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  1. Supposed to start taking Calcium at 4 weeks. That will be Thursday. I was re reading my instructions yesterday and noticed that it says it must be calcium citrate. Of course, I purchased all my post op vitamans and supplements before surgery. I now notice that I picked up calcium carbonate. Question is what is the difference and why only citrate? Maybe the way it is absorbed? I googled it but really just came up with a bunch of junk ads. I know I can call but really don't feel like it. Anyone?
  2. newat52

    So THIS happened the other day. Me and my big mouth.

    My mother used to call that diarrhea of the mouth. Sheesh.....some people have no brain!
  3. Dont lie. It isn't necessary. I am almost 2 years out and the only people in my life that know is my husband and our younger son. Our oldest still doesn't know and won't. Only reason one knows is because he lived with us at the time. I believe one's personal business is just that. I was out and about normally within about a week. I just declined any social events that included food for the first 6 weeks. I have lost weight many, many, many times throughout my life. (Who among us has not, yes?) When people ask me how much I have lost I say "a bunch." If they ask how I am doing it, my reply is one pound at a time. You get my drift.... What I am getting at is that just because someone asks you a question, you are not obligated to answer it. I will give someone two chances and then my reply is my weight is not a topic of discussion that I care to talk about. My surgery was the best thing I have ever done for my health and I am very proud to have had it done. I am also just a very private person and don't feel the need to be the poster child for weight loss surgery. Best of luck to you, it is not the easy way out by any means and it will take all the strength you can muster at times. It will be worth it. Very worth it!
  4. Oddly, I love it any way it comes. I'll eat it in a box and with a fox. I'll eat it here and there, I'll eat it anywhere! Practicing for my new grandson that is due next month!
  5. Edamame is one of my favorites! Costco has them in individual microwaveable servings. I love mine with some sea salt and I also make my own roasted garlic, put it in a pepper mill and sprinkle some on with the sea salt and OMG! Yummy!
  6. newat52

    Anyone want to be fat again?

    No! Never, ever. I had saggy skin before and I still do. It is what is is. Never want to go back. I'll take the daily struggle to keep it off over the struggle to get through the day as a heavier person.
  7. I get a 64 oz pitcher and slice up a cucumber, boil about 2 cups Water in the microwave and dump in over the cucumbers. I let it sit about 10 minutes then add ice and water. It's so refreshing and makes the water go down easily. I dissevered it at the spa and now I can't live without it! You could do it with fruit or anything really. Did watermelon last week. The constipation was an issue with me for about 6 months. It because you are eating so much Protein and not enough Fiber. It's pretty common and it should resolve its self when you are on more regular foods. Until then Miralax was my best friend! Good luck!
  8. newat52

    WLS has made me a judgemental jerk!

    Good to see things are the same here since I took a bit of a break! lol! I guess I'll throw my 2 cents in here….While I know next to nothing of mental illness so can't really speak to that. It does seem like you know what you are doing is not good and you know its wrong. Funny thing here (sad really) is that you know you are judging others as evidenced by your post title but yet you are telling others not to judge you. Sometimes it can go back to a simple childhood rule. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Speak to others and you would like to be spoken to. Good luck in your journey. I wish you the best.
  9. My insurance excluded it as well. I look back now and don't care. I paid out of pocket and would do it again in a New York minute. Lucky, I live the the Dallas area where we have an abundance of top notch bariatric surgeons. (I paid $12,200 all inclusive) Don't get me wrong, that is a huge chuck of change but SO worth it. It was the best health decision I could have made for myself. My husband agrees! It would be great if insurance paid but if it doesn't, go for it! You will not regret it! Best of luck to you!
  10. newat52

    Feeling cold?

    Be careful what you wish for! I started freezing about 2 weeks post op. Surgery was 3/6/13. I except when working out or heat of the summer, I'm cold all the time. It's pretty common. There was a big discussion last winter in here somewhere. I always thought it was easier to warm up then cool down. I lived under a heated thrown all fall/winter/spring. Cuddle duds are my best friend. Don't get me wrong, I'll take it hands down with my new health and lease on life. If that's the worst thing, and it is, I am very grateful! Good luck to you!
  11. newat52


