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    Looking good buddy!
  2. VSGKirk

    After Pictures

  3. What do you get when a bunch of VSG folks have a few glasses of wine and hop into bed with each other at a WLS Conference? Well, you get THIS!
  4. In my latest video update I describe a sleep eating incident - does that happen to anyone else while taking a sleep aid?
  5. From the album: VSGKirk

    215 lbs
  6. VSGKirk

    I'm embarrassed...

    I dealt with it with humor... I took video of myself throwing myself on the ground in front of the gym throwing my best 2 year old-esque tantrum I could muster up. I had to deal with it with humor. Because in all realness, no one really cares what other people look like at the gym. You are there just doing your thing, they are doing theirs and that dialogue in our heads is what is silly. You deserve to be there just as much as anyone else and speaking from experience, it's much bigger in your head than in they gym. You can do this!
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    My update

    Keep up the great work and enthusiasm!
  8. I noticed it after drinking protein drinks. I can assure you though, it gets better!
  9. VSGKirk

    big veins tonight

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    What will you be blending? I just used one of those hand wand style blenders - but I was just pureeing soups and chili.
  11. VSGKirk

    pureed recipes please I just got

    I pureed just about every variety of Progresso soup known to man!
  12. VSGKirk

    Week #25 06/30/13

    From the album: During the Journey

  13. VSGKirk

    Leanshake from GNC

    I've used them and think they're good. When comparing the cost though, the Premier Protein RTD shakes at Costco just seemed like more protein for the $. Go with what you like and will enjoy :-)
  14. Hey y'all - I'm doing well also. Had my 6 month post-op surgical visit the other day (a few weeks early) - all my lab test came back remarkably normal. Say what!? So I guess this fantastic tool, hard work and making a conscientious effort to put nourishing things in my body is working! Thanks to everyone in this forum and on VST for all of the support throughout this amazing journey
  15. If you stop weighing yourself, the number on the scale will not have the power it seems to have on you right now. It will force you to measure your success by how you feel. Can you do that?
  16. VSGKirk

    Bowel movements

    This question comes up frequently and the consensus is that you'l have one when your body is ready to have one. You'll see replies from 1 day to 1 week. As long as you are staying hydrated and not in any acute severe pain, you'll be fine!
  17. VSGKirk

    Bakesale Hell

    The beauty of this tool that it allows you to take pause, where in the past, you would have mindlessly eaten much much more. This time you at least stopped, thought about it, made a decision (although it sounds like you regret it) and are now being accountable. This sounds much healthier and deserves to be celebrated - so congrats! Guilt and shame should have been left behind in the O.R. Love yourself enough to enjoy the cookie, track it and move on!
  18. 5.5 Months out and I get about 800 calories (+/- 150) each day. The denser the food, the smaller the volume for me. I eat mostly Soups, chilis and stews - whatever is soft, easy to prepare and store.
  19. Overnight...and that was only because I died during surgery (briefly) - otherwise, I would have been able to go home same day.
  20. VSGKirk

    Best condom idea, ever!

    LOL, I just took a picture of one of these sitting on my lap at a powerlifting competition last weekend!
  21. Eat fresh, wholesome stuff. Not eating crappy, processed, highly refined food really isn't "dieting". If you just follow the basics (protein first, then carbs, then veggies), you'll never feel like you're dieting ever again! Don't start setting yourself up for failure now - you've made it this far and wow! Look at your results!!!

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