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  1. bobheist

    Protein bars

    The Quest bars can have a globby texture (I kind of like that). Someone on here recommended I carry the bar (still packaged, of course) in my pocket for a bit before eating -- or leave on car dashboard for a few minutes. I found that to be a great tip -- softens the bar just the right amount. Others microwave them but I have found that makes them a bit too sticky. Call or email Quest and they'll send you a few free bars to sample (as someone else posted) and then you can decide before spending any money. I can't say enough about Quest bars - they are tasty and a great source of Fiber, which I had trouble getting in after surgery.
  2. bobheist

    Protein bars

    I am 100% team Quest. The bars are great, and seem like the best choice nutrition-wise. Quest also has unbeatable customer service, in my opinion.
  3. I've been using the Bariatric Advantage chews. They were recommended by my nutritionist. I like them and feel they're working well. I get them (and all my vitamins) from www.bariatricchoice.com - the site is a lot less expensive than Amazon and had great customer service.
  4. When I hit the one year mark my appetite came back with a vengeance. I still have restriction (I'm about 18 months out from surgery). I had very little appetite/hunger for that first year - I sure wish it had stayed that way.
  5. bobheist

    Bari buddy pillow

    I was given a little pillow when I had my surgery. I never really used it at the time, but it has been great for my back when driving long distances, lol.
  6. bobheist


    Sorry it took me a month to see this... My dietician told me that collagen, while technically a protein, isn't absorbed or isn't absorbed as well.
  7. bobheist


    I was told to stay away from any protein containing collagen.
  8. bobheist

    Protein bars

    I get what you're saying about not being sure about the concept of net-carbs ^^^ but any way you slice it the Quest bars are high in fiber, which I find really helpful.
  9. bobheist

    Protein bars

    I like the Power Crunch, but they're messy to eat (at least for me). Quest will send out a few free bars if you call them or do the instant-chat on their website. They'll also give free shipping with the code WORKOUT.
  10. bobheist

    Pill sizes...what is OK?

    I didn't mind the liquid Loratab at all -- it definitely helped me sleep.
  11. bobheist

    Protein bars

    I'm thinking you should probably be at the soft-foods stage (or check with your team) - the Quest Bars, if microwaved for a few seconds are very soft. It would probably depend with each type of bar. I got the idea from someone on here to put the quest bar in my pants pocket for about 10-15 minutes before I eat it -- it gets nice and soft that way, but the microwave works too.
  12. bobheist

    Pill sizes...what is OK?

    I never had any problems with swallowing pills. I did have a bit of a learning curve regarding when to take them - some on an empty stomach, others needed food with them, etc.
  13. bobheist

    Protein bars

    I'm definitely on the Quest Bar bandwagon. I think they're the best protein bar out there. The company also has excellent customer service.
  14. bobheist

    PBS Documentary on wls

    I'm very anxious to see this -- I checked on Netflix and it's available as a "save" which doesn't mean too much... Do I recognize one of the ladies in the trailer (the one shown early on in a bathing suit and then driving with the gearshift being in her way) from the My 600 Pound Life series?
  15. Wow! Your success is so impressive and inspirational!