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  1. I love seeing the progress people have made after surgery. So for those comfortable enough to share them I'd love to see your before and after (and even progress) pics. I haven't had surgery yet (and wont for at least another 3mths) so I don't have any to post but I still like seeing what I have to look forward to. The pic below is me at my highest of 316lbs 2hrs after my son was born.
  2. Roserie

    Before and After Pics

    I think the biggest thing I've gained in all this is that I don't HAVE to live in large t-shirts and oversized hoodies alllll the time. I can actually buy more feminine clothes and actually feel good about myself. Granted the black shirt is loose fitting it's also a size L. The grey shirt is an XXL and the light blue hoodie is an XL. The jeans in the newest picture is also 2 sizes down from the 2018 picture and 4 sizes down from the oldest picture.
  3. Roserie

    Before and After Pics

    I came across probably the only picture I have of me at my highest weight (the day after my VSG surgery in 2013). I'm pretty sure I deleted all the others. I avoided the camera for many years. So I put them side by side with my revision surgery (9/2019) and me at my current weight. It really opened my eyes though. And while I still might not be "skinny" I'm finally happy. It took awhile to get here. I didn't ever get down to my goal weight with VSG. I was more concerned with getting the weight off and keeping it off without regaining. And I would always either lose weight or maintain. Now that I know I can keep the weight off, I can finally focus on my goal weight. I'd be perfectly happy only losing another 20ish lbs. My goal was never to be super skinny but to be healthy and able to keep up with my son. To take him camping, hiking and fishing every summer like I did as a kid. Every time I see this picture at my largest I'm still shocked I was ever that size. HW: 326lbs CW: 192lbs
  4. Roserie

    today's NSV...

    Hurray! I just went from a 16 to a 12.
  5. Progress since my revision for reflux and a hiatal hernia repair. Surgery day: 230lbs Weight today: 192lbs
  6. Roserie

    Before and After Pics

    Well I finally have hips again. They've always been big (got wider after having a kid) but you can finally tell. When I run my hands down my side and over my hip I can feel my hip bone with only a light press. I can't remember the last time this was possible. I'm also in onderland for the first time in.....13yrs? Never thought this day would come. I was always self conscious when shirts were tight enough to show my stomach. So I always bought a size larger. I've been an XL for 4yrs now. And a size 16-18 pant. I'm now self conscious for a different reason. My shirts are too baggy and they make me feel way bigger than I really am. My XL leggings are too loose. My size 14 pants are now getting too big. I'm going to try and hold off on buying new clothes for another few mths but I'm finally excited to go clothes shopping. Height: 5'7" HW: 325lbs CW: 197lbs
  7. Roserie

    Before and Afters bypass

    I'm only a mth out from my VSG to RNY revision. Down 20lbs (226lbs to 206lbs).
  8. My hiatal hernia was actually repaired during my revision from VSG to RNY. I was told aside from the GERD that this was the best way to repair my hernia.
  9. Roserie

    Before and After Pics

    Last yr I bought a shirt from Target. It was an XL in women's. All women know how much it can suck to buy womens clothing. 9 times out of 10 a XL in one brand can be a M in another. This is why I generally just buy men's t-shirts. Though I know I wear an XL in Old Navy's women's shirts. That being said, I bought this shirt and when I got home it was about 3 sizes too small. I sadly shoved it in a drawer and forgot about it. I'm almost a mth out from my revision. My GERD is completely gone and the weightloss is a huge bonus. I found the shirt today and put it on. And it fit!
  10. Roserie

    Incision infection?

    It could just be a bit irritated. If its the one higher up on your belly, that's the incision of mine that always takes longer to heal (I've had a few laparoscopic surgeries). I put neosporin on a bandaid for a day and then go back to just washing with soap and water and leaving it open to air. If they used the dissolving stitches they may not have completely dissolved or fallen out. I had that happen at the edges of my csection scar and wound up getting a pair of tweezers and lightly pulling the portion that was left, out. I'm kinda surprised they didn't use the surgical glue on yours though. If it starts to get hot or you get a fever, call your dr. Those are signs of infection.
  11. Roserie

    Stinky Pee

    Actually women can do it too. Some can expell it in large amounts through normal orgasm or when rubbing the g-spot. Idk why people seem so weirded out about someone talking about normal bodily functions. If it makes you uncomfortable, don't comment or continue to read. Not everyone is so uncomfortable with their body that they can't talk about these things. This board should be a place where people can come and ask questions without judgement. Also, all women should know how their parts smell when they're healthy. The first sign of something wrong with those parts is generally the smell changing. Not anything to be embarrassed or ashamed about. Any girl that claims they've NEVER caught a whiff of their lady bits is lying. But there is nothing wrong with it. As for the original question. My pee only smells stronger when I'm beginning to get dehydrated. Though i have read that your body fluids can smell differently during ketosis so that might be the cause. And I don't have the ability to ejaculate so I can't comment on that. Sorry some of these people that call themselves adults act like a 12yr old at the mention of lady bits and sex related stuff.
  12. Roserie

    Before and After Pics

    Here is the side by side of 3 days post revision vs 2wks post revision. Tomorrow I'm going to track down that black tank top so I can wear the same shirt in every progress picture. Both shirts are an XL and the jeans on the right are a size smaller than what I've been wearing.
  13. I have Kaiser. I had the sleeve in 2013. I've had severe reflux for the last 2yrs. They had also found a hiatal hernia recently. From the discovery of the hernia to surgery date it took me about 6mths to get a revision. I didn't have any issue getting insurance to approve it for medical reasons.
  14. Roserie


    I just had the revision for reflux. Granted I'm barely on the moist diet but I haven't had any reflux since surgery.
  15. Roserie

    * HELP HOW many days in hospital???

    I had VSG to RNY revision. I went in on a Wednesday. Surgery lasted 5hrs and I went home Friday night. They told me I could stay one more day if I felt like i needed it but I chose to go home.
  16. Roserie

    Before and After Pics

    HW 325 CW 210 GW 170 VSG 8/2013 RNY Revision for Reflux 9/2019
  17. From the album: Revision

    6mths pre revision (6yrs post VSG)
  18. Roserie


    2wks post revision
  19. Roserie


    6mths pre revision (6yrs post VSG)
  20. Roserie


    Revision from VSG to RNY for severe reflux and hernia repair
  21. Roserie


    2wks post VSG to RNY revision for reflux
  22. Roserie


    1mth pre revision (6yrs post VSG)

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