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    Well guys & gals, I have this burning desire to try using a straw. I just feel that it's often more convenient to drink with one, for example, when I get a light Lemonade at Wendy's through the drive through. I've read that a lot of you use one with no issues at all. I'm gonna try it today. Here it goes...
  2. mysleevemylife

    Tracking measurements app?

    Great info everyone. It was helpful to me as well, so thanks!
  3. I am also struggling with late night snacking/eating as of like 3wks ago.
  4. mysleevemylife

    Bread and rice

    hey there! my surg date was march 6, 2013. I've had no issues with any of the above...unfortunately, lol. I take them all well.
  5. mysleevemylife

    Peanut butter?

    Cool! I looked at the small Walmart by my job for the PB2 today & was let down cause they don't carry it. I'm glad Kroger may have it. :-) Yay!
  6. mysleevemylife

    Does it really matter?

  7. mysleevemylife

    Favorite love to hate exercise

  8. mysleevemylife


    It's one of my fav fruits & I thanksfully have no digestion issues with it. I also continue to lose when I incorporate it into my weekly plan. I've found that the darker pink...the sweeter....YUMMY!!!!!
  9. mysleevemylife

    Before you post you've "only lost X pounds"

    It's been a while since I've been able to get caught up on here, so sorry for late reply. I totally understand what you mean now. I agree. Same here. :-)
  10. I'm just wondering who else really enjoys updating your ticker. It's really something for me to look forward to. It's been very encouraging to see the girl on my ticker get closer & closer to the "finish line". Now, on another note, this is random, but I was just thinking about how all of us are different. A lot has been said about this lately. I am fortunate that I am able to eat anything that I choose to without feeling sick and/or vomiting. I've discovered that one of my fav Snacks is popcorn. I allow myself some about once or twice every other week. I even give my Malti-Pooh some. He loves the crunch, lol. I, lastly, want to encourage anyone that needs it. Continue to stick to what is best for you. Fight for yourself. Be good to yourself. Love yourself & make no appology for it either. Love should start "at home" (within) & THEN spread abroad. Put in the hard work & stay focused on your goal. You do the work & just trust that your body will follow your lead....in it's own way....but it knows how to catch up & act right eventually. SO DON'T GIVE UP! Enjoy occasional treats with NO GUILT!! Live life so that you enjoy it & are not held in bondage by rules & things as such. As long as you eat/do/drink nothihg that will literally inflict harm to your body, sit back & enjoy your journey day by day. I wish all of you the best. I know that this post is all over the place, but just typing what comes to mind. THANKS FOR READING IT!
  11. mysleevemylife

    fish and chips post op anyone?

    I hope that your sleeve will cooperate so that you will be able to enjoy your favs as an occasional treat!! I do! It's all about keeping a healthy balance so that you can continue living your life to the fullest without feeling deprived.
  12. mysleevemylife

    Before you post you've "only lost X pounds"

    I'm just wanting to explore this a little more. Do you really feel that you will struggle with your weight FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE?? I think I know where you are coming from with this, but I think it's just the word "struggle" that caught my attention. I will take care of myself & love myself for the rest of my life, but there is no way I will "struggle" with my weight for the rest of my life. The struggle is ending & the coast is beginning. I claim victory & freedom from the years of bondage that have held me in a place where I've struggled with my weight. There will be a day that I will no longer struggle but I will reach back & help others who will & are struggling just like I once was. THis is in no way a means to start a blown out discussion....just my perspective.
  13. mysleevemylife

    Before you post you've "only lost X pounds"

    Very well said. This is so true. I like the fact that your post did not seem to sarcastically mock individuals that feel this way & post about it. Your post was also encouraging. This is what we are all here for, to help, encourage, inform, uplift each other & even sometimes to help snap ea other back into a healthy reality...lol. I like this post & I'm glad that you posted it.
  14. mysleevemylife

    What are your long term fitness goals

    Let's see here....hmmm.... By end of 2013 1. jog comfortably on Tmill 2. jog comfortably on Land 3. Swim Better By end Of 2014 1. Be heavily training to become a Boxer 2. Running comfortably (not struggling to breath) on the Tmill & on Land 3. Jog/Run a Marathon of any length -These are the first that come to my mind.
  15. mysleevemylife

    What is your biggest vice?

