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    serenity1959 got a reaction from On A Mission in I now understand why divorces happen after WLS   
    I am so sorry. That is OUTRAGEOUS behavior on his part. He needs to cook himself or pick up some takeout. He needs a boot up his butt.
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    serenity1959 reacted to AmandaRaeLeo in Does anything know about death in Mexico.   
    I think it is a bit premature to be disgusted and angered as we do not have all the facts, just speculation and hearsay at this point, about what happened.
    What we do know is this: Rox passed away. Dr. Aceves was her surgeon.
    I hope we can all agree that Rox and her loved ones should be in our thoughts and/or prayers.
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    serenity1959 reacted to Ms.AntiBand in Does anything know about death in Mexico.   
    My thoughts and prayers to Rox's family and friends. Such a tragic thing to happen.. Regardless of the location.
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    serenity1959 reacted to Laura V in Does anything know about death in Mexico.   
    America.... Capital A
    Sorry I'm a proud American
    And to the Mexican coordinators.....
    Why fight? And put each other down? All the backstabbing, bickering, stories told.
    Don't you know? There are plenty fat Americans
    (see capital A) to go around. No need to get greedy..
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    serenity1959 reacted to gamergirl in Does anything know about death in Mexico.   
    No offense but when your first and only post is something inflammatory like this, you should know that most of us think you work for the competition and are here to stir the pot. The universe is not nice to people who seek to profit off someone's death. Just saying.
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    serenity1959 reacted to BellaItaliana in Does anything know about death in Mexico.   
    I agree with everything you said, however I'm not totally convinced what we are hearing is the true story. As you said, there are many stories floating around from "dependable" sources, with no other information but that. There is also the added layer of coordinators in Mexico that start rumors or twist stories just enough to make rival doctors look bad. You're right.... my personal opinion and experience with Aceves is nothing short of excellent. There are many small details in the various stories that we are placing huge judgement on, and none of us on this board knows the real truth. In my opinion, we stop now. If there really was true negligence by Aceves and his staff, it's up to the family to bring that out legally. Anything else is not our business to speculate at this point, anymore.
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    serenity1959 reacted to mango926 in Is. Dr. Aceves really THAT great?   
    $8750 all inclusive minus flights to and from San Diego, if necessary. It includes one night in a hotel near the hospital and a three night stay in the hospital plus traveling to and from the airport. Good luck on your decision! I chose Aceves and am getting sleeved in 13 days:):)
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    serenity1959 reacted to SouthernSleever in Is. Dr. Aceves really THAT great?   
    I have small children and as far as a reputable hospital, and a great surgeon that's Dr Aceves and the hospital he practices in. I didn't find ANY surgeon in the US who had done as many sleeves as Dr A and certainly none with the low rate of complications. You do get much better care in Mexico. Having done 3 years in nursing school and one in clincals the US hospitals don't hold a candle to what you recieve from Dr A's team. My children are one reason I went to him, I knew I couldn't waste the time on a complication. There are several Surgeons who practice in Cali and Texas. The one I spoke with when I was searching in Tx said their prices are low because they have to compete with the prices in Mexico. What I found out is none could compete with the experience and complication rate.
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    serenity1959 reacted to Suzannesh in Is. Dr. Aceves really THAT great?   

    Good for you for knowing this. I always want someone to make their own choice, but when I have been where you are and know how the quality of my life has changed and what great Health Care I received in Mexico from Dr, Aceves, I can't help but jump in and say what I know to be true. Dr. Aceves is truly the best you will find any place. It took me 6 months to make up my mind, about what kind of surgery and who I wanted to do it--I talked to a lot of people including a nurse that I worked with who had been to him for her WLS. So I do have some experience with this.

    If I can help or answer any of your questions please ask away. I am like a open book.

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    serenity1959 reacted to Suzannesh in Is. Dr. Aceves really THAT great?   
    Yeah, Yeah! Someone who has heard what I have been saying for such a long time. The doctors here in the US DO NOT have the experience that Dr. Aceves does. And on top of that they send you home after surgery 1 or 2 days. This is substandard health care. For them it is about the number of people they can get in and out of their hospital. It is ALL ABOUT the MONEY.

