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    Help Making the Right Choice

    I was banded when I was 35 and it did nothing for me to improve my fertility or to lose weight. 10 years have passed and I did finally have a baby through IVF and carried full term with gestational diabetes and borderline high blood pressure. My son is now 3 and I am now 45 and were we're not able to go for a second due to my weight which up until 2 months ago hovered at 257 for an entire decade. I would not waste any time with the band, really. Go straight to sleeve or even bypass if that is your preference. The weight loss will help you get pregnant.
  2. Jane, you so totally get howi feel about this. It is so easy to feel like a failure. I have to say in my 10 years of dealing with this band, I just never thought anything could be done. I never wanted to undergo another surgery, not to remove it, not to revise it, nothing. I thought in 10,000 years they would dig me up and wonder what the contraption was with my bones. I know it's morbid but I was told it was a forever solution and it would never come out. After the surgery, I moved on to other health challenges, including infertility and finally had my miracle baby at 41. I hate that I am facing this now and I look at you and see hope. Thanks for being here, your words are just what I need to hear.
  3. MelissaGG

    Mini fitness suggestion

    I will keep that in mind for sure. I have not had surgery yet but will be getting my lap band checked out since it has been causing me so much trouble. I am almost sure that I am going with BMI at Silver Cross. I like the comprehensive program and the fact that they are not too far from home in the event of a complication. That said, I like to exercise anyhow so if it winds up being just lap band removal without vsg, then I am still planning on losing weight, so a bike ride or walk or even a jog is fine with me.
  4. MelissaGG

    Mini fitness suggestion

    Chigirl, do you work in the city? I am across from Union Station and always wanted to walk at lunch. It's been so cold and nasty lately to consider it.
  5. Dust, I hope you do not mind my asking, my husband owns a Jui Jitsu school and while I and planning on a revision from band to sleeve, he is considering a sleeve. He is worried, what, if any impact it will have in practicing his art? I would love to hear what you think.
  6. The chronic "pain in the port" was really bad at Christmas and seems to have gotten better. I went to a surgeon here that I used for fills and he looked under fluoroscope and said, no issues, no complications. Do you want a fill? I was shocked to say the least. If you have something in your body for 10 years and it starts giving you trouble, then a Dr should listen to that. I called my insurance and wound up selecting another surgeon out of their center of excellence network. I was so frantic for a while and was travelling back to NY and was just going to show up at the hospital where i had originally gotten my surgery. I am definitely going to ask for an endoscopy because I still believe there might be an erosion. I think I am settled with this new place and want to do ALL testing possible before I let anyone touch me. The new Dr gave me the answer I was hoping for which was "game-day" decision for same day revision. Basically I don't want anyone taking chances on me. The center was recommended by my insurance and they say their revisions are over 200 but I did not ask details about that yet. I know the senior surgeon of the group has been operating over 27 years and bariatrics for I think over 10. The younger surgeon is very good too and has specialized in bariatrics from the start. I am an older Mom, and had my son at 41 years old so I really need to get myself healthy and I done feel that way. My BMI is 43 and I am hoping for health first and looking good last.
  7. MelissaGG

    got banded in 2005.

    My insurance covers the revision with a 6 month supervised diet. I don't mind waiting but if I have complications, the revision will happen earlier to address the complication. That is where I am right now, seein my surgeon for a face to face appointment on Friday. If you want to speed it up, which you should if you are having issues, please call a new surgeon and let them know what is going on. Complications can be hard to spot sometimes.
  8. MelissaGG

    got banded in 2005.

    My band has been in since 2003 with little weight loss. I am starting to have complications and looking for a revision possibly. I am a little scared to go through with this.
  9. MelissaGG

