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  1. First pic day before surgery august 4 2013 265# -next pic dec 2015 175#
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    265lbs july 2013
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    From the album: Before

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    The 5:2 Diet

    Hello, new to the 5:2 thing. I am a year and half out and totally stuck at almost 80 pound loss. I have really ramped up my exercise for the past month and am noticing tightening and loss of inches but no weight loss. I am considering this as a jump start, I routinely stay at 1000-1200 mark on average days. Wondering what foods you DO eat on a fast day? How much Water? Thanks
  5. When people asked me why I was eating so little I said well I have am really watching my intake. At a wedding I even carried around a glass that looked like it had an alcoholic bev in it but was really Water with lemon! I was lucky and was able to avoid major get togethers the first 8 weeks. I lost pretty slow so I got a few comments but nothing jaw dropping. I made sure to bring a shake with me just in case, but I always found some kind of meat that I could cut up. I to this day(being over a year out) have mastered the move food around on my plate move, to make it look like I am eating more than I am. And I eat VERY slow. Most people don't even notice
  6. I just removed myself form the the kitchen, I went downstairs and watched tv to get away from the pizza ordered at my house 5 days post op for me. Ugh the first 2 weeks were the worst, now it doesn't even phase me. I do get cravings tho
  7. Congrats!! I recently hit onederland and its a great feeling.
  8. I took about 1 week off, I was fine but I have a high pain tolerance. Never really got overly fatigued. I have a moderately physical/walking job. It did help me get my butt into a routine fast. Hardest part was getting my fluids/protein in, I did struggle there. If you have the ability to take ore time do it I say. I just was greedy and didn't want to use all my vacation time on sick leave.
  9. I got a couple miracle suits on sale last week, they fit great but my skin looks awful!!! I also have the cellulite and jiggles, but I think I am going to get a wrap to wear around my waist to hide that, otherwise this body is ready for some sun!!!
  10. Yes I have days that I can eat more and days that I can barely eat anything. Today is one of the not much days So I take full advantage of those and just eat enough to get my protein in. It is a battle when you are hormonal. I will allow a small treat, but I still track everything so that I am accountable.
  11. So here goes nothing! highest weight/surg weight 265 as of today 197.2. Surg date aug 5 2013 so I am 9 months out. I am a slow loser but am pleased as punch with where I am at. My goal is 175 and from there who knows! My before pics are the first 2 I am the one all the way to the right in both. the 3rd is me 4 days ago after a new hair do! lol I don't have many full length pics, still finding myself avoiding the camera a bit like I used to. Hard habit to break!
  12. Hey rizabonita! I see you had Dr Foote, so did I. I had the sleeve about 9 months ago and I see a trend where I drop a couple stay steady then wham I/m up 2 pounds, then out of the blue I am down those 2 plus 2 more, but it takes a month to do that. Crazy. I am frustrated but happy that its still moving in the right direction I guess. Keep your chin up!!
  13. I like the P3 protein snacks better, more protein and less carbs, and they were buy one get one at my local grocery
  14. What Protein ball recipe do you use?
  15. adargie

    so sad :(

    You will totally go through some emotional ups and downs after this surg. Some of it is from your body adjusting to the new habits and less intake. Don't let the scale rule you. I am a slow loser, but it is coming off, just consider any loss an accomplishment, don't be hard on yourself, you just went through a major surg and life change. Think before and how often did you have a loss/gain. Hope you feel better! It will get easier
  16. Well I am 9 months out. Per my nut I eat 60-80grams protein(I find that if I don't hit that mark my hair starts falling out again) Under 60 grams carbs a day. Some are more strict with this but I find this works for me. I am at 1000 calories a day, now I don't always hit that mark and there are days I go over. But I am pretty consistent with it. I am religious about one Protein shake in the morning, I only use unjury or chike and I mix coffee and skim milk with ice. (I hate Breakfast and do not give myself enough time in the morning to cook) I try to eat non processed foods, mostly a hunk of meat with some form of veggie, that is my usual meal. I have gotten to making diff forms of tuna salad and chicken salad. Adding all diff ingredients like avocado or bacon, diff kinds of mustards. I am learning to be more creative with spices. I notice that when my carbs go up my weight loss halts, for a long time. SO I basically don't buy bread anymore. These are just some of what I do it may not work for you but maybe it will help. The one thing that I will stress, is to track your intake, it is astounding what a difference that made for me, I use myfitnesspal and I don't always get the portions 100% but I try. That is my savior, keeps me accountable. And shows me when I am off track. I have been a slower loser but I have also had times when I didn't track and with my social schedule I was not eating like I should. I recently came back around so and now the weight is creeping off again. Hope this info helps.
  17. Awesome job, you look great, I haven't posted mine pics yet, I also had surg in august and I too have gotten down in the dumps about my loss. But I noticed last week its starting to come off again, so maybe in time I will get the courage to post mine. You are spot on about posting pics though!!!
  18. I am almost at 8 months myself and have very similar stats to yours, so don't fret you will get there. I am so lose to onederland it hurts but it will happen. Now that the weather is starting to get better my activity will increase, I do workout but due to my schedule its not consistant. So keep it up you will get there!!!
  19. I was told no coffee for 8 weeks after surgery do to the diuretic effect it has and that it could be hard on a new healing tummy. I was never more than a cup a day person anyway. I now have one cup every morning and incorporate it into my Protein shake. SO I drink it cold, a taste that has changed for me post op, I now love cold coffee!! My dr was fine with that. long as its no more than one cup a day.
  20. So my long road just took a sharp curve in the right direction, I have had sooo much anxiety regarding this insurance that I about gave myself an ulcer. So to anyone with Priority Health ins in Michigan, I can give a thumbs up. It was less than a week for my approval. I will call today for my date prob aug sometime, I wanted to do July but have family coming to visit and don't want to be recovering.,( I am a "low BMIer, 40.4 to start and 40.7 at final weigh in, I am 5' 7 and about 262 no cormorbs) This site has been wonderful, tons if info and support for me. I spoke to my surgeon about it, he said I was very "informed" and I said it was due to this site. Anyway, I'm working my last day before vacation, so off I go, till next time....

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