    I never ever felt this way when I was in Mexico with Dr. Aceves. He will test your new stomach and keep you under his care for 3 or 4 days to make sure you are going to be healthy and that it all works. This is ALL included in his fee--your surgery and hospital and meds and any tests you many need. It is not always this way in the US by the time you pay for the doctor and hospital and medication it cost more than your thing. When you have nurses who are going to Mexico and to Dr. Aceves that does shout at me big time. They know better than any of us about the quality of care that you are NOT getting when it comes to sleeve surgery in the USA.

    So CONGRATULATIONS to you--I am there for you. I know it will take longer to save up and you will never regret it. For some of you what is more important--for me is was the REST of my life and the quality of care I was going to have after having Dr. Aceves did my Sleeve surgery .

    If you are having someone other that Dr. Aceves--do you want the best or are you just looking for the best PRICE??????

    Take care and please stay in touch!

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    serenity1959 reacted to ybnormal in Is. Dr. Aceves really THAT great?   
    I have to chime in here, I've researched many many Drs here in the US and most are less qualified than Dr. Aceves. I live in Las Vegas (can you say WORST healthcare in the nation? A nurse at a local hospital told me that!) and wouldn't trust a surgeon here with my stomach or my life. I'm going to Dr. Aceves. Yes, he's more money, yes it'll take me more time to get it or save it but I know I'll be in the best hands possible, Mexico, United States or Jupiter, he's the best I've found. The only other Drs I was looking into were Ungston and Joya.
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    serenity1959 reacted to Suzannesh in Is. Dr. Aceves really THAT great?   
    I have posted a lot about Dr. Aceves. He is the best and why when it comes to your health why would you be shopping for a bargain price? You get what you pay for. Most of these doctors with lower prices do the surgery in a Clinic and send you to a Hotel Room to recover with someone coming by once a day to check on you--NOT SAFE OR GOOD. With Dr. Aceves you are paying for a FULL Hospital, with a team of highly qualified doctors and nurses who take excellent care of you. You do your recovery in the hospital (which is included in the cost of your surgery--you pay nothing extra for the hospital or medication--a night in a hotel before the surgery, the van ride from the San Diego Airport) and are tested to make sure you have NO leaks before they every let you leave their hospital. So YES, I had a much better recovery, and knew that I was going to be just fine when I got on the plane to go home.

    I highly recommend Dr. Aceves, because of the number of successful surgeries he and his time have done. When it comes to my health I want the best I can have and that is Dr. Aceves. You will NEVER regret having him as your doctor.