    I have been using straws since 3 weeks out with my surgeon and NUT's ok . Over 15 months now and my stomach has not expanded, exploded or imploded. Yes, every surgeon has different rules. I think we need to use our own common sense. We all had the same surgery. While it should be the same for everyone, keep in mind that our surgeons go by first of all, medical fact, that in which they know to be true, secondly, medical opinion. Third, serving the lowest common denominator and lastly, covering their asses. For me, I get in so much more Water each day with a straw than without. The only rule I won't test is the carbonation. Lots of folks have it but I'm not going to test it. It's not that important to me. Good luck and I'm sure you will love your sleeve!
  12. Constipation was far and away my biggest challenge. I have never cried over poop before! Once I finally got the relief, I used miralax in my Protein shakes. I use injury so I always blended them. If not in a shake in my yogurt. Once you are several months out as you introduce veggies back into your diet things will be much more normal. Keep up the miralax, it won't hurt for you to at all.
  13. Dr. Nicholson did my sleeve in March of 2013. Didn't know there was another dr. on board. Ask for Dr. Nicholson, he has done thousands and is one of the best. Good luck! You will love your sleeve!
  14. I take in my purse, beef Jerky, dry roasted ememame and string cheese. Unless they are searching my purse it works. There really has been any place that I can't find something to eat. Even a hamburger losing the bread. If nothing else, syntax nectar in the individual powder packages is liquid Protein when mixed with Water. Hope that helps. :-)
  15. You don't have to tell her anything. You are going out on medical leave I presume? All you boss has to know is that you are having surgery. Period. If you want to keep your medical history to yourself you have every right. You don't owe anyone an explanation for anything personal.
  16. Congratulations! Happiness to you both! Go Packers!
  17. Fantastic! Congrats on your success! Keep it up!
  18. newat52

    I didnt want to lie...

    I guess you liked my post so much you must have copied and pasted it. Ummm thanks??
  19. newat52

    I didnt want to lie...

    You don't owe anyone an explanation for anything. The ladies who are giving you a hard time are just looking for something to gossip about. Let them think whatever they want. They don't matter. When I get asked how much I've lost my answer is always "a bunch." When they ask how I did it, "one pound at a time." People generally figure by this point my weight is not on the table for discussion. Keep up the great work and don't the the haters get to you!
  20. I would just leave it alone. I'm sure that at some point it may come up in casual conversation and you can choose to talk about it. Why make your weight, whatever it is the focus of you? I'm sure you are a wonderful, brave person with so much more interesting things about you than your weight. Congrats on your new endeavor!
  21. Your doctor works for you. You do not work for her.
  22. newat52

    I am cold!

    Over a year out and have never been so cold! All the time! Get used to it and get some cuddle duds. I'll trade being healthy for being cold any day. Wouldn't change a thing.
  23. newat52

    Trader Joes!

    Besides the 3buckchuck, the soy chorizo is to DIE for! I brown a whole thing of it with some peppers and onions and take out what I want and throw it in with one whole egg and one egg white and top it with TJ's double roasted or chipotle garlic salsa and I am in heaven! I love their mustards and spices as well. Have the seasons 21 on veggies all the time. LOVE me some Trader Joe's!
  24. I'm disappointed there were only negative choices. whats up with that?Eating out should not be negative. In the beginning, sure it is scary till you get back on your feet. After a few months when one is back on a regular eating plan, go for it! I go out often. Its a social thing for me. I can go into a Mexican restaurant and not go anywhere near the chips. Every once in a while I do have a few but not often. Plenty of healthy things with Mexican food, which is, by the way, a food group all its own in Texas! If we know where we are going, I look online and see what there is. If not, I can't think of a restaurant that we would go to and not have some healthy choices. I can go to McDonalds and find healthy choices. You couldn't pay me to order a Big Mac or even just a small cheeseburger. If I'm going to splurge on a burger, its going to be at a higher quality burger place, but even then hubby and I share one and I lose the bun. Don't order it that way but I just take it off. I guess my point is that I didn't have WLS to be paranoid about food for the rest of my life. I want to have a normal life and make good decisions. For me, If I can eat my best 80% of the time, eat better 15% and 5% splurge, I consider that a success. No one can be perfect 100% of the time. Especially me. If I"m someplace and I just can find anything, I will always ask for a grilled chicken breast and grilled veggies, even if its not on the menu. I have never been turned down. If you don't see, ask. We have all made a brave and amazing choice to regain our health, lets go out and live and not cowering at home being afraid. I will be curious to read through all the responses. Have a great weekend everyone!
  25. newat52

    No bowel movement in 9 days!

    Yay! Keep the miralax around. You will need it during your recovery until your diet is able to handle more fiber. I still take gummy fiber bears everyday. Good luck!

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