    I clicked "like" on this, because I too like to eat pizza!Oh yeah, that's another one added to my list. I've eat pizza prob three times since my sleeve has "healed". I had no issues either, but it def didn't have the same Orgasmic, lol, affect that it used to.
  16. mysleevemylife

    What is your biggest vice?

    One of my fav meals is (Chinese) Orange Chicken with Steamed Brown Rice. I enjoy eating the little skinny W.W. cakes. I have the Red Velvet right now. I've had Buffalo Wild Wing Chicken Wings & enjoyed them. These are a few things that are not on the "Healthy" list necessarily, but I enjoy them in moderation. Correction: Brown Rice is a healthy Carb. You know what I'm saying, though, LOL.
  17. mysleevemylife

    Negative self-image

    First of all, congrats on your weight loss success!! This is MAJOR. Unfortunately when the outside improves, the inside does not always jump on board at the same time. There are things in the past that cause pain & affect us in ways that seem to scar us, BUT over time, even these scars will heal. I want to suggest a few things. First, seek counseling just to talk out the issues....as an outlet. & if not counseling, journaling, praying, a good sound church, any of these are good. Secondly, write down a list of EVERYTHING positive about yourself & place it where you can see it daily & also meditate on these things until you begin to FULLY believe them. Forgive yourself also. Forgive yourself for any time that you have let down yourself or others. No one is perfect & we all have not so pretty things "in our closet". Let the past go & propel forward. Refuse to let the past control you. Take one day at a time. Walk with you head held high & with confidence even if you dont feel that way yet. Please inbox me anytime. I know what you are going through to an extent.
  18. Thanks for sharing! I hope that it will still apply by Friday-my pay day.
  19. mysleevemylife

    question about fresh vegetables and fruit

    I enjoy both fruits & veggies, even those with skins on! I was very happy to discover that I have no issues with any of them that I've tried, including iceburg lettuce. I skin on the apple doesn't bother me either, thank God. I ate Watermelon yesterday for the 1st time since surg. I was suprised at how full I got so quickly while eating it, but I really enjoyed it. It quenched my thirst, too. I'm, personally, not hard on myself with fruit. Some ppl may harp on the sugar, but it's natural sugar & I make sure that I get my protein in on days when I enjoy fruit. Best wishes to you on your journey!!
  20. mysleevemylife

    the guilt is eating me alive

    Stay strong as much as you can & NO NOT....I repeat....DO NOT GIVE UP, even if you are holding onto faith & encouragement with a thin thread that seems like it is going to break at any time. You are human & it's alright to feel, hurt, pain, anger, & any other emotion that comes with life & it's circumstances at times, but do not place a bandaid over your feelings. allow yourself to feel every emotion, because that is a part of healing. if you try to ignore or suppress your feelings, they will resurface in some kind of "ugly" way. the key is to let yourself go through the stages of "mourning". let nature take its place as far as what happens between you & your lady/relationship. let everything unfold according to "God's will/plan". Just take one day at a time. Focus on you & anything positive that makes you feel fulfilled & happy, whether that be a hobby or anything else positive. that will help your days not seem so long. surround yourself around ppl that genuinely wish you the best. get good rest & do not forsake your spiritual path cause you must stay balanced in all areas. this is my advice & i hope it helps some. I truly wish you the best. keep reaching out to all of us whenever you need to talk,vent, or just want to get our advice. feel free to also inbox anytime. Best wishes my friend.
  21. mysleevemylife

    The TALKING!

    lol! I like that.
  22. mysleevemylife

    chinese food

    Well, I know it's debatable if Panda Express is "real chinese" food as some say, but if you have one in your area, let me tell you....I treat myself to the steamed rice, mixed veggies, Teriyaki Chicken (soooo tender & good), & orange chicken. I have no issues. My surg was 3/6/13. I chew well & take my time. I eat it for like three meals. try it again in even smaller quantities & maybe try another place. What I live by is that I WILL have anything in moderation. I want to enjoy life & food like I used to BUT, BUT, BUT....not abuse it like I used to. I do shy away from fried foods, but eventually, I will def try fried chicken, lol!
  23. mysleevemylife

    How much pizza can you eat ?

    lol, I can't handle the crust on the ends either.
  24. mysleevemylife

    How much pizza can you eat ?

    Thin Slice. Veggie. Two slices minus the crust at the ends. I was surprised that I could eat two, but I know it's cause they are thin sliced. :-) Not about perfection but everything in moderation---that's my motto...well, one of them at least, lol!

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