    Take care,
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    serenity1959 reacted to Oregondaisy in Is. Dr. Aceves really THAT great?   
    There is a post in the doctor section about Dr. Aceves' credentials.
    He is a fabulous caring person besides being an excellent surgeon.
    I liked that he did 3 leak tests and that I was in a real hospital
    for 3 days.
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    serenity1959 reacted to MissMinnie in Is. Dr. Aceves really THAT great?   
    I'm a band to sleeve revision and in short Dr Aceves is well worth the money. Self paid for the band in Florida and after all my research he was the best revision surgeon for me.
    I could go on and on about why I am so happy with Dr Aceves but since the others posted above with the positives it would be redundant.
    Everyone should do what is best for them.
    DISCLAIMER!!! I have not been paid for this positive opinion from anyone. Am just glad that during my research I had other opinions to guide me and then I made up my own mind.
    Good Luck to you.
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    serenity1959 reacted to AutumnLily in Is. Dr. Aceves really THAT great?   
    I think everyone has made the decision for whom they wanted to go see by one factor or multiple factors. Some go by price others by experience and others by the doctors personal complication rate. Price was my first factor in not having my sleeve surgery in Canada (cost upwards of 20,000 out of pocket Nooo thank you). After I narrowed my search down to Mexico I did my research on all of the doctors I hear good things about and for ME I went with the one whom had no leaks and many people raved about him.
    Ultimately you should make your decision on what you believe is best for you. I can say Dr Aceves is worth every penny you spend but it is still your decision on whom you want to perform the surgery. There are many talented surgeons out there as you can see by all the testimonies posted on the different sites. You will make the best decision for you.
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    serenity1959 reacted to Kris in Is. Dr. Aceves really THAT great?   
    I have to support everything that has been said by my fellow sleevers. Dr. Aceves and his team have the process so streamlined and efficient it is amazing. They are pros, and yet they are also very nice and caring. Last year my sister had a mastectomy in a "best in class" hospital in the US and her treatment was nothing near as good as what I experienced with Dr. Aceves and his team (I was with her through it all so saw first hand how US hospitals operate -- even though her surgeon was wonderful, the nurses were lacking, and they booted her out of the hospital the next day even though she was in a lot of pain). With Dr. Aceves you get 3 full days in the hospital and get excellent care the entire time. Plus, he's done more VSG procedures than many US bariatric surgeons, and for him to have the reputation he does with all those surgeries (and very, very rare complaints) I think is very indicative of his expertise. And I saved at least $5K by going to Dr. Aceves than if I had self-paid at my local Bariatric Center of Excellence. I was a bit worried about something going wrong in a foreign country and went with the best surgeon I could find in Mexico. And honestly, I know my husband would never have been on board with me having surgery with the lowest bidder, so to speak. The extra cost for Dr. Aceves was worth the peace of mind to me and my hubby.
    If I had to have this surgery all over again, I would go with Dr. Aceves again in a heartbeat. The only other doctor I seriously considered for my surgery was Dr. Alvarez. I went with Dr. Aceves because I live closer to CA than TX, and am very glad I went with Dr. Aceves.
    Best of luck to you in your journey!
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    serenity1959 reacted to Rev Me Up! in Is. Dr. Aceves really THAT great?   
    For me the decision to use Dr Aceves was his depth of experience with lap-band to sleeve revisions. The revision is a more complicated surgery and I wanted to go to the very best doctor I could find. He definitely lived up to his reputation.
    Mexicali is very nice and low-key compared to TJ. Also, Dr A works out of a real hospital with a real emergency room. This gave me a level of comfort just in case something went wrong. You stay 3 full days in a real hospital with Dr A and Dr Campos checking in on you 3+ times daily.
    With all that said, I had no complications - I didn't even throw up after the anesthesia. I felt they took a great amount of time in talking to me and figuring out which medicine was best for me personally. If you can afford it, it is well worth it.
    Good luck in your decision--
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    serenity1959 reacted to Luanne in Is. Dr. Aceves really THAT great?   
    Not only did I research him but 3 friends had him do their WLS and each has passed it on by taking another friend down = One was me! They got me in quick after the final decision was made: I traveled 800 miles to Phoenix where then we went the rest of the way down to Mexicalli. I never had 2nd thoughts or one bit of nervousness = I was ready! Yes I agree with all above and the price is all inclusive. I believe he did 3 the day of mine and also repaired my hiatal hernia.
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    serenity1959 reacted to SouthernSleever in Is. Dr. Aceves really THAT great?   
    Yeah you are going to a private hospital that has security and is exceptionally clean with blood banks and ICU. Others with lower prices are in stripmalls and don't have a great rep like Dr Aceves is. My health is so worth it!
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    serenity1959 reacted to sleevesearch in Is. Dr. Aceves really THAT great?   
    Ditto to everything BBJ stated. My life and health are worth the extra money. Dr. Aceves was the only doctor where I could not find anything negative about his abilities or performance. That was key for me.
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    serenity1959 reacted to Ms.AntiBand in Self pay sleevers: BMI of 30 or close   
    I have no regrets what so ever. Never. I don't have a problem eating and most certainly don't have any issue socializing because I'm sleeved. WLS is what you make it and I've made it my lifestyle. My new socializing is just eating like a normal human and not like a pig. No one even knows about my surgery and they don't even notice my smaller portions as being odd. I don't slime, foam or get sweats because I learned right off what I can and cannot do with my sleeve. My hair fell out for a few months, but I was prepared and not shocked. I don't take anymore Vitamins than I did pre-op.
    Life is wonderful.. And my sleeve makes it even better LOVE MY SLEEVE!
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    serenity1959 reacted to *susan* in My Sleeve Experiences with Dr. Aceves   
    I traveled from Jacksonville to there and back and did great. Coming home, the airlines out of San Diego are actually very used to having Medical Tourism patients fly with them. If you tell them you just had surgery, they are very good about looking after you, making sure you get plenty of Water, etc. In fact, Dr. Aceves sent some broth with me for the trip home, and the steward had no problem with heating it up for me.
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