    OTRsleever is coming to your town

    I'm here in Chicago too, hanging with my 3 year old and obsessing about revision from my band to sleeve...enjoy the weather, it's really nice.
  10. Kristina, I am in the same boat as you but you had a few more bumps than me. I was banded in June 2003 and I still have the same band. I am starting to have complications and I am petrified. I have a 3 and 1/2 year old boy and I am afraid to get this revision or even just a removal. I am 45 now and I don't want more surgeries to follow this one. I am pretty scared of the scar tissue that they might find and I have been feeling pinching sensations inside along with port pain and pain where the band is located. I am looking forward to putting this behind me soon. Best of luck tou you, keep me posted.
  11. Kristina, I am wondering, did your 2nd band also slip and or erode?
  12. Frank, thank you SOOO much for posting. I think I found my surgeon in New Lennox Hospital and I have an appointment next Friday. I mentioned this before that I have been banded for 10 years so I am def going to have to be checked out before any surgery takes place. I am inspired by you and I want to show your post to my husbnad who may want to do this after me. He has been watching his calories through Spark People and this week, he ate a piece of pie because he said he had calories left over for the day. I knew it was going to be a band one...mint pie so I let him eat it and he THEN looked at the calories and they were 500...wow! I knew it would be high but it made him realize that something that so easily slides down is really bad for you. I guess it is practice time for us. I wish you continued success. I have a 3.5year old boy too and all I want to do is be here for him as long as possible.
  13. Thank you so much. I think I found a surgeon, my insurance covers the revision. But for some reason, I can't get over my fears of surgery. It helps to have encouragement. I am feeling so low right now, so sick and so tired. I put my little boy to bed tonight next to me and have not stopped crying since. I am so fearful of dying on the table or having a leak and being in the hospital for a long time. My job is stressful and all I want is a life back, without these worries. Sorry to unload all the time on here. I am really a happy go lucky kind of person, I just hate having to face this and thinking about the worst. My baby is only 3 and I am 45. I don't want to screw things up.
  14. Tonight I made baked turkey burgers with spinach an egg and garlic with a few panko breadcrumbs. I made 12 burgers for family and friends. I have been unfilled with my band for over 3 years and I still get these episodes. After 2 bites, I was so stuck and had to run to the bathroom and sat there for 15 minutes salivating and getting rid of the 2 bites of the burger. Does this ever happen with the sleeve? I am in so much misery with this band in me, it needs to come out but will I wind up the same way or will I have some relief from this kind of thing?
  15. MelissaGG

    Embarassing...smelly body odor?

    It could also be a hormone thing as a lot of hormones are released as weight is lost. After I had my son, for several weeks, I could not take enough showers and I felt like everything was just off. It took a few weeks but it went away, at least I hope it did...lol
  16. MelissaGG

    PB2...dry peanut butter

    Is this allowable in protein shakes at any point?
  17. Too often, I am a revision from a lap band that has been in 10 years and causing me problems. I have a beautiful 3 year old boy and I am 45. I am the income earner in my house and I am so scared that something will happen.
  18. Seeing my new surgeon tomorrow. First order of business find out what the heck is going on with this band. I need this uncertainty and pain to go away soon.
  19. MelissaGG

    Road to revision

    Laura, I am a neurotic mess. I am not sure why. I get new symptoms and they get worse at night. You ever get to a point where change just can't happen fast enough? I am so done with this and just want answers. It hurts all the time and the reflux is hideous. Seems like my appetite has increased too. Tomorrow is just the intro meeting but I called them today insisting on an appointment and told them I have been suffering since November, this is like my 3rd call to them so they promised to process me right away and get me into their system ASAP which will allow me a face to face appointment. This just seems like too long to wait, can you tell that I am impatient?
  20. MelissaGG

    Passed out

    That is good news. Glad you are feeling ok.
  21. MelissaGG

    Passed out

    How are you feeling today? Did you contact your doctor?
  22. I am so happy that you posted. I was also banded in 2003 and am waiting to see a new surgeon. I am really very scared of what they will fin in terms of damage done by the band. I want a revision but more than that, I want this thing out of me. I am not feeling well most of the time now and I think it is related to the band. Can you tell me what removal was like? What did the surgeon say happened inside? Did you have adhesions, scarring, erosion?
  23. MelissaGG

    List of slider foods

    Having a lap band for a decade, I am an expert on sliders so let me add a few to this list...tortilla chips or anything crispy like a potato chip or cracker and the sneakiest thing of all...any sauces or condiments that we add to otherwise dense food (like chicken for me) that essentially helps the food to slide down better. One of my favorite slider-helpers was sour cream. Also, my nemesis and what I have had a love-affair with fore 40 years..pasta. No matter how tight my band was, I can always eat Pasta.
  24. Thank you, that is just what I needed to hear. I was up all night thinking about this, tossing and turning. Wont make for a good day today but I will try to make it better. I see the new surgeon tomorrow for his seminar (initial meeting). I plan on also calling my Primary Care Doc but I am not sure she will b e very supportive but I think I need her now to be on my side.
  25. Thank you again so much. I read your story to my husband and I think I won him over with it. At the moment, I am really uncomfortable and I know something s just not right. I will see a new surgeon this Wed and I am hoping that I feel a good comfort level with him. I know I need an endoscopy for sure and I just hope it s soon. I want to make sure that I am in good hands, I waited so long to have my son and finally gave birth at 41. This band was to help me lose in order to fulfill that dream and now I just want to be healthy and live.

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