company encouraged me to submit it, and they told me it was for my protection. I was out for a total of 11 working days. I had surgery on Friday, 10/25. I also had another surgery on 11/4, and began working from home for half days from 11/5 to 11/8. I returned full time on 11/11. I felt great the first week after surgery, but after the second surgery was more tired. My doctor wants you to take off two weeks. You just never know how you will feel. My employer required a letter from the doctor stating I could return to work.

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