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  1. sarahp_newme

    Half way there

    5 months out and Im down 72 pounds!!
  2. sarahp_newme


    From the album: Half way there

    4 months post op 55 pounds down
  3. sarahp_newme


    From the album: Half way there

    5 months post op 72 pounds down
  4. OK so i am 2 months post op and have been very active since the day of my surgery. I have lost 45 pounds so far but hit a stall a few weeks ago and have not lost A THING. I work out 5 days a week as well as weight toning I eat what im supposed to I have my treat occasionally but nothing bad all sugar free treats etc. I drink my protein shakes but im not loosing anything, can someone point me in the right direction or give me some advice to why im not loosing. THANK YOU!
  5. sarahp_newme

    Ohh mmmmm geeee

    LOL congrats
  6. sarahp_newme

    How to break a stall?

    Protein is your best friend the first 6 months because thats when you lose the fastest. If taking in alot of carbs was good for us than non of us would of needed the surgery in the first place. lol you can get anywhere from 100-180 calories from a protein shake i would suggest adding in an extra one of these a day thats where your extra calories are WITHOUT adding in sugar or carbs
  7. sarahp_newme

    Stretches or strength training for gluts

    Try stretching longer and work your hips and full lower abdominal area not just your gluts. check out www.livestrong.com also you can do some leg presses lunches planks etc these will all work with your lower abdomen/gluts and legs . one thing that might help is to get a tennis ball and sit on the edge on your couch and just roll the ball on the sole of your foot it will strengthin those muscles in your feel and shins.
  8. sarahp_newme

    How to break a stall?

    I wouldnt recommend up'ing the carbs unless your working out. or else they will just turn to sugar and stored fat and thats counter effective to what where doing. If your working out hard than yes but you been a newbie still i would not suggest doing that at this early on in the surg.
  9. sarahp_newme

    How to break a stall?

    Try up'ing your calories just alittle your body is getting used to where your at and is getting comfortable you need to try and switch things up. have you been walking or anything
  10. sarahp_newme

    Don't know what to do...

    Im sorry i dont mean to sound to blunt but you have to want this bad enough. Its a life style change not a quick fit for being fat. If your not motivated now it wont change after surgery . ya youll lose weight only cause your body is forced to but you can do better than what you doing. Food is no longer your best friend and you cant treat it like it is. Atleast not the carbs. What are you gunna do when you have to do the all liquid diet?? This is your own doing and if you want it bad enough if your tierd of seeing yourself in the mirror and hating what you see than do something about it and start with TELLING YOUR GUT TO SHUT THE HELL UP! YOU NEED TO HAVE STRENGTH throw the **** away and GET IT TOGETHER
  11. sarahp_newme

    Another embarrassing question...

    I am in the medical field and i would agree completely with leleboo. Your body is buring so much fat and sugar that its got to be flushed out somehow i personally wouldnt recommend the douches or ph refreshers just because it can throw things off even more and dry you out and make you itch or cause a uti/yeast infection.
  12. sarahp_newme

    First stall and purees

    I understand your frustration i had recently went through the same thing. With you still being so fresh with the sleeve you need to up your protein and water intake. I no it sounds weird ok why do i need to UP my calories to lose weight. But after your body goes into shock and losses weight it says oh ok well i see what there doing nope not gunna happen today and it clings hard to whatever fat and calories it has stored up so that it does "starve" you really do want to up your calories/protein so it doesnt start effecting your organs and breaking down your tissue. I was in a stall for about 2-3 weeks but was working out everyday taking in 600-800 calories so i was like why the heck and i not lossing/ So i upd my calories to around 900 kept working out and bam lost 3 pounds in 3 days. So try that see if it helps it might be as simple as taking on one extra shake a day. Good luck keep us posted.
  13. sarahp_newme

    Started 'Couch to 5k today' Anyone keen?

    I made my own verison of this because i enjoy the HITT workouts so i up'd it just a tad lol.....i walk at 3.0 for first 2 mins than every min i bump it up 2 clicks till i hit between 5-10 mins its about how your muscles feel before you really wanna hit it. Ill run at 5.5/6 for a min bump it down to 3.5 or a 4.0 for another min than back up to 5.5/6 and keep doing that for about 20 mins than the last few mins of my run ill go as high as i can for as long as i can than stretch out at low speed Just becareful doing it this way i fractured my foot doing it last year lol
  14. sarahp_newme

    Average calorie intake

    Im a little over 2 months i get in between 700-900 but i also workout 5 days a week so my calories and protein have to be higher in order to lose
  15. sarahp_newme

    Another revision question

    I was walking within 5 hours of surgery. Try to go for 5-10 mins every 45mins to every hour it really truly does help w pain and getting rid of those gasses
  16. sarahp_newme

    Crybaby right here!

    Its normal your mind and emotions are just going in all different directions. Good luck youll do great! enjoy the good drugs while you can lmao when you feel yourself getting overwhelmed just look at a really cute clothing site or some bathing suites or something to take your mind off of it.
  17. sarahp_newme

    Started 'Couch to 5k today' Anyone keen?

    Hey mr. dom man ive been doing this for a few months now. I really enjoy it. if doing it on the treadmill or outside starts to hurt your feet or knees to much you can hop on the elliptical there a speed and time tracker on there and its gentle on the joints. Have FUN!!
  18. lol i had one for my bday with a second shot of T and i did fine!! no burning nothing just a very very good buzz!
  19. sarahp_newme

    alright tough guys - how long to recover?

    You can definitly do it, keep your protein up and if you feel tierd than sit and rest.
  20. sarahp_newme

    2 1/2 months post op

    From the album: sarahp_newme

    40 pounds down and 3 clothing sizes
  21. Blessed to be on my way to healthy, happy, and BEAUTIFUL

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