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  1. SuchaPrettyFaceBUT

    Surgety tomorrow

    Hi everyone. I have surgery tomorrow. I just wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for the support and generosity of information throughout this entire process. You have all helped me more than you'll ever know and I am truly grateful to be part of this family. I wish all sleevers luck tomorrow!!! Please pray for me :/
  2. SuchaPrettyFaceBUT

    support groups northeast nj

    Count me in too. I'm in Bloomfield. My surgery is scheduled 4/15 this Monday eekkkk
  3. SuchaPrettyFaceBUT

    support groups northeast nj

    I don't but I'm interested to know as I'm in northern nj also
  4. SuchaPrettyFaceBUT

    For My April Sleevers

    I'm April 15 too!
  5. SuchaPrettyFaceBUT


    I work for a very small family owned company, only about eight employees. I planned on taking a week and a half of vacation days for my surgery. Im a graphic designer so i sit a lot in my job. One of my coworkers said that I should be taking disability instead of vacation day. However I'm afraid that my boss will treat me badly and be mean to me out of spite if I use disability as opposed to vacation days. (She is a VERY mean boss) I never looked into disability so I'm not quite sure how it works. Does everyone plan on using vacation time or filing for disability? I could use some opinions :/
  6. SuchaPrettyFaceBUT

    RIP livesaveremt

    So very sad. Rest in peace Fred. Thoughts and prayers are with your family and friends.
  7. SuchaPrettyFaceBUT

    Omg omg! Approved today!

    ME too!!!! approved today! surgery april 15!
  8. SuchaPrettyFaceBUT

    On the verge of being denied...

    I got a box in the mail today of all the post op chewable Vitamins I ordered. I got so excited to open them all up and try them (chewable Calcium tablets, yuck) but I stopped and realized that there is a very real possibility that my insurance will deny me. I got some opposition this week with my bmi being "low" and my blood pressure being only diagnosed for 2 years (as opposed to the required 5 years). My case manager basically told me to be prepared for a "no". I know that I can appeal it but its just a very depressing thought. Also that if I'm denied I will lose my slotted surgery date of April 15 that I feel so ready for and married to. I'm just feeling really discouraged and nervous. Not what I wanted to hear on a Friday to have to worry and stress out about all weekend. Ps I have Horizon BCBS NJ. My bmi is 37.5 and I take meds for high BP but no meds for high cholesterol. I'm 5'7" and weigh 240 and I'm 31 yr old. Not to mention now very depressed
  9. SuchaPrettyFaceBUT

    A few questions

  10. SuchaPrettyFaceBUT

    For My April Sleevers

    Hi can you invite me to please? Lindsey anderson. Lindsbran22@hotmail.com
  11. SuchaPrettyFaceBUT

    April 15, 2013

    April feels like a year away. It can't come soon enough!
  12. SuchaPrettyFaceBUT

    Not fat enough? This is for Low BMI'ers

    Wow what a JERK! my boss said the same thing, "...and your SURE you cant do this on your own?" with a half frowned expression like me admitting this to her was my defeat...you should have told him that what you lack in willpower, he makes up for in doucheyness. Good luck to you this friday!!! Keep us posted.
  13. SuchaPrettyFaceBUT

    Gas x strips

    Found them in Walmart tonight! I got a box of strips and a box of chewable. Thanks everyone!
  14. SuchaPrettyFaceBUT

    French fry purgetory

    Sorry about awful spelling, iPhone and I don't always get along :/
  15. SuchaPrettyFaceBUT

    For My April Sleevers

    Me too! Send me the link, I keep getting error